Thursday, October 1, 2015

helllllllooooooooo, october!

I can't believe it's already October!  This makes me verrrrrrry happy!  I love October because...

it's really fall!
i celebrate my birthday all month!
halloween decorating is right up there with Christmas decorating!
the leaves change!
we usually get snow on the valley floor!
fall food is the best food of the year!
i can wear sweaters and i do love sweaters!
the corn maze
 pumpkin walks
this year, we'll probably really have trick or treaters!
bring on the holidays!


And a few other ramblings this morning:

On Tuesday, we had our Expedition towed to the shop for repair.  A bit later, I got a random text from Julie, our awesome new neighbor and friend,  "What's happening with the Expedition?"  I explained and her response was, "Do you need to borrow a car?"  Honestly, we are so happy to have these wonderful new friends!  I told Doug about it a bit later and we had a whole conversation about how we met them an immediately felt like family.  It's been fun getting to know them!

A few other ramblings this beautiful fall morning...

Oh my heck, Carol and I laughed at ourselves yesterday morning.  We ended up cleaning her hot tub yesterday morning.  She was doing the power washing part and I did the scrubbing part.  We had cleaned her Idaho home hot tub last summer, just shortly after Robert passed away and it was a fun task to do together.  However, we had a heck of a time getting the power washer to work.  Carol ended up calling her son, her daughter, her son-in-law.  There's only one switch on it, so it shouldn't be complicated.  However, it was.  It took forever to get it working!

So, yesterday, I'm inside cleaning and Carol is messing with the power washer thingee.  Same thing.  It won't work.  There's no water coming out of the hose.  She's pushing and twisting and turning.  She calls Taylor, she calls Brian.  She is trying everything.  After fifteen minutes or so, I ask, "Did you turn the water on?"  She gets this look, walks over to the hosebib, turns the water on and whaddayouknow?, it worked.  We laughed so hard!  She mumbled "Did you turn the water on?", under her breath all afternoon and we'd bust out laughing.

That wasn't our only faux pas for the day, however.  When we'd been grocery shopping the day before, we walked out of Sams Club and her seat belt wasn't working.  It had worked on the way in.  So, Carol had an appointment at the Toyota dealership to get it repaired.  After lunch, we drove in separate cars to the dealership, then we'd go do things in my car while they fixed hers.  We left her home at the same time, but went separate directions.  When I got to the north side of Logan, I called her and asked, "Is the dealership north or south of Airport Road?"  (There are a ton of dealerships, all on the north end of town.)  She said, "I feel like it's south, but I never remember."  I said, "I think it's north, just past Airport Road."  We decided that I was right.  I went on my way and called my mom to check in on her while I waited for Carol to arrive and drop off her car.

I visited with mom and chatted while waiting.  I was telling Mom what we were doing and noticed and said, "I think Carol just drove past the dealership."  A few seconds later, Carol calls, "Um, I'm in Hyde Park, where is it?  I'm not seeing it."  I said, "I saw you just drive past.  I'm here.  It's just north of Airport Road, less than a mile."  Carol says, "I am driving past Murdock Hyundai right now.  But I don't see the Toyota dealership."  I look up. Hello.  I am at the Hyundai dealership.  The Toyota dealership is right at the edge of Logan, not this far north.  My bad!  I am leading her on a wild goose-chase and she was right in the first place!  Oops!  We now had something else to tease each other about for the remainder of the day!

My mom laughed and laughed when I switched back over to her, as I drove to the Toyota dealership.  In my defense, I have driven her to the Hyundai dealership before a 90 year old lady plowed into her Santa Fe and she got the Toyota.  Mom said, "You too have worse memories than me and I'm older than both of you!"

This reminded me of this photo, which happens to be one of my favorites ever!  I can see my friends and I on this rollercoaster in twenty or thirty years!  The quote that goes with it is:

You can choose to live your life with
the joy of the front row or solemness of the third row.

"You can choose to live your life with the joy of the front row or solemness of the third row." Love this!! 
I recently had a very serious conversation with someone about this very thing.  I want to be a front row person FOR.EV.ER!!!  We can either focus on all the sadness, challenges, serious things in life, or we can ride the rollercoaster and enjoy the ride, celebrating every up and down!  That makes life MUCH more fun!

It's October!  Decorations getting finished right now!!!  Life is GOOD!!!

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