Saturday, November 11, 2017

no pix, just text

Just a little check-in.  Things are well at the Corbridge home.  We have all been involved and going in our own directions, which seems to happen more and more each day.  I'm a little saddened by the thought of Grace leaving us and seeing Quayd and Zee so involved in their own lives.  It's crazy to even imagine that Doug and I might actually be alone some day.  We love being parents, even on the rough days.

I am dying to get the Christmas bins out and begin decorating for the holidays but will try to hold out for next weekend.  I like to have it done before Thanksgiving so that I can enjoy the holiday weekend with the rest of the family, instead of feeling a need to get it out and up and stay on top of the mess.

Thanksgiving plans for us are quite simple.  It will be our last Thanksgiving together with just us.  My mom asked us to surprise her and show up but I told her that this year was already planned.  I uninvited Alan and Jill and their family, simply because I have so much other stuff on my plate this next two months.  We may have a few drop in YSA students, who's families are far away, for dinner, but we are keeping it quiet at the Corbridges.  No big plans for Black Friday shopping.  Just to build a fire, hunker down and enjoy the family...and hope for snow!  I'm ready! 

Grace will be leaving after dinner and having thanksgiving dinner again at Ben's family's home in Idaho.  Then she will be joining his family on a cruise for the next ten days, where she'll sleep with his mom and he'll sleep with his mother was very concerned about that detail.  Quayd's been working and staying with Jason in Ogden and hanging with a mission roommate when he is home.  So, if I can tackle Zeej down, we will decorate this weekend thennwatch lots of Christmas movies in December together.

Today is Zaylee's birthday!  She's nine.  We've not seen her for two months, so we hope to drop in and say hello to her for a second, after Doug gets home tonight.  She is happy in her new life and for that, we are thankful. 

I'm reeling in the fact that it's been almost a year for my new shoulder.  It's still nowhere near what I'd hoped for, but I'm functioning.  I shake my head at the thought that my life has been so completely changed because of an accident.  Craziness!

Between wedding talk, holidays, our callings and life, in general, I'm thankful for Doug's breaks at work because some days, that's the only conversations we have until, "I love you, goodnight."  Life is wonderful. 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Hello, November!

A little update on everyone...

Grace and Ben are full-speed ahead on planning their wedding.  They are moving forward and making decisions every day about their future.  She's matured more in the past six months than she has in her entire life.  It's fascinating to watch!  They are happy and ga-ga in love!

Quayd has been working with family in Ogden for the past week and will do so again next week.  He's enjoying having something new to do.  He's hoping that this will lead to a more permanent job.  I miss him when he is away... and then when he is home, I remember how loud he is!  I do love this boy!  More than words could ever describe!

Did I mention that Quayd had a birthday???  He's twenty?!  How did this happen?  And when did I stop doing birthday interviews and treasure hunts and instead saying, "Here's cash, where shall we go to dinner?"  Life is so different these days!  Between my foot and my shoulder and my calling, we are all learning to adjust!

Zeej is doing well in school and working hard.  She's been on lots and lots of dates and had lots of offers to be "official" (that's what we used to call "going steady") but she is determined to not do that in highschool.  However, most high school boys want to be exclusive.  She just wants to have a good time with lots for friends.  Last week, two very cute boys showed up at our door at 10PM with McDonalds fries and nuggets, just because.  I love watching her be "Friends" with them all!  Everytime Zeej is near my phone, she snaps a selfie.  I find the funniest pictures of her making faces and I keep threatening to post them online.  She laughs and doesn't believe I will.  This was taken today in the car.  Not one to be embarrassed by.  She's a beauty, inside and out!

Doug is doing his thing with the YSA and his Melaleuca business, as always.  He works and works and works.  I pray every day and give thanks for his good health and desire to provide well for our family.  Oh, I am blessed! I haven't snapped a photo of my handsome husband since September!  What's wrong with me!?

Liza and Buddy are loving being back in Arizona.  The girls are just as cute as ever!  They were darling for Halloween... One was a bird and one was a bee.  Birds and bees.  Get it?

 I love facetiming almost daily with them. Edie is going up and down their stairs on her knees and signs a few words.  She's says lalala when I say "luvvaluvvaluvvayou".  I think she's talking back.  Aylabelle is just my little joy.  I love her cute little versions of what they are doing each day.  She tells me their plans and is very matter of fact about "It will be okay." if it's not a spectacular plan!  Liza is continually creating projects with her and teaching her how to cook and clean and craft.  She's such an amazing mom, it blows my mind!  And Aylabelle soaks it all in!  What a team!

Quayd went to Arizona and spent ten days last month with Liza and Buddy.  They took in a Diamondbacks game and one of the players tossed the ball to Aylabelle!  She loved that!

EdieAnn likes chocolate cake!

 Kelly and I went to breakfast two weeks ago.  She may actually be officially divorced by now, even, if the papers arrived.  She is doing well and we had a very pleasant visit.

Dale is doing well in Hawaii and loves it there so much!  He's not got Willow with him, which is hard, but he is making a life there and doing well.  He will be 39 tomorrow!  How crazy is that?!?!?

I am moving better.  I can now wash my hair with both hands if I prop my arm against the shower wall.  I'm eleven months out in two weeks from my new shoulder.  I am extremely cautious and fearful of falling again.  I never want to do this again!  Relief Society is my life... every day.  EVERY day and I love it.  This calling is not one that I would have ever thought that I could say that I LOVE, but I do!!  I love the sisters in our ward, I love the opportunities to serve, I love my counselors and secretaries, I love our ward council, I love being busy.  Denise said today, "Well, you were just saying, "I need something to do.  I need a project now that I'm healing a bit." and you got your something to do!"  She's right!  It keeps me busy every day and I could not love it more!  What a wonderful opportunity to serve!  I am blessed!

Life is so good.  It's not perfect.  No one's life is.  But, we have been so blessed and I am loving every day!