Saturday, October 10, 2015

porcupine campfire

Thursday, I invited Alan and Jill over for lunch... weanie beanie came to an end!  We had such a fun visit. Whenever I see their truck pull up, I know that we are about to have a HAPPY time! During lunch, they invited me to visit a home that they've been restoring for over a year now. Carol called and invited me for a quick Sonic run in the afternoon, and I invited her to join me in visiting the restoration home.  It's IN.CRED.I.BLE!!! WOW!!!  This 140 year old home is magnificent and I was stunned at all the changes that they have made.  OH MY WORD, it's fabulous!  I was in such awe that I spaced it and didn't take a single picture.  Literally.  AMAZING.  We will be going back to watch the continuing progress!  It's definitely a wowser!!!

On Friday, Carol and I went over to her mom's to play Hand and Foot, then Mary invited us to lunch.  I've never eaten at Beehive Grill... I don't know why, but we've just never thought to go there.  It was a fun lunch and I loved hearing Mary tell stories about her father and his brother owned the building, built the building and it was a large implement store... hence the large doors for tractors to come in an out.  Good times!  Great lunch!

Earlier that morning, Mary Ann sent a text inviting Carol, Doug and I up the canyon to their new trailer for a fun evening.  We happily accepted the offer!  Ann asked me to bring dessert, then we decided chips and salsa would be healthier.  I decided to do both. We met up and the guys went in the Jeep, the girls went in Ann's car. The conversations were quite different in each car, I'm certain.  Doug and Trace talked YSA and all sorts of "man stuff", while we gabbed about our usual girl talk and off we went up the canyon to Porcupine Dam for a fun evening of barbecuing burgers, taking a little drive and then walk to the river to see the salmon spawning, back for dinner around the campfire, then cards inside the trailer when it got too cold.  It was 10:30 before we got home.  What a fun evening!  We planned on hottubbing with Carol when we got back but Doug was pretty tired and we hadn't spent any time with the kids all day.  So, we came home and had a good late night visit with the kids.  We never made it to our hottub either. 

A few pix...

Oh my gosh, I love this man!  Doug made a comment Monday night at our YSA Home Evening dinner about marriage.  One of the kids had asked what was the most important thing to look for in a spouse.  Doug commented that we were as different as night and day, that he was certain there were very few people more different than he and I.  BUT. We work hard and have always worked hard at our marriage and making it a success.  Doug's comment to the YSA was "Find a spouse who's a not a quitter, who'll never give up and will work hard to make the marriage work!  I teased him later that he'd gone a little overboard with his "We're REEEEEEALLLLLLY different!"  But, we are!  And how thankful I am that we've both fought hard over the years to have what we have today... fought as in worked hard, not as in fought!  ha!  I've been with an extremely good man!

The more I'm around Trace, the more I see what a tease he can be!  He and Mary Ann are such a fun couple to spend time with!  Doug and I have always loved them from a distance.  Getting to know them more and more is a tremendous blessing in our lives! Doug' loving his calling, serving as Trace's counselor in the bishopric and I love that Ann is now "my friend"!  I've teased Carol for decades that I want to be adopted into their family because I just love each of her sisters and mom!  They are a unique and wonderful family!  Doug and I feel very blessed each time we are included!

I love this picture... Trace was doing "an action pose".  ;)

It's pretty fascinating to see these fish, however, I was sad to hear that the females lay their eggs and die.  Glad I'm not a salmon!

 It is the perfect time of the year to take a drive up the canyon.  The leaves are turning and falling quickly.  We were amazed at how many had already fallen!

Trace kept teasing me to jump in and hold one.  They move so slowly that I could have picked one up.  Eeeewwwwww.  No thanks, Trace! I told him that he could offer me a hundred dollars and I wouldn't even touch one!

The salmon would all line up in a row.  Nature is amazing!  How could anyone drive up the canyon at any time of the year and not KNOW that there is a God?

It really was the perfect way to spend an Autumn evening.  Nature at it's best!  Company at it's best!  Life at it's best!  LIFE IS GOOD!!!

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  1. I think in a way, we 'lay'our eggs and start the dying process. Perhaps that's a huge exaggeration cuz we are all born to die. But a piece of us is let go and we are more alone in some ways...and then come the empty nest time...and then the dying really begins. It takes a lot of effort to live after that. Just saying since you haven't met the empty nest syndrome. But when I start to really feel it, I feel the dying part.