Monday, August 29, 2016

Quayd's Letter #3

Quayd's letter #3 didn't happen.  He sent me a short note with some questions about medical insurance.  From there, we just emailed back and forth for the next hour.  It was seriously an hour of questions and answers of details about a doctor appointment, his pants and a few other details.  It would be so much easier to just talk on the phone!  Christmas can't come soon enough!  He did manage to send a few photos to me, though, which made me so happy!  Most were pix from the MTC, but my favorite was one of him on his bike.

He did end with these words and that's all we needed to hear this week:
I love you, Mom!  Thanks for everything!  Tell Dad I love him and miss our adventures.  Tell the girls hi.  Tell them I love them and hope there doing well!

This was his MTC companion, Elder Hill, who he really loved.  They are not in the same area now, but they will see each other off and on through the mission.  They may even end up serving in the same area.  Quayd is 6'1", so when he said that Elder Hill was tall, he wasn't kidding!

I love that he's under this sign, but I seriously saw this and thought, "BE CAREFUL!"

I love this boy's smile!  He told me that he's wearing his contacts on "picture days". 
Monday is definitely my new favorite day of the week!

Life is good!

spontaneous weekend!

On Saturday morning, I dropped Zeej off at work and before I was a block away, she called and said that she wasn't supposed to work.  She'd read the wrong schedule.  Doug called two seconds later to say that he was almost done working, so we came home, loaded up and headed up to the ranch for a spontaneous weekend.   We had plans on going up for Sunday afternoon already, to meet with the family, so this was perfect!  An extra day at the ranch is a wonderful surprise anytime!  

We connected with Alan and Jill, who texted that they were already planning on going up, and they insisted that we join them!  Doug and I had decided that we would go to the ranch by way of Bear Lake, so that we could A. take a drive through Logan Canyon and B. see where all the smoke is coming from because the news reports that the mountain behind Beaver Mt. Ski Lodge is on fire.    So, Alan and Jill came here, we loaded up and headed on our way.  What normally takes two hours took us five.  We had a nice drive through the canyon, then stopped near Beaver Lodge and watched the fire fighters and helicopters pouring the water on the fire.  It was heartbreaking to see these beautiful mountains covered in smoke.  We'd see a tree go up and the smoke turns instantly black where the tree is burning.  It's incredible to see.  We do understand that they are letting a lot of it burn because it's nature's way of caring for the earth, but still.  It's so hard to see those flames and the smoke-filled skies.

Oddly enough, we are standing there watching the fire with Alan and Jill.  A big truck drives up, pulling a four-wheeler.  I'm blind and seriously stared right at them before everyone realized that it was Clint and Denise, who were up the canyon for a ride.  They pulled off and we all visited for an hour while watching the fires and helicopters.  Ironically, another truck pulled up and the driver got out.  He turned out to be an old neighbor from Smithfield.  Odd place to meet old and new friends.  
 We also were surprised to find an old pay-type phone on the top of the mountain.  You don't see payphones anywhere these days, but to find any kind of phone up there was even more surprising.  My cute favorite niece Jocelyn went and tried it out to see if it worked and it did!

 There were lots of games and food, as usual.  My favorite nephew Jake managed to get a perfect Zero score on Quixx.  He was quite proud!
Alan demonstrated how to cut a watermelon, like on Pinterest.  He'd figured it out, out of necessity at another family gathering, long before it was a popular You-Tube. 

The purpose of the family meeting was for the cabin to be "dedicated".  A prayer was said to ask Heavenly Father to protect and bless the cabin and to dedicate the cabin as a place for those who enter it with peace and love.  Doug's mom had asked Doug to offer the dedication prayer, following a family council, where we discussed more details about the cabin situation...there are still a few outside/structural things that need to be completed.
 We stood all convened outside for a few minutes to look at the structural challenges, affected by the flood and made some decisions about what still needs to be done soon.

 It never ceases to amaze me just how Doug and his siblings can have a meeting where, even though someone might have a difference of opinion, it's never expressed unless it is tactful and respectful.  I saw no differences of opinion during our two hour meeting.  Everyone expressed their thoughts and suggestions and all were considered and discussed.  His family really are amazing.  At the end of the meeting, one of his brothers shared a crock pot of homemade chili, which was a perfect way to end the meeting before a two hour drive home.

We pulled back into Logan after 10PM and were very quick to unload, put away, have prayer and get straight to bed.  It was a perfectly wonderful spontaneous weekend!

Life is good!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

back to school reports

Grace came in pretty unexcited about her first day.  She was more concerned about a Bella friend who's mother has just passed away from cancer.  The funeral is this morning and the girls are all going to attend, rather than school.  It was literally as we gathered for family prayer at bedtime before she was ready to talk about her day.  Then, she had stories to tell of who's in which class and which teachers she is going to love and not.  She's excited to be a senior.

Zee came in from school as talkative as could be.  She was feeling pretty overwhelmed by her schedule, which I have to agree is overload for a sophomore.  She has this AP history class that looked hard for me!  Her teachers are all real drivers, except for one, who happened to be our neighbor just three doors down in Smithfield.  She thinks she's going to like his class. I told her that she always has the option of changing.  She's taking German, but with Lasse gone, I don't see a need for it.  I'd prefer spanish because it's almost needed in America today.  She opted, this morning, to give this schedule a few days before making any decisions.  We'll see how that goes.  Zee worked last night, so we didn't have much time to visit until bedtime either.  Then, both girls were chatty.

One big difference that we've noticed since Quayd left is that we are all going to bed much earlier.  Quayd is a night person, like me.  Bedtime meant nothing for him, except that it was time to go to his room. He'd stay up late everynight and Quayd is not a quiet person.  Not at all.  So, we have been getting to bed and actually getting to sleep since he's gone.  

Since I'm on the topic, the other biggest difference that we have felt with Quayd gone is that we are not going through one gallon of milk a week now.  Quayd went through a gallon a day!  Our food bill has definitely dropped.  Instead of making two pans of anything (one for Quayd and the other one for us and Quayd), I'm making half the amount of everything and we have plenty of leftovers still. 

It's amazing to me how tangibly different things are.  On Sunday, we attended our favorite niece Lexi's Missionary Homecoming.  As we walked into the chapel, I was looking for seats.  I found an empty row, but as we got closer, I realized that it was only four seats, so I continued to take a step past.  Then, I realized, we only need four seats.  Tears filled my eyes.  Doug gave me a hug. 

It's been fun to hear and see tidbits of his mission experience from members in California and from his leaders.  Last night, I was scrolling through FB and found this little gem, which shocked me!  So happy to see our boy! For some reason, every photograph that I've received has been blurry though.  There was another posted yesterday of a group of missionaries on top of a mountain on their P-Day.  I think it was Quayd, but I'm not sure.  It's almost like dangling a carrot in front of my nose.  But, I'm happy for anything that arrives!

Could that smile be any brighter!?

I was able to spend most of the day going over our budget and thinking ahead to the holidays, then did a little redecorating. I like to move something every day just to keep things fresh and fun.  Zeej is amazing because she never misses walking into a room and instantly noticing, "You moved that there!  I like it!"
 I'm going to completely empty the dishroom and start over, reorganizing it since the bedrooms have all already been dejunked for fall.  I also want to dejunk the laundry room and pantry, then get a little painting done, when Zeej is around to help.  By the way, it was cool enough yesterday that I almost put on a pair of socks!  Fall is just around the corner.  Please pass holiday decorating now!  

I can't remember if I've recorded this or not, but I've found a new little trading/selling. I have a friend who's doing this and making good money at it.  She loves it! I started out with $50 and have sold things and bought things and am staying ahead of the game. I'm not doing it to make a ton of money.  I'm doing it if I find something that I really like or want, I'll get it.  BUT... My one rule is that if I bring something in, I have to take something out.  So, if I buy something, I sell something.  I don't need more stuff, but it's fun to have different stuff.

  I found this great chair and ottoman for a song and sold my original chair and ottoman for more than I paid years ago!   Happiness! This looks much better in our room and is a thousand times more comfy!  Zulu thinks it's his!  I sold everything in Quayd's room.  Everything!  Bed, curtains, sheets and bedding, lamp.  Everything!  That cash will buy a new queen size bed for his room.  This is really kind of fun! I've also found a wonderful hutch to store my crafty things in and am quite pleased with that, but I'm creating a new craft area for it and that's still under construction.  Doug's tolerating my little hobby.  It gives me something to do and he doesn't mind the occasional hauling of  furniture that much.  Although, it was much easier with Quayd's strong back and helping hands!

Liza said that she has not been reading my blog because I don't blog enough.  I guess that's something I need to be doing this fall too.

I committed to Doug to wait until at least next week to put out the fall decor.  He knows that once it's out, my brain is in full holiday mode.  It's truly my favorite time of year! As Denise and I drove through the canyon to and from St. George last week, we noticed that the leaves are already starting to turn.  It's cool enough in the house that this morning, I thought about making soup.  I'm not that ready for fall!  Soup Day is the day we turn the furnace on and I'm so not ready for that yet!  Just the nice cool, brisk mornings and evenings and the colors turning and the scents of pumpkin everything with cinnamon and spice.  I'm smiling at the thought of it.

Life is good!  Live joyfully!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

First day of school... Grace's SENIOR year! ZJ's a sophomore! Quayd is a missionary!

Back to school!  And so it begins!  After a sweet hour together with the girls last night, Doug gave the girls a "father's blessing", we had prayer and were in bed early.  The girls were so wired, they could hardly sleep.  

This morning, everyone was up at 5:38 and ready to roll.  We had quite a happy back to school morning.  The girls were ready.  Hair and makeup worked.  Everything was smooth.  Grace was giddy, she is so excited!  She loves the thought of being a senior but does NOT want to grow up yet!  When I dropped her off at her busstop, there were some freshman waiting.  She said, "Oh, look at them, they're so cute!", like she's all adult.  It made me grin.  She was very excited!  This year, we are carpooling with a friend from the ward who's also going to Grace's school in Smithfield.  Life would be so much easier if she were at Logan High, but she wanted to graduate from the same school she's been to forever and she's in the Bella Voce Presidency this year, so she needs to be there.  One more year of driving to Smithfield.  That reminds me, I need to have her letterman sweater drycleaned!

ZJ on the other hand, was on one this morning!  She was so excited and hated that they had a late start.  She was more than ready to go but started putting on quite a show for me about how she did not want to go. And so....

 Well, I'm still laughing.  Instead of crying about them leaving, I'm laughing hysterically about my baby being a sophomore this morning, I was laughing and in tears from her little monologue.  I was sitting with my iPad and started recording her after about ten minutes of hearing her go on and on and onnnnnnn about why she should not be going to school today.  She loves school.  She loves having friends and being social.  She's a great learner.  

But, the bottom line is that ZJ wants to be with me.  All the time.  She is in the kitchen if I am, in the den if I am, in my bedroom, if I am.  We are close.  She started whining and carrying on the minute Grace was out of the car this morning and it went on for an hour.  Her school began on a late start schedule today, so she had to wait.  While watching every minute go by on the clock, she gave one of her best drama queen performances.  I was sitting watching and not saying a word, just giving her looks and laughs.  She kept talking.  I was typing and she thought I was typing my blog, not what she was saying.  It was hysterical.  Here's fifteen minutes of Zeej... Totally drama...and, literally, I did not say one word during all of this until the very end.

Mommy, I could Stay home and help you pull the  wallpaper with you.  

I'll stay home and take care of Zulu. I don't want to leave you. She picks up Zulu and says to him: Maybe if you talk to mom she will make an exception. Back to me: Zulu shouldn't be alone.

I'll stay home and hot tub with you.  I'll go get my suit on right now.

My eyes hurt.  I'm almost died.  Maybe I should stay home.

Aunt Carol is gone.  Maybe I should stay home and keep you company.

I don't like my mascara.  It's BROWN! I bought the wrong kind! Maybe I should stay home.  Who puts on Brown Mascara?

I see how it is.  I don't have a choice?  I would take a nap but then I'd have to wake up and go.  And I don't like that at all?  Why doesn't Grace get upset when school starts?  She's like "Yay, homework.  Yay, schedules."   When people say "I love school", I look at them and want to say, "Do you hear self when you talk?  

 It's sad.  They could be home sleeping. School starts too early. I'm in class like Not getting any of this because I'm thinking about my pillow and the nap I could be taking.

She falls dramatically on the ottoman.  Oh my tailbone!  It's broken!  It hurts!  It's so hard to sit down so those hard chairs!  Those hard chairs are going to really hurt at school.  I think my tailbone is broken or dislocated.  I don't think that's normal.  And that's not just me trying to get out of school.  I'm being serious about the tailbone thing.  I'm not trying to get out of school.

I'm done with school already.  waaahhhh.  LOTS of Moaning, achey pains and deep sighing then wheezing. 

I can't breathe!  My tailbone doesn't hurt right now but,I can't breathe.  School has gotten me to this pint that I can't breathe.  I think I need my inhaler.

I'm teary eyed.  I'm crying from yawning.  I'm tired.  I woke up at five.  It would be so nice if I could go back to bed.  I wonder if I'm taking ceramics this semester or next?   

She looks at the clock.  It's 3 till 8. Fifty seven!  Boooohooooooooo.  I don't want to go!  I can't deal with it.  I can't deal with all this. Stress and emotion because of school.  I don't even have pottery this term!  I don't have any fun classes.  

She pulls out her schedule. Ancient European Hist I'm excited for that!  Seminary. Health Ed.  German. Biology.  There's no fun things like pottery or theater!?!  It's gonna be really hard.  It's gonna be reeeeeeeeeally hard.  It's gonna be.  Mom.  It's not gonna be fun.  Mom. 

LONG pause then REAL TEARS.  I'm gonna smudge my makeup.  It's not gonna be a fun term.  There's nothing fun except Ancient European History and that's not even an elective. waaaaah.

 I got this.    You're making me cry.  I'm gonna make it.  Did you hear that mom? I don't have any fun classes.  I wanted to nail it at pottery but that's not gonna happen. 

 She starts blowing upward to dry her mascara, waving her hands in the crying gesture and acting all emotionally distraught.  I don't even know what happened.  That felt good because my eyes were a little dry but now they are wet, but they are a bit too wet.  My eyes hurt.   

She picks up my little portable fan and turns it onto her face and then poses with the hair in the wind pose.   Mom you should take a picture of my hair blowing!  

 I've never cried before school.   Mom, I can't go today.  I can't deal.  I can't and that's the truth.  I'm gonna go on a bus and people are going to look at me like, "What are you?  You were crying?!"

  Now my nose is all clogged up.  I'm gonna start crying again.  I have three more minutes.  I could leave now but I still have three more minutes.   

Can you text me during school?  I thought you loved me. Don't make me go! Can you text me during breaks?  I like texting with you.  If you text me, it's me you are there in my pocket on my phone. 

  I don't wanna go!  My eyes hurt now.  The mascara is digging into my eyeball.  I don't like mascara, it hurts.  But it makes me look better.   

I have a rubber band in but that's hat I'm supposed to do and I want these braces off so I can see if my lips are bigger or smaller. 

 Zulu, come here,  I'm gonna leave you in one minute.  If I die at school, just know, "Mom made me go."  Hugs!  I LOVE YOU.  YAWN.  LOVE YOU,  Are you gonna start crying too..  You're gonna miss me.  I love you.  

Then she grabs her notebook and starts walking to the door.  I follow her and take a few pictures and tell her that I've just recorded her every word.  She's laughing hysterically.  I'm rolling my eyes and laughing with her.  We hug goodbye.  I say, "Love you!  Make good choices!  Have a great day."  

She turns to walk way..." I am a lamb going to slaughter.  I love you.  You're feeding me to sharks.  I love you.
She is a pill!  Who could not just love being around this girl!  Since then, it's been 30 minutes and she has texted me 11 times.  Mom.   Help.  Mom.  Mom.  Mom. Help.  I'm going to die.  Help.  

And now, I'm alone.  With my sophomore and senior daughters gone to school.  Time moves much too quickly.  Bring on football and dances and dates and homework and bedtime and morning routines.  We're ready!  Well... most of us are.  Life is good.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Elder Q's second letter from California!

Hey, its me.
So, my week has been good so far.  It’s been awesome.  I love my companion Elder Villegas .  He is so funny and happy and we have something in common – acting!

It’s been awesome this week!  I got yelled at for the first time :^)   Funny story… we were meeting two investigators.  We came to the house.  Usually Joseph is outside, but, he wasn't.  Instead, there was this tall, 80 year old man, who was smoking his life away.  You could tell because you could see literally his skeleton. He told us he wasn't interested.  We told him that's okay and made it to the door.  He kept yelling at us that he wasn't interested.  We told him great, but, we know two people who are.  We asked him if he knew Paul.  He answered and went and got him.  Thirty seconds later, a man with fury in his eyes came out along with Smokey Dude. 

At first, I didn't recognize the man.  Turns out, he was the owner and we met him a couple days ago… super friendly.  So, I was confused because he was angry.  We asked him if Joseph was there.  He told us that he was busy… something with a doctor appointment… then, he slammed the door on us.  Smokey Dude kept staring at us.  As we wondered what to do, the owner came back, “Who do you want now?!”  We answered, “Paul.”  He yelled at us and told us, Get off the property! Wait!  What religion are you?!” We told him and then I thought he was going to explode his stiff neck towards us!  It was frightening!  I didn't know what to do, but, he started cussing and swearing at us, at our religion and also towards Jesus Christ, then started yelling at Paul to “Get his butt over here!”
Paul came. We talked to him for a minute, then, the owner told us to leave his property.  We left and went to the corner where we were planning for a backup.  Then, I heard the man again, yelling four houses away, saying that he was a Muslim and that he didn't need Jesus Christ.  Funny thing was we weren't planning on talking to him.  I looked back at the man and shook my head, just because of this stupid situation!  It was so funny, but I was also hurt.  He yelled back, “Don’t shake your head at me!”  

I turned around looked back and he was yelling to stay of his property.  I looked at him again and he was walking towards us, trying to drive us out of the neighborhood.  Elder Villegas and I left.  I told the man to have a nice day, but, the words that man spoke to us haunted me.  I started to doubt.  It was on my mind all day and I wondered where was my strength that god promised, that priesthood power to bind those men's tongues and speak by the power of God, by the power of the Holy Ghost and shake those men's minds until they could  see my Gather and His mighty power.   I don't know, but I was really doubting my faith, but we met this one women who wanted the gospel!  We are teaching her now.  All I can say is I love this work, I love the people, the area, the friends I have made, along with my companion!  The mission is the life and I will survive with all my strength and might!

It took 8 days to get your mail and thank you for the letter! I did get my bike and it is legit! I love it! That’s so cool.  Wow, Lexi’s back already!  I'm so happy for Brett and his son!  That's so cool!  Great picture of ZJ and Brett, by the way.  WAIT!  Did ZJ get her braces off?!  Tell Brett that I haven't lost my retainers yet, but the bottom one is broken.  Yikes! I heard the news about Liza.  I’m so happy for her!  How’s dad and the girls? 

I love you guys.  Thank you again for everything you do.  And your prayers, in a sense, I think that’s what’s keeping my head up while I’m in the service of God, our Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.

I love you all so much!

Elder Corbridge 

Monday, August 22, 2016

thelma. and. louise

I had the best time with Liza and her family last week!  We came home on Saturday afternoon.  Denise picked me up that morning and we were on the road by 9.  Denise had a grandson's birthday party to be back in time for, so we were on it!  Aylabelle woke up and said, "Grammie, will you stay at my house?" several times, which broke my heart.  I tried explaining that Aunt Grace and Aunt Zee need me at home and that Grampie misses me.  It's so hard!  I told her that we are going to have a big birthday party together this year!  I hate saying goodbye to my girls!  But, sadly, we loaded up my stuff, said goodbye to them, said a prayer, just the two of us, and were off.

Denise had been awake most of the night.  They stayed at the hospital with her sweet little Baby Rose until 3AM, so she'd had less than two hours of sleep. I said that I would drive the first half of the trip because I could use cruise control, for my foot, while in the desert then she could drive in the city where it was more stop and go traffic.

I'd been in the pool with my girls the day before and had left my sunglasses inside, so my eyes were burning.  I rarely use sunglasses anymore because I'm always taking my readers off the top of my head and using them a sec then putting them back up... my "headband".  I had my sunglasses on and left my glasses in my purse and couldn't see a thing on the dashboard because it's so close.  If it's within three feet, everything's a blur!  SO.   Everytime I thought about the time, I'd ask Denise what time it was because I couldn't read the clock. Several times! I could see the 80mph on the dash and set the cruise control on it.  We left St. George and were making great time!

As we were driving towards Scipio (about half way home), Denise said it was time for a potty break.  I said, "I'll pass this semi and get off at this exit."  I did exactly that.  I got in front of the semi that was beside us, then tapped the breaks as we headed off the exit ramp.  The car started slowing down.  Only it was REALLY slowing down.  I was giving it gas and nothing. I checked the gear shifter to make sure we hadn't bumped it into neutral. Nada.  We kept slowing down.  More and more.  Denise was freaking out, "What's wrong with my car?"  Then, I said, "Are we out of gas?"  She looked at the dash and sure enough, we were out of gas!  OUT OF GAS!!!  She was DYING!  But the cool thing was that we were, literally, on the exit ramp to the service station that was less than a block's distance away.  It was no big deal!  Except that it put us 20 minutes behind.  We did call dispatch and let them know because we couldn't find the dang flashers on the car.  But, Denise walked the block to the gas station and I waited for the officer and "gaurded the car".  We'd prayed that we would travel safely and be blessed as we traveled.  We could have run out of gas in the middle of that fourty mile stretch before us where there was no service.  We were very blessed.  Our prayers were answered!  And we have a great story to tell... well, everyone but her husband.

I called Doug and told him what was happening.  He called us "Thelma and Louise" and teased us a lot. A.LOT.  We swore ourselves to secrecy that Denise's husband would not hear the details because he is nothing like Doug when it comes to laughing at our silliness.  He would not have been happy!  BUT.  Like I said, we'd prayed, we were fine and all was well.  Next time, I'll wear my glasses!  I can't believe I did that.  Oddly.  We ALWAYS gas up in Scipio, just 20 more miles ahead.  We decided that when Denise's son must have thought the tank was full when he gassed up the night before.  The thingee must have tripped like it was full before it was.  BECAUSE, I've made that trip for over twenty years now.  One year, thirteen times.  And we've ALWAYS gassed up in Scipio and Denise car gets better mileage than any car I've ever driven.  That had to be the reason because we got great mileage and still had plenty of gas when we got back to Logan.  Shhhhh.  Don't tell a soul.

And yes, it's time for me to get bi-focals.  All I saw was a red dot and a yellow dot and blurs that were numbers on that dashboard.  If it had been my car, I'd have recognized the dots and known we needed gas.  It's time.  Denise blamed herself for not gassing up again in St. George from Vegas.  No one was to blame.  We were safe and fine and still laughing.

SO.  Other than that excitement, it was a pretty uneventful trip to and from.  Denise and I gabbed non-stop.  I love that we never run out of things to talk about.  EVER.  How that happens, I don't know, after 27 years, but it's true.  As for the rest of the trip, my time with Liza and Aylabelle was wonderful as always.  Buddy treated us to dinner and cooked great food and Aylabelle kept us laughing. That girl is amazing!    Here's a few pix from the trip.  I didn't take as many as usual.  We were having too much fun.

 Lunch at Rumbi

 There was a short thunderstorm each night that I was there and the sunsets were incredible.  This was taken while I stood on Liza's patio and enjoyed the rain.  Each night, Aylabelle and I took a little walk outside to the pool and back to find the blue-tailed lizard that we saw the first morning I was there.  We never did find it again.  But, the sunsets were fab!

She's a fish!  We had a ball in the pool.  The storm from the night before really blew a lot of leaves into the pool.   The water was like a bath!

We sent this photo to Dale with a text that said, "There are three girls in this photo."  A few minutes later, Dale responded, "Awesome!"  He's having another niece!

Aylabelle fascinates me.  She keeps herself entertained and entertains us non-stop.  She's a smart one!

It was a great trip!  And now, back to school.  Life and routines and USU students!  Life is good1

Thursday, August 18, 2016

grammie time!

I'm so happy to say that I'm in St. George!  Wait, I'm so happy to say that I'm with Liza and Aylabelle!  The St. George part... not so much!  I'm not a fan of heat!  And it's over 100 degrees outside.  It's hotter than hot and even the AC isn't cool enough for me.  I was quite enjoying my crisp morning air and evening walks in Logan that made me feel like fall was fast approaching.  Here, it's the middle of summer and the word cool only applies to the fact that I am a "cool" grammie! 

But, I am SOOOOOOO happy to be able to see my girls!  Last night, Buddy took us all out for dinner and frozen yogurts. We had a fun evening just gabbing after Aylabelle went to sleep.  Denise had to go and see her sweet little Rosie, who is now up to 6 pounds and is almost four months old.  The doctors still insist that she should remain in the NICU in Las Vegas for a little longer, so Grandma Nisey needed to make this trip and she needed my company along for the ride!  And so I'm here!  With Liza and her growing little family!

Aylabelle keeps telling me that Mommy has a baby in her tummy.  And we know now that it's Aylabelle is correct in announcing that she's having a baby sister!  HAPPINESS!!!!  I'm so excited!

This morning, we went out for lunch with my mother.  We won't see her again this trip because it's a short one, but we were able to have lunch.  Mom's doing well and looks good.  Just ask her!  (Wink-wink)  It was a nice visit.

Aylabelle is now napping and I'm reading while Liza does her thing for an hour.  Well, I'm going to be reading... first I wanted to share our morning little "Selfies" and a few other pix....

 a few car selfies while Mommy was at the bank and then she joined us for one or two herself.

three muskateers

Right when I arrived... lots of big kisses and hugs from little Miss A, as promised!

And then, she immediately wanted me to play with her!  We played Legos, Princesses, had a tea party and painted with the new paints that Grammie brought her.

 And there was this guy... On the way down, we stopped for lunch in Cedar City.  Our server was too busy to get our Cokes in the beginning because she was too excited to get a photo of herself with this guy, who Denise explained to me is the polygamist reality TV show star from Sister Wives.  Never seen it.  Never plan to.  But, everyone else was sure excited about him.  Okey dokey then.
I'm feeling kind of guilty that I didn't take a pic of my mom this morning at lunch but I took a picture of some stranger who creeps me out.  Epic fail in the good daughter department.  Oops.

This afternoon, after naptime, it's pooltime!  I won't be complaining about St. George heat then, for certain!  Life is good!  So is being a Grammie!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Quayd's First Letter from CA!

Here is Quayd's first letter from California!

Hey, Mom!  It was good!  Oh, don’t worry.  I got a haircut today, so, it’s not long anymore! I’m excited to tell you about my week so far.  

So, Monday was pretty sad.  Had to say good-bye to my good friends Elder Duncan and Lorenzen along with Iello, White, Heath, Taylor, then I had to say good-bye to Brother Van Bloom and Tittle.  Funny.  I didn’t cry as much saying good bye to my district, but, Brother Tittle - I cried my eyes out 3 times!  It was hard!  Then, we went to bed. Had a little party with the other district – Anderson, Stevenson, Morgan and Kinike and them, along with Johnson.  

Anyway, then I had to say good bye to them as well and then it was our turn.  We woke up 3:30  in the morning.

The companionship between me and Elder Hill is really good.  I was surprised by our other companions in our room… argument after argument.  It was crazy how many times those two argued.  I felt bad for the district leader and his companion… trying to take his job.  Amen to elder so and so’s priesthood!  I was actually glad that those two were separating.

Anyway, got on a train for the first time or in a long time.  I can’t remember if I ever rode one.  Then, we headed into the airport.  Remember what I said about those two companions?  Well, the one causing the problem left his companion in the airport, so he was stuck with us, which was okay.  We helped calm him down, then I talked to you.

I was so happy to hear from you and the girls and sad that I didn’t get the chance to talk to dad, but that’s okay. I’ll talk to him this Christmas.  Anyhow, I got on the plane and took a video of it leaving the airport and into the air.  Man!  Memories from my past - I totally forgot about the ear implosion thing going higher into the atmosphere! I definitely remember it hurting me because of my ear infection!  Our flight was from Salt Lake to Ontario, California.  It took about an hour twenty minutes or so.  

Anyway, we got off the plane, shook the hands of awesome elders and met with my mission president, President Dixon and his wife, a fun couple, I’ll tell you that!  I asked what I could do to help and, eventually, I ended up riding with them along with my companion, Elder Hill.  I saw a big car accident.  The traffic in California is so different!  There’s loud honking almost every single second.  It’s crazy but pretty cool!  Holy crap!  The mission home is luxurious!  Big and beautiful… my type of home, I’ll tell ya!

We rested, then we went to the members’ home, slept there and the next morning, we went to the church to meet our new companions.  I said goodbye to Elder Hill.  Surprising, I didn’t cry.  He kinda did.  Then, I met Elder Villegas.  He is Filipino.  He speaks Tagalog.  It’s a fun language!  At first, I was surprised that I had an Asian for a companion.  I wouldn’t trade companions!  He is awesome!  He is patient with me.  It’s been a great experience!

First day there, I got a bike to borrow and was off to work.  I met this family and taught them.  Then we went to Taco Bell and met a kid named Logan.  He’s going on a mission soon.   He’s a pretty funny boy.  You know, I don’t know how Taco Bell is going to survive without him.  After that, we biked around just getting use to the area and then we met another family and taught them about the gospel.  Surprisingly, we got the husband to pray for the first time.  I don’t know if it’s because I got here and shared a little experience from my life that was related for him.  All I can tell you is I’m glad to have the bad examples, so I can teach them the consequences.  I don’t know about the baptism thing yet, but, prayer is a start.  

Anyway, we came back home, studied and went to bed.

Next day, regular routine and it was awesome, but this time we met a lot of Filipinos and they spoke Tagalog... so, I had no idea what they were saying.  I said a couple things in English and my companion translated it to Tito Samson… great lesson, by the way, because he’s getting baptized on the 17th of next month and this was his first lesson! I don’t know if it’s just luck or seeing a big picture and working on the little parts, but I haven’t complained or whined or anything… well…maybe my acne and scar situation.  

Funny…first thing Elder Villegas asked was " What happened to your face?"   I didn’t like that but I explained it to him.  His response was " all I use is water!" Surprising ! haha   

Anyway,  then I had dinner with Brother Frisbee.  Awesome guy.  We went to a Mexican restaurant and I had never tried anything that Mexican, so, it was hard learning how to eat Mexicano. haha  We talked and Brother Frisbee shared what he did for a job – aerospace.  Pretty cool.  He said something that struck me …  “You have to have the big picture, then, you can work the little things.”  In my perspective, that means you have to have the gospel before you can teach people about the gospel.  You have to know where you are going and what your goal is before you can help others reach their goal.  I think that’s when i realized that I need to know more of these things for myself.  So, I’ve read more of the Book of Mormon, studied and have pondered it’s teachings and I’m glad I did!  It’s making more sense and I can teach it!  So far, I haven’t had the door slammed in my face and I’ve met some awesome people and wonderful friends who are striving to come to Jesus Christ. It’s only my fifth day and im loving every second of it!

Anyway, how’s life?  How are the girls?  What’s Dad been up to?  How’s Liza and Buddy and Aylabelle?  

Anyway,  I miss you.  I love you so much.  Thank you for being the most awesomest parents ever!  It means a lot.  I’m sorry for the crap I’ve pulled in the past.  Looking back, I don’t know where I’d be without you guys.  Love you so much. 

Elder Corbridge