Sunday, January 29, 2017


It was so good to hear from Quayd this week, after a few rough weeks of doctor appts and tests.  They have some answers and he is doing well!  We even got to speak with him last week, as solutions were discovered. I apologize for the delay in this letter.  My left hand and I are having a love-hate relationship.  Thanks for the prayers in Quayd's behalf!

Lets just start off with saying this has been one crazy transfer! And I am going out with a BANG!!!! I have not written much because and sorry for my lame excuse because I have been super sick lately and haven't been able to do much work. it's been a haze for me to the point where I can't remember. This week, however, I will write because it has been  an immense blessing and it needs to be remembered.

Monday was pday nothing too special haha although I enjoyed writing my family.  It's always a good time! Part of our pday was cut off due to dinner at 4 o'clock instead of 5 or 5:30 or even six .  Anyway, we had dinner at the bishops house and had great food.... Salad, this weird cake, hot dogs and... HAMBURGERS!!!!!!!! I ate like 7 of them.  Great dinner and turned out that was supposed to be  part of our pday because the family needed it and I needed it.

Tuesday was a haze but we had president interviews and it was awesome. I love those two so much! Great people! Sister Dixon has this way of making sense of things. She's great at explaining and teaching and expressing.

I learned more about extending commitments, sharing the gospel simply and let me tell you that it’s powerful when it is simple and with love. That's when you can feel the power of the Holy Ghost! Now, there is always something with meeting the presidents of the church, the prophets, apostles and what not… one of them is the president of our mission.  My mission 
President Dixon is one of the coolest spiritual men I have ever met. I can't describe what I feel each time I see him, but they found the right man to lead us rightly before God. As we share and proclaim this gospel, I find strength and encouragement. We struggle a lot but the presidents of all missions strengthen us and encourage us to hold on to the rod of iron , hold on to our faith and hold on to our savior Jesus Christ!

I watched a Mormon message recently it is a brand new one and it is by one of my favorite apostles of the Lord one that scares me and also gives me hope in a daring strikingly way.  Elder Holland, for those of you who have not heard his talk or have not seen this Mormon message it is one to listen to!! the story is about two boys rock climbing.

One thing for sure is Christ is there for us and He is not going to let us fall. He is not going to let the people who need the gospel, his light, be shunned into darkness. He is not going to let me die for the sake of someone else's sins and that is what gives me strength. President Dixon has a way of reminding me who I am and how I can be more converted letting go of my nets and trusting in Christ, our savior.  That is what I learned in my interview. after that I left and did the work until we learned about exchanges with the zone leaders

Wednesday I was with Elder Rickter. He is a fun elder. We talked a lot and had a fun exchange. I ate a quad at Angus Mcurdeys, the best burger I had ever eaten in my whole life! It was great then I met a retired marine his name is Brother Meats.  Man, he liked messing with you. He literally slaps you in the face or on the hand haha but he is one great character! For most of the day, everything fell through, but, it was still an awesome exchange.  I learned so much from Elder Rickter! 

Thursday was still the work but we had great news about this one family 
The Mendez family you probably have not met this family because I haven't written much to you guys. But this family was baptized this week it was awesome. we were teaching them. what is incredible was the whole family was suppose to be baptized together however when we did interviews the father could not be baptized it was a disappointment for the family but here is the miracle my awesome president talked with one of the quorums of 70 elder cook and it made its way to the apostles and then to the first presidency the prophet himself declared this family was to be baptized as a whole I was thrilled to hear the news and so was. Brother Mendez it was awesome! 

Thursday nothing too exciting. 

Friday… preparing for the baptism… it was a crazy hectic day, but it was so worth it! We went to the Mendez house and watched as they put on their baptismal clothes. Oh, man! The picture was incredible! It just adds to my testimony of how the gospel truly blesses the family! After that we made programs and headed off to bed for the big day. 

Now, I can't describe all the feelings that I felt that day.

We made it to the church and stepped inside to set up chairs for the people coming. Weird thing was, a man was in his baptismal clothing, setting up the chairs.  It turns out he was baptizing brother Mendez.  He was so excited! We set up the rest of the chairs and saw people coming.  Little did we know that there was so little chairs! There was 80 or so people supporting this family! It was incredible! My MTC roomie, Elder Richardson was able to come to baptize the kids. I was ecstatic to see him! The Mendez family came in. Their little boy Derek hugged me and grabbed my arm haha I would have totally hugged him.  That's one thing I've struggled with is that we can't hug or carry kids. I'm slowly learning this process.

But, yes, the family came in and got into their whites. Sister Mendez was sobbing.  Then came the tender moment. Brother Mendez invited this man, Brother Blake to baptize him.

The story behind it is really something!  These two were arch enemies and have not spoken to each other in 22 years. As soon as brother Mendez and brother Blake saw each other , they hugged each other, each of them sobbing. The love of Christ was there. The spirit of love and peace and joy was full during this service!  It's incredible what the love of Christ can do bringing two worlds together! This is just the beginning of their journey! They each were baptized, the whole family was in tears and they knew this was just the beginning.

The day before we talked about temples and how they could be sealed as a family. I am extremely blessed to have had that experience, to have the parents I have.  To share that with them was special.  Now they have a chance to be sealed forever and for eternity!

After that we heard from some converts and there testimonies were powerful I. was able to share mine, but, there is something about converts that makes it powerful… hearing their testimonies of how they learned the truth and how it blesses them.  We were able to hear a talk from sister Dixon and she nailed it!  Sister Mendez and the girls were crying.

 I love this! The gospel touches people! The light of Christ shines more than the world shines!  It's amazing seeing that light radiate in someone who has made a promise to remember him, who gave us a chance remember him, who made it possible to press forward - Christ our savior and redeemer! I know the Mendez family know this gospel is true and I can't thank God enough for giving me a chance to see the power of baptism change this family!

Andrew came up to me after the baptism and thanked me saying,”Elder Corbridge, thanks for teaching me this gospel and helping me getting baptized!” I told him thank you for following! My testimony was strengthened that day! I'll tell you what! This family was converted as a family and the strength in it has been made stronger by the strength of Christ and his love. I'm so happy that I had the chance to watch this family grow. I'm so thankful for the members that helped this family to be converted.

There are amazing members and sadly I must say it…I must leave the Beaumont Ward. yep we learned about transfers. What a great transfer. I'm so thankful for my companion, Elder Bailey. I love that man to death! I love the members that I have met! I love the converts and the Mendez family with all my heart and I love this gospel! I know it's true! I know that Joseph smith restored the truth of it and that Christ is our rock on which we are built, in which we are lifted and in which we are loved Heavenly Father has this plan ROCKING!!!!!!!!

Elder Corbridge 

Friday, January 27, 2017

one step at a time

I've had a few rough days.  On Tuesday night, after family prayer and most of our bedtime routine,  I was waiting, while Doug  flossed, for him to help me get situated in bed. I have taken my brace off so that he could put my pajama top on. When the brace is off, i'm extremely cautious, to just not move.   I knew Doug would be another minute or two, so I thought, to be safe, but I would just lie flat down on the bed. I leaned back, so so gently, and  no sooner than my head hit the pillow, I kNew that I had made a mistake!

 Apparently, the main reason for the brace is to keep my arm from moving backward. As I lay back flat, my arm fell to the bed, as well,  against my body and too far back. I hadn't even thought about it as I was lying down. The second I was flat, I started crying wincing in pain. This was the worst pain I've had since that first week after the surgery. It was awful! Doug  immediately lifted me straight up again and the pinching pain stopped, but the throbbing hasn't stopped since.   It was a rough night!

 I'm not sure what I did, but it did something. Sadness!

 On Wednesday afternoon, Doug had a doctor appointment. Doug does not go to doctor appointments unless he is pretty miserable. I can count on one hand how many times he's ever gone to the doctor.  We suspected that he has a hernia. With all of the snow that he has had to shovel, we feared that it was even worse... especially after this last big storm. I was determined, pain or no pain, but I would go to the doctor with him. A. To make sure he actually went.  And B.   I needed to get out of the house after 36 days. Doug's health is motivation!

 So, he raced home from work and help me finish getting ready and off to the doctor we went. Thankfully, the doctor does not think it's a hernia but, sadly, he's not sure what it is.   So Doug is on watch for the next few weeks.  Hopefully, it's just pulled stomach muscles from All of the snow removal.

After the doctor, we went to Hobby Lobby to buy some Valentine plates for YW and then to Best Buy.  Doug had won a BB gift card at his company party in December, so we used it to finally get a sound bar for our TV.  Buddy spent an hour facetiming to install it with Doug and Zee being his hands.  Normally, I do the electronic stuff.  I actually enjoy it, but since Tuesday, leaning forward is excruciating.

I am whining...I have taken more meds in the past five days than the whole five weeks.  Sadness.  But, I did get dressed and out.  That's progress, even if it was one step forward and two steps back.

The ladies in the ward, friends and family have been wonderful to drop by meals, treats, breads and entertainment.  Its been a rough week.  I was so thrilled to get out of the house, but have no desire right now.  I see the doctor on Tuesday.  I told Doug that if I hsve to do this again, I want to be put in a medically-induced coma until it is over!  But, life is good. Painful, but, good.

Monday, January 23, 2017

winter wonderland

according to the weather reporter, five minutes ago, we have had over 35" of snow in our valley since Christmas Eve.  I think they measure out in the valley at the airport.  We are on the bench, higher in elevation and usually get more than the valley floor.  all i know for certain is that we have had a LOT of snow and it is another blizzardy no school Snow Day today.  It is beautiful.  I have only left our home once for my follow-up visit with the doctor, since December 19, when I fell.  i am thankful for this beautiful view outside of every window every day!

there were a few days that it warmed up and about half our snow melted. at onr point, the tire swing was completely buried in the snow.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

way late Christmas pix

another one handed, barely edited post.  i have very few pix on my camera from the holidays.  try holding a camera upside down with your left hand.  i turned it off instead pushing the shutter button. and believe it or not, you can actually feel your right shoulder muscle pulling when you lift anything with your left hand.  you can actually feel your right shoulder when you stretch your left leg!  the body is amazing!  I digress. most holiday pix are from my phone and will stay there til i have two hands. :)

best part of Christmas Day...and the part i remember the most... facetime with Quayd!  i didnt know this pic was taken.  but it was when Liza was on the phone facetiming so that Quayd could see his niece for the first time.

I do not remember taking these!

Not sure who took this one, but it pretty much sums up the first two weeks after my new shoulder.  I am still in the chair most of the time, but, at least I am awake now!  well...most of the time.


drake and zj

the stockings were hung

and its still snowing

my new addition to holiday decor this season was this wreathe that was made to light up this mantle!

i also added a few new glittery reinseer to the front room.  doug no likee glittery.

we have had over 30 inches of snow since Christmas Eve!

this sign on the chalkboard from ZJ welcomed me home.  The Ophie is Liza and Zee's pet name for me.  When my brother was a baby, he called me "ofee" and still does to this day.

a quick story that i don't want to forget... and probably won't! typed by grace... About a half an hour before my fall, I was having my weekly visit with Quayd on Gmail. I asked him if he has received all of his Christmas packages and pled with him, "Please don't open your presents until Christmas morning, I don't want it to be hard for you to not have any presents to open on Christmas." Quayd assured me that he would not, "I promise I won't, but its killing me because I know there is a coat and hot in there, because I am FREEZING!!!" 

"WHAT!?!?!?!?" Since Quayds birthday in October, every single Monday, I have asked him what would you like for Christmas? Other than beef Jerkey and "do the 25 day Christmas challenge" he never said a thing... Especially a coat and hat!!!  it was the monday before Christmas!  In his defense, he had only been transfered the day before and to a much higher elevation. So he didn't really need a coat or hat at the time. Thankfully, Quayd said he had to go and would be back in half an hour. I used that time to order a new coat and a few hats at JCP! His coat and hat arrived just in time for Christmas and he sent me this picture of him in his new coat.

my view for two months.  the rocks now have names.

and that is a bit of our holiday a month later.  life is good...painful, achey, sometimes boring, but filled with visits and meals from wonderful friends and family GOOD!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

best surprise!

No editing.  It took me four days to type this! I think that Sunday the 8th was my rock bottom day since my fall.  I was alone at home and just having reality of all that has happened hit me in the face.  Being alone is when it gets hard. Being one-handed and non-weight-bearing with my right hand and verrrry tired of this obnoxious, scratchy, itchy brace, its just old...the whole situation. Last week, because of our extreme weather, thankfully, I really only spent a couple of hours alone.

Bless all of my friend's hearts!  They have dropped in with lunch and broken up the long and lonely days.  I have left our home once since December, so my social life has been limited to friends dropping by.  Thankfully, I've been blessed with wonderful friends nd they have dropped by! 

So, last Sunday, I was pretty down.  The family was at church, I was in pain.  Liza, who is also staying home with a new baby during this RSV season, facetimed me.  She knew instantly that I was having a bad morning.  She joked and teased and sent me funny texts throughout the day.  I was walking past ZJ's phone as a text popped up from Liza asking how I was doing.  I thought it was pretty sweet of her to be so concerned.

In the evening, at about 7:30, the girls grandparents dropped by to bring their Christmas gifts.  While visiting with them, Doug's phone dinged with a text.  He jumped to answer it, which is so not Doug!  I found that strange and asked who it was.  He said, "Your visiting teachers want to drop by."  David and Toni said their goodbyes.  

Shortly after the text, Liza facetimed.  I explained that my visiting teachers were coming, so I couldn’t chat.  She said, “Wait a sec.  hold on.” I tried several times to say goodbye but she didn’t want to hang up.  David and Toni left and only a moment later, the doorbell rang. 

  I saw three women come in the door.  I said, “Liza, I have to go, they are here.”   Again, she said, “Hold on.”  I looked and didn’t recognize the women, but, I didn’t have me glasses on and am half blind. Also, I have TWO visiting teachers, not three and the two have never come at the same time, so this whole thing was strange.   I kept looking and one of the three women started walking toward me. I kept staring and trying to figure out what was happening.  This was NOT my visiting teachers!
As the woman approached me, I realized that it was BRENDA DEMATEO!!!  

Doug, Liza and Brenda had been planning this surprise since December 28th!  That's why Liza wouldn't hang up.  She wanted to see the surprise!  What a gift!  I cry just thinking about it!

Brenda is a life long friend, who I met in 1985 and have kept in touch with over the years.  Brenda and her husband, Mark, are two of our favorite people on this earth! I speak of her often with our kids.  She and Mark live just outside of Chicago.  She has just recently completed her chemotherapy and radiation and is cancer free…literally weeks before. I have not seen Brenda in 18 years!  And she was standing in my den! 

  I stood  up and hugged and cried and kept saying, “I’m so happy!  You are here!  I love you!!”  My initial joy was that Brenda was here and cancer free!  Then it sunk in that she was here!  In Logan!  That she had flown all the way from Chicago!  And then it hit me, she was here for me!  The tears!  I was bawling!  Brenda was in tears.  Doug, Liza, the girls were bawling!  Brenda’s friends, who I then recognized from 20 years ago, were crying!  It was a wonderful reunion!  And I was just in shock that this wonderful woman, the most Christlike woman I have ever know, had flown half way across the country to care for me and my family in my time of need!  Can you say overwhelmed!!!

Brenda and I had a wonderful week together, catching up on life, laughing and crying and just basking in the friendship and love that we have shared for decades!  She cleaned my home, did laundry, cooked, played with the girls, shopped with them, just anything she saw that needed to be done, she did it.  It was wonderful!

Brenda stayed until Thursday and we made every moment count!  It was heavenly to spend this special time together. Brenda has been one of the kindest and most remarkable women I’ve ever known.  What’s interesting about our friendship is that we both are believers in Christ, but our doctrinal beliefs are very different.  Through the years, we have discussed religion for hours and hours.  We agreed to disagree long ago but have never let those differences influence the special bond that we share.  What a joy to have that time together.

Saying goodbye was so hard.  I not only appreciated all that Brenda did for me, but as I told her, I appreciated the relief that she brought to Doug, who has worked fulltime, come home and cared for me.  He’s up at 5:45 making sure that I’m set for the day, checking on me throughout the day and home to care again. Brenda’s gift visit was more of a gift for Doug!  We adore Brenda and Mark!  And boy, do I miss her now!

I say so often how blessed I am with good friends.  Brenda is one of those!  What a gift!  Life is good… even with a nasty itchy brace and lot of pain!  Friends make it wonderful!

Monday, January 16, 2017


Quayd has been ill and had a rough couple of weeks.  He's not had a lot to say because of being so ill.  I will update when he writes more than that.  He has seen a doctor and is being treated.  prayers for his health would be appreciated.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

an update that I thought I posted last week

I thought that I would make a left and one handed attempt at a blog entry, but it is easier said than done.  I am on the mend.  My surgery was two weeks ago and it feels like months already!  Not complaining, just stating a fact.

The girls have taken great care of me and there are no words for what an amazing man I have for a husband.  Doug has done everything from wash my hair and dress me to grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, all while working.  We have been blessed with the love and care of so many good friends from the minute that we got home.  Almost literally.

I've tried to keep track and hope that I can.  The meds have me a little confused at times, but thankfully, I'm weening myself off the narcotics and onto Advil.  I'm happy to dispose of the last few soon!!

On the night we arrived home, the girls were waiting at the door.  They met me at the door of the expedition and we were all in tears as we walked into our home.  The phone rang within minutes... one of Doug's sisters offering to bring food from the family Christmas party.  An hour later, another sister arrived with food and her husband helped Doug give me a Priesthood blessing.  I had survived what was one of the worse days of my life, driving a 5.5 hour trip had taken us almost 9 in blizzardlike conditions all the way to near Provo, the last 120 miles of our trip home..

Friends dropped in the next day to see what they could do to help.  I have very little memory of the first day home.  I was exhausted and slept the most part of 48 hours.

Carol arrived on Christmas Eve with dinner, a duplicate of my own traditional menu.  It helped make things feel "right" for the girls.  They needed that... some normality.

Christmas Eve was quiet and without a lot of our traditional fanfare, but, Doug did his spiritual thought, we opened jammies (Zee had even bought me a pair this year!) and we were in bed pretty early.

Christmas morning, the girls were up at 6:30.  I can not hold a camera.  I can't hold anything in my right hand.  It's "non-weight-bearing" for the next six weeks. But, I took a few with my left hand on my i-phone.  The girls were very happy with the gifts and I've never been more thankful that I am organized for Christmas early.  Buddy and Carol had picked up the last few things for Doug that I had not yet bought and ZJ wrapped them for me.

Zee made me a wonderful Christmas breakfast and everyone else said that they were still full from the night before.  No big fancy brunch.  But, seriously, that egg, cheese, bacon and avocado sandwich was the best thing I've ever tasted.  I'm so thankful for Zee's domesticity or "home-makerfullness."

This is Z, taking over for mom and scribing , lol.  The highlight of our day, I think for everyone, was our face time visit with Quayd that evening. Church had been canceled for the day because we got a foot of snow that night. The day felt extra long. And 7. pm felt like it would never arrive.

WE were all in tears before we even connecting, even Quayd. (Z: and that's a huge thing) He looked great! It was so fun to hear his voice. He was a little shocked when he saw me, with my arm in a brace and no makeup. But once we got pass the discussion of my injury, we were able to focus on a list of questions that we had written in advance. He told us about getting hit by a car. His current companion is his favorite! He loves the area he is serving in!

One tradition that we have is a jar full coins and paper money, and only I know the amount. The kids get to guess and whoever guesses closest get the money. The last present of the season.  The girls were excited that they would have a chance of winning, but I saved the jar for our Face time visit with Quayd so that he would feel like he was a part of, at least, one of our normal family Christmas traditions.

Zj showed him the jar up close on the screen trying to hide a twenty dollar bill and teasing him. But, Quayd won by guessing within two dollars. (Z: shocker) He was pretty stoked about that. It made my day, just seeing that great big smile of his. Saying good-bye was very hard. It's so hard to believe that he has almost been gone 6 months. WOW!

The remainder of the week/holiday break, we just chilled at home, watching a LOT of movies and visiting with company that dropped by... most, bearing food. Doug did take the girls out shopping twice, and friend, Sue and friend, Ann came and babysat me.  I was grateful for the company myself and even more grateful the girls could get out a bit. Definitely the most unique holiday we've ever had. Doug and I were and continually are in awe of the kindness of others.

My visiting teacher, Joni, brought a gallon of tomato mac soup which is my favorite soup in the whole wide world. That was definitely comfort food.  We spent New Years Eve with our dear friends, Kristy and Jim Anderson and with the girls. I laid in my recliner while ZJ prepared a wonderful dinner of fried shrimp and bakes potatoes relish trays, cheese balls, and crackers and Kristy brought just as much wonderful food! We played some fun trivia games so that I didn't have to move the whole night. At about 10:30 we dipped fruit in chocolate fondue and called it a night when the ball dropped at midnight.

It was so hard to see the girls go back to school and Doug go back to work. (Z: it was sad for myself going back.) My friends lined themselves out to come for a mid-day visit and bring me lunch each day. I say it often, I am so very blessed with amazing friends.

Side note...Denise and I have not seen each other since I got back because she had knee surgery. We couldn't have timed this any more poorly. We both can't be there for each other.

I sleep a lot, thankfully!  I have also started watching a new series on Netflix, called "Call the midwife".  It is a fascinating English drama from the 1950's about midwives in a nursing convent. Sad, but fascinating. But, it takes my mind off my own pain!

It has done nothing but snow for the past two days. We have two feet or more! So if I'm not watching Netflix, I'm watching the squirrels and the snow falling. I have never appreciated my beautiful fireplace in my den, the stunning view out my windows, and deeeeeep sleeeeeep more. I have appreciated the phone calls, the texts, and the cookies, and the diet cokes!  Although I have craved water more than anything since the surgery.

I am still in disbelief that this has happened. It's hard to wrap my mind around the fact that I have a new shoulder, that this whole experience even happened in the first place.  Liza's baby is due this week and she is almost a month old!  There are lessons for us all to learn here.  Buddy is my hero.  I will forever be thankful for his TLC.  I appreciate every move Doug makes for our family.  That is nothing new, but my gratitude is magnified.  I also appreciate this body of mine.  I am mindful of every move.  Even watching others, I recognize the effort it takes to move an arm, to bend over, to sit up.  I value the joy of being in the comfort of my own home.  And we have felt the thoughts and prayers of so many. There is much more to say, but no energy to say it now.  Thanks for the continued thoughts.  Pix to of these days.