Friday, October 9, 2015

post birthday partying

After cleaning up from the YSA dinner, Layne and Julie came over with a dozen Johnny O donuts, which are my favorite and a note, "Happy 29th birthday!" written on the box!  Such great neighbors and friends! The kids went straight to bed and Doug and I enjoyed a much needed soak in the hot tub before bed before I slept like a baby...or an old person!

Carol had invited me for a girls night out over-nighter to celebrate my birthday a few weeks ago.  We'd originally planned to do it on Sunday night and be home in time for dinner on my birthday, but that was before we realized that my birthday and YSA home evening fell on the same night.  So, instead, we planned to do it on the day after my birthday. 

Denise had wanted to treat me to a birthday breakfast, but I was so involved on my birthday, shopping at 7AM, so we went Tuesday morning to Herms for a tasty breakfast, including the nummiest pumpkin pancake!  WOW!!  We didn't eat this large of one, but I had to take a pic of the 16" pancake!  WOW!  It was delish! 

After breakfast, I took some cupcakes to the ladies that I visit teach and had a great visit with one of them!  When I got home, I packed my bag and some leftover beans ;) to take for our overnighter.  Originally, the plan was for us to go to the ranch.  However, we started discussing it and thought... "Wait... we are seeing Martian in the SAME theater that I saw Star Wars in in 1977 when we could see it in a brand new stadium seating theater.  We're in Logan, where we have two hot tubs, theaters, restaurants, Sonic runs, TaiPan and Hobby Lobby, why are we going to the ranch?  And so... we stayed here at her home!

We loved Martian (although the language was not the best), we went to Taipan three times in 24 hours and decorated a cute nook in Carol's home), had the best ginger pancakes and lemon butter syrup for breakfast and we laughed more than I can remember in a lonnnnng time.  It was the best! 

While at Taipan, we ran into my sweet friend, Kara.  Carol and I were ending our party at 1 because she had an appointment.  Kara and I decided to celebrate some more with lunch!  We met at Black Pearl and spent two good hours visiting and catching up!  I'm so blessed with such great friends!  I was home before the kids got home from school on Wednesday.  Good times!

I took a ton of random pix... so random... but it was fun!

 Sonic Runs are a necessity!

I was half way done with it before I thought to take a photo!  Seriously, this was the best pancake I've ever tasted.  Carol has talked about these for years, but I've never tasted them.  Oh. My!  I'll post the recipe soon!

Carol's mother is almost 90.  She loves to play Hand and Foot.  So, we've been playing a round or two of cards with Mary.  This was one of our stops... and a rarity... I won!

Here's the little nook we worked on!  How fun is that!

This is Carol's table.  Carol, her mom, all of her sisters have these felt tablecovers with elastic on the bottom of them to keep them in place, for their card playing. I keep saying I'm going to make one for myself, but it's the best idea ever if you play a lot of table games!  Love it! 

And here's my favorite new thing!  I've wanted a chalkboard like this!  LOVE IT!  Happy birthday to ME!!!  So, excited about our new TaiPan!

And those are the random pix of my birthday week... well... half of it!  Life is so good!

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