Friday, December 29, 2017

In other news...

A few other December happenings...
  • Liza and Buddy are doing well.  Edie celebrated her first birthday and is walking everywhere.  She loves to facetime with Grammie and the minute she hears my voice, she lets everyone know that she wants a turn with the phone too.  I can't wait to see them all in Sunny Arizona soon!  I'd prefer it be here in snowy Utah, but that's not likely to happen... Liza loves her warmth and is not a winter person like her mother!
  • One day while Facetiming, Aylabelle told me, very frustrated, that there was no story time this whooooollllllle month because Mrs. Claus was going to be there.  She was not amused.  Mrs. Claus just wants to sing songs.  So, I said, "I'll read you a book."  Liza asked her if I would like her to do Story Time.  I said I would and she told me that this means THREE stories, three songs and a craft!  I had no idea!  So, a week letter, we had an appointment for Story time. 

    I read Aylabelle "The Mitten" in my most animated voice.  Then, "The Night Before Christmas" and then finally, my favorite Christmas book ever, I didn't read, but told my four year old version of along with the pictures of "The Littlest Angel".  We sang Jingle Bells, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas, then Jingle Bells again while shaking real bells.  Finally, we had our craft, which was cutting out mittens and making a banner of mittens with cottonballs glued onto the wrists of each mitten and threaded on yard.  Story time took us one full hour and at the end, we had a treat, which was Hersheys Kisses that I'd had Liza buy in advance.  I handed them to the camera and Liza took them from her side of her iPad and handed them to the girls.  This was Edie's first Hershey's Kiss and she loved it!

  • Aylabelle did a great job cutting out mittens for each person in her family and threaded the yarn too!  She's so dang sweet!

    ZJ looks so cute on her annual trip with the YM and YW to Salt Lake City to see the Temple Lights!  I missed the youth trip last year because I was in the hospital in St. George.  I missed it this year because I'm not a YW leader anymore.  Hmmm.

  • Here's another great shot of how I looked for the second half of December!  NO makeup except lips!  CRAZY, huh!?  Don't fall in December!  No bueno!
  • My heart is breaking.  Our whole ward's hearts are breaking.  Our wonderful friends and neighbors, Layne and Julie, have received the worst news.  Julie's breast cancer is back and with a vengeance.  Julie is my secretary in our Relief Society Presidency, as well.  She is my right arm in my calling.  There are no words for how much we love and adore this family.  Please, if you would, keep Julie Neilson in your prayers. Thank you.  And they are troopers!  Layne posted this awesome post on FB: Well here we go again...traditional selfie at the chemo party with my best friend! #cancersucks #wonderwoman #shesarockstar

  • This is a shot from our cultural hall on the night after my fall.  It was our Relief Society Christmas Dinner.  A beautiful night, in which I realized that I'm not the Homemaking Counselor anymore.  I can show up before it begins and everything is done just as lovely as I would have done it!  I have two amazing counselors who get the job done!  It was beautiful and delicious and I was mostly appreciative of the dimly lit room where everyone wouldn't ask me "WHAT HAPPENED!?"
  • Last but not least... Grace decided a few weeks ago that she would like to postpone her January wedding for a few more months.  It's not mine to share the details here on the blog, but I will say this much... Doug and I felt great relief and are praying that she continues to think this through.  She's grown up a lot this past six months, that's for certain.  Time will tell the rest of the story.  Enough said.
I'm certain that I'm leaving out a lot of our December events.  However, I have spent all evening working on this catch-up and I do have other things to do.  It's felt good to put things down again on the screen in front of me!  We are tremendously blessed each and every day. I'm so thankful for all the little miracles in my life that take place each and every day!  Life is good!

Merry, Merry Home!

Some shots of our home this Christmas 2017.  Only four trees this year.  Two in the same room!  Our Bishop was over discussing Relief Society.  We were at the table in our den.  He looked around and said, "You missed a spot!"  I've been teased about the two trees in there, but hey, Christmas only comes once a year!

The front room mantle is always my favorite!

Well, until I walk into the den.  I love the Christmas tree collection that I've built over the years.  Now, I am in search of the perfect Christmas Trees for Sale sign to go with for next year!

 This banister shelf makes me smile no matter what season it is!  You can't see them very well, but, there are two gold glittery trees that were my new tree additions this year!  Love them!

I was so excited last spring, when Doug and ZJ returned from St. George for Edie's baby blessing with two huge boxes from my mother.  This old ceramic handpainted tree was made by my step-dad, Bill's mother, lovingly referred to as Grandma Moors.  She made statues of Elvis and Christmas trees every year!  I now own two of the trees!  (I'll pass on Elvis.)  This one is almost two feet tall!  Love how it lights up!  BUT, Zeej was mortified!  "In what universe have we ever had a colored light in our home at Christmas?!  That has to go!"  (We are white light fans.)  She grew to love it through the month, but never as much as me!  As for the sign, Carol insisted that it was made for me because of the way that I countdown to Christmas!

In the entryway, this black shelf just pesters me.  I don't want to paint it but it's so dark and I sure wish I'd have bought the antique white one.  Until I get the courage to paint it, it will be my Christmas "Believe shelf", this year with lots of glittery goodies!

  The front room one morning at about 6:30 when I woke up and enjoyed a beautiful pink sunrise!

A close up of the tablescape, which gets a bit simpler each time.  I am actually going to not decorate it for the spring and summer months this year and try something new on it!

 This letter board is my new "toy".  I've been enjoying changing quotes every ten days or so.  It's interesting to see who actually reads them.  I'm planning on adding something snarky soon to see if they notice.

 The entry way.  You can see the second tree in the den, as well as the one in the entryway.  This glittery garland on the banister will not be going there next year. We swept up at least two cups of glitter in that few weeks!  It will be a mantle garland next year where it doesn't get touched.  This was actually the most glittery thing I've ever purchased.  Speaking of which, I went back to buy a third one this year on the morning that our Logan Taipan burned!  It caught fire in the office where there was a small refrigerator.  The store is now closed and will not reopen as Taipan.  They hope to open a small decor store in Logan but it will not be Taipan.  Sadness.

I love this corner cabinet and my fun red and white stripes and dots collection that is more fun every year!  This year, I added a few accents of black on each shelf!  This is our Happy Place, and a couple of Believe signs because "We BELIEVE!"

 This beautiful bouquet was delivered to me by our Stake Relief Society President, who happens to be Carol's sister.  I was overwhelmed with how beautiful they were!  They were the prettiest thing in our home for the past week and still look fabulous!

I've decided that since my shoulder injury, my holiday decorating is going to be scaled back.  I have already tossed and donated one bin and have another to take to Liza with decor from her childhood to do what she would like to do with it... it's mostly disney characters and teddy bears.  I hope that she will appreciate them.  She's asked for them, and that's just naturally Liza, to appreciate family treasures.

  ZJ did most of the decorating for me this year.  I've been so grateful for her help!  She's incredible!  She decorated all four trees and actually put most of the decor out where I told her to, other than the tablescape.  It still makes me wonder how it is that I can't stand all the "clutter" the minute that we are done opening gifts, but up until then, I'm all about it!  Merry, Merry!

Christmas 2017

Being Relief Society President has brought a new meaning to Christmas.  WOW!  It was awesome!  We live in a very blessed ward.  Last year, our ward boundaries were changed to include about forty families from USU Married Student Housing, which means college students, some beginning families.  I have witnessed some of the most wonderful kindnesses this December.  It was truly remarkable to be able to assist our Bishop in assisting families who wanted to give anonymously as well as to be the one to deliver, assist, get wish lists from families who would be on the receiving end of the generosity of others!  Oh my!  What a choice gift this was for me this season!

It was a bit time consuming, as is this calling most every day.  Besides this, we have had a lot happening in our own home and lives, which has impacted our own Christmas.  (Another post to come.)  So, for the first time in our lives, I was not prepared for Christmas and did very little shopping before mid-December.  My sister-in-law, said, "Welcome to how the rest of the world lives during the holidays."  And truthfully, aside from the fact that I had no gifts under my trees until Mid-December, adding to the decor, I loved it!  I loved shopping at the end when the kids were more certain of what they wanted and I was more certain of what they truly needed.  I loved buying everything in two or three days and being able to keep mental track more clearly in my bruised and stitched brain!  I did not love wrapping everything all at once.  I normally do that from September on, as I purchase the gifts.   BUT, it a wonderful Christmas experience for me!  And Doug swears that I spent half what we usually do because I don't buy twice or continue to buy once I should have called it done!

I'm still not able to do a lot of chopping, kneading or stirring in the kitchen.  I questioned KJ, my ortho doctor, about this.  It's been a year, for Pete's Sake!  He reminds me that I didn't just get a new shoulder with a nice clean cut bone.  I had "an explosion" in my arm with multiple fractures when that humorus ball snapped off and my arm has lots of healing to do.  "Another year, Sophia, and you'll be doing so fine!"  Okey dokey then.

So, I did very little holiday baking or treat making.  Zeej on the other hand, has become quite the little baker/chef/Martha Stewart!  She's remarkable!  She has made so many wonderful things for us as meals, as treats, as desserts.  She amazes me.  Her latest thing is scones.  She makes fanciful scones from scratch and has made up her own recipes.  My favorite is a cream cheese and apple scone.  OH MY!

I digress!  Christmas was wonderful!  ZJ made most of the Christmas Eve dinner, including ham, pretzel salad, cheese balls, appetizers and a punch that was out of this world.  ZJ and I get along very well.  The only place that we disagree is in the kitchen when I tell her to use my recipe, that is tried and true, and she has found one of her own that she wants to attempt or when she wants to organize a cupboard her own way.  I remind her that it's still my kitchen and she reminds me that she is the one using it currently.  I digress again.  Dinner was fantastic.

We watched the Nativity Story this year for our Eve activity and then opened our jammies.  Only, this year, as always, I didn't put name tags on the gifts.  I did numbers this year, only.  The numbers were recorded in my planner.  Zeej offered to find the jammie boxes, #3, 8 and 10.  However, when Quayd opened his jammie box, what ZJ handed him (because she couldn't see on the wrapping paper) was gift #30, not #3.  She didn't see the 0!  And #30 happened to be Quayd's biggest gift, which is always the last thing opened on Christmas Day!  It was his brand new iPhone!!!  He has been without a phone since he returned from his mission.  And he opened it!  He lifted the lid on the box and his eyes got huge!  He said, "WHAT!!!?!?!?!?!"  He closed it quickly because he knew it was NOT the package that he was supposed to have opened!  Doug, not thinking in the moment of panic said, "Who's is it?" because he knew that all of the kids were getting new phones.  I started to cry.  ZJ started to cry because she felt terrible that she'd handed Quayd the wrong package!

Everyone tried to say, "It's Ok, Mom." but I was sick that Christmas was ruined.  Everyone now knew that they were all getting new phones or else why would Doug have asked "Who's is it?"  After a while, a sad and silent while, I asked them to leave Dad and I alone together.  I asked Doug if we could just tell them that it was his phone/gift.  Doug said, "Babe, we aren't going to lie to them.  We don't lie to our kids."  I said, "It's Christmas!  Christmas doesn't count!"  Doug says, "Every lie counts.  We don't lie."  I was so sad. The kids came back up and we talked a bit, and started getting ready for bed while ZJ and Doug went to our neighbors to care for their dog (they were away for the holiday.)

While Doug was with Zee, I called Quayd and Grace into our bedroom and said, "I have to tell you a secret.  Quayd, I am so sorry that you saw that phone and even more sorry that you thought it was yours.  I got so silent because I didn't know what to do and had to come up with a plan.  BUT, that phone is Dad's surprise!  That's why he asked "Who's is it?"  I've been trying to talk Doug into a new phone for a few years.  He was still using an iPhone 4, so he needed  one and the kids are always saying, "Dad!  Get a new phone!"  So, they totally bought my story.  (I normally would never go against Doug's wishes, but I knew something that he didn't know.  He was, indeed, getting a new iPhone for Christmas as well, so Quayd may or may not have opened his phone instead of jammies.  The kids thought that this was great!  They knew the big Christmas surprise/secret!  When ZJ came back, I filled her in on things, too.  So, everyone, including Doug, went to bed thinking they all knew something that no one else knew.

We woke up at 5:30 and started opening gifts at 6:15.  It was an emotional morning, for some reason.  ZJ has been on a soapbox for the past year that every painting of the Savior has a serious, stoic facial expression that is scary and formidable.  She wants to see the Savior smiling a warm and inviting smile.  I have spent the past year in search of the perfect print and found it!  When she opened the painting of a "smiling Jesus", she started to cry!  She also cried when she opened a large pallet of Naked brand Urban Decay EyeShadow.  She also cried a few other times.

Urban Decay Eye Shadow Pallets matter when you are almost 17!

Zeej sees her print of the Savior smiling.

As we were down to our last two gifts, you could feel the kids excitement for their dad to open his new phone. They wanted him to go first.  I debated back and forth because I wasn't sure who I wanted to figure out that everyone got a new phone first.  Finally, Doug opened his phone and the kids beamed with pleasure!  Doug was shocked!  SHOCKED!  And a little concerned.  I could see that on his face... how did we afford this?  BUT, he looks like that if it's a bag of peanuts too. That's just Doug's conservative nature.  

Quayd was next and he was literally in tears.  I've been teasing him that we were going to get him an old flip phone since he returned from his mission.  He's not really wanted or needed one and he didn't care. but he was so thrilled to see that. Zee squealed and then screamed and then cried. Grace did not get a brand new iPhone because she is moving out soon and I didn't want to have to get a contract for her.  So, I gave her my i-Phone 6 with a new case,since her own phone died about three weeks ago.  She was just thrilled to have a phone.  

New make-up brushes!  About thirty of them!

Grace has been begging for her own copies of Ice Age, so we bought the whole collection.

Quayd saw his new phone and was in tears.

President Uchtdorf's new book.  We love President Uchtdorf!

We'd debated for weeks about what to do for Christmas.  Once you are 18, move away, get married, whatever, you are no longer a kid and we give cash for Christmas.  That's been the rule.  But, it would have been so strange to say, "Here's cash, Quayd and Grace.  Now, sit and watch Zeej open presents for two hours."  So Doug and I decided that we would surprise them with this one last Christmas.  Next year, who knows where anyone will be?  Zeej will still have two more "kid Christmases".  Such a strange situation for Doug and I, as we got the babes the year that Liza was becoming a "grown-up", so we have had 39 years of "kid Christmases".  I hate to see this part of our lives coming to an end.  BUT, we sure make the best of it, regardless!

We spent the rest of the day in our jammies, having a french toast brunch and leftovers were put out for "grazing" the rest of the day.  We watched Victoria and Abdul together, which we loved!  Doug and the kids watched a few other movies while I read and listened to music and planned.  It was a perfect Day!  Grace left for a bit with Ben in the evening, as we insisted that this was our day as a family, possibly our last Christmas with all five of us alone together.

I love this family of ours!  The kids were gracious and expressed gratitude with each and every gift.  They were filled with fun comments and support for each other as they saw the others opening their gifts.  They were thoughtful and generous with gifts to Doug and I.  It was just a special and wonderful holiday.

I waited until Wednesday to take down the decor, but I was mooooore than ready!  I don't know how it is that I can love it so much and absolutely can't stand the clutter the minute that we are done opening the gifts.  Every year, I say, "Let's take it all down today" and every year, I get a resounding, "Nooooooooo!"  As always, I love the fresh and clean feeling after taking it all down!  Life is good!

Thursday, December 28, 2017


I have become close friends with three of the widows in our ward.  This began before my new calling, and they worried that I might get too busy for them, but I've made time to get together with them at least weekly to play "Hand and Foot".  I adore these three women, Diane, Viola and Frankie.  Oh, we have had a wonderful time getting to know each other.  Diane is the youngest, in her later 70s and Viola and Frankie are in their mid-80s.  I so love them!  They make me laugh, they offer their wisdom, they tease and the show no mercy when we play cards.  Whenever I have a game with them, Doug calls it "Poker Night with the ladies".  These three ladies live so close to the Spirit that they would hardly know what poker is!  Have I mentioned that I love them!?

ANYWAY, we usually play at Diane's and occasionally at Viola's.  For some reason. to Wednesday night, the fourteenth, (five days before the anniversary of my fall and new shoulder)we ended up playing, last minute, at Frankie's.  I've never been inside her home.  Her front door was covered in fresh snow and her garage door was open with lights on, so I went in that way.  We played and had a fun evening together.

At the end of the evening, Viola announced that she would ride home with me, instead of Diane, who she had come with.  Another unusual happening.  Viola usually drives.  I walked Diane out to her car worried that she might fall on the icy driveway.  I also had a few things in my passenger seat and needed to move them.  So, I backed my car off the street and into the driveway althe way up to the garage so that Viola didn't have to walk on the ice.  There was also a small 3" concrete rise on the back third of her garage.  I noticed it and didn't want anyone tripping over it.

Viola had said, "Just honk" and I'll come out.  I thought to myself, "Self, you don't want her walking out here alone.  Go get her."  So, I raced back into the garage, forgetting about the three inch concrete slap!  My foot caught on it and when I woke up, I was face down in a puddle of blood!  I was only out for a second or two, I'm sure, but my first thought was, "My shoulder!  Is it still on!?"  I moved it and it was fine.  Then, I noticed that I was bleeding from the forehead with each pulse.  I'm not being overly dramatic when I say that I reached up for my head to make sure my brain was still inside it and I began calling out, "Help!"  I was in shock and my voice was weak.  I called several times before they heard me.  Finally, they opened the door and were just horrified!

By then, I'd managed to roll over and doublecheck my shoulder.  I was seeing stars and lightheaded and still bleeding.  Frankie got ice and a cloth and I think Viola called Doug?  She's only through the block, so I told them to tell him to just run over since I knew that I should not or probably could not drive.  Doug was there in seconds.  He said, "Good Hell!  That's the biggest goose-egg I've ever seen!"  We sat there for a second and I asked Doug to take a picture so I could see it.  When the bleeding stopped, Doug drove Viola home.  (Diane had no idea that this had happened and was already home.)

I called my friend in the ward, who's husband is my orthopedic doctor for my shoulder. I explained what had happened and said, "I just want him to take a look at it and tell me if I should go in for stitches or x-rays since it's my forehead." She said, "I'll send him right over."  In moments, KJ was at my door and busted out laughing when he saw it!  We held the iPhone flashlight up to it close and he examined me.  "Let's go, get in my truck." and off we went to KJ's office.  It was most humorous because doctors don't know where things are .  They walk into the exam room and the nurses have everything set and ready on the tray for them. He apologized because he had to call his nurses at home a few times to find the things he needed before he could stitch me up.  I did not feel a thing!  He sprayed that numbing stuff on my forehead and I didn't feel anything for hours.  Three stitches and one huge lump on my noggin!

KJ promised me that I would get black eyes before it was over.  I thought, "It's my forehead, not my nose!"  KJ was right!  Imagine that.  Over the next 9 days, here's a few photos of what I mean when I say Keith was right!  For the record, I have NO eyeshadow on at all.  That's bruising above and below my eyes.

During the last two weeks, I've visited and met with over twenty families in the ward, conducted Relief Society, met with the Stake Leadership, gone to eat several times and I could not count how many times people have asked, "Did you get into an accident?"  And my cute little ladies have been so worried.  They've blamed themselves and worried so much.  I keep telling them that this was not their fault!  I'm, apparently, just a klutz!  Buddy has deemed December, "Keep Mom in a padded room in a padded chair Month" and I think that he may be right!  It's looking better finally.  My eyes still are grey underneath but it just looks like I didn't wash yesterday's mascara off.  And I still have a KNOT on mu forehead that throbs.  Quayd calls it my "HUUUUUGE Zit".  He even prayed during our family prayer that "Mom's HUUUUUUGE ZIT would get better."  There were definitely hushed giggles during that prayer!

I'm just so thankful that it was not worse!  It could have been so awful!  I'm also thankful for KJ's kindness and saving us an emergency room expense!  He rocks!

In the meantime, I'm looking down while I walk and checking every step I take, I've invested in a new pair of Uggs and I am thinking of getting bifocals.  It might just be time.  ha!

holiday party

What a lovely holiday we have had!  It was different than ever before, as most things are these days, but it was wonderful!  Lots of family time, not lots of big-time partying, and lots of love and laughs, which we count on! 

Thanksgiving was quiet and peaceful.  It was just the five of us and a neighbor who's family has gone to Canada to care for his mother-in-law while she is very ill.  We enjoyed lots of pie and gab and a movie or two.  The rest of the weekend included lots of downtime with just the five of us, a little black Friday afternoon shopping and lots of leftovers!

We started December off with a bang... a small and quiet one, but a bang just the same.  I had decided last summer, before being called to serve as Relief Society President, that I wanted to get to know the widows in the ward a bit better.  That was one of my favorite things ever in our old home and ward, getting to know the senior singles.  So, I hosted a dinner for a dozen widows.  I did this not as Relief Society President.  It was from Doug and Sophia and Zeej.  We had a such a fun evening.  It's interesting.  This neighborhood, in it's day, was filled with doctors and lawyers, and many of them are still members of the Country Club.  I have to say that I was a little intimidated on the day of this dinner because I thought that these women really know how to entertain and have done so for fifty years! 

That night, if it could go wrong, it did, with my meal.  At the last minute, I realized that I had forgotten to take out two pieces of chicken and prepare them gluten-free for the ladies, so I sent Doug to the store for a rotisserie chicken. I forgot the salt in my rolls, which I've made without a recipe for 40 years.  At 6:25, the chicken cordon bleu was still raw in the middle and the potatoes were not baked yet.  I was horrified!  They arrived on time at 6:30 and we visited until 7, when everything was baked and ready.  Doug and Zeej served the meal in our beautifully tablescaped and decorated den.  Cute friend, Diane, blessed the food and said, "Please bless it that it will be "okay". We all had a good laugh.  I told them that we would order pizza if it wasn't!  This was so not my norm for entertaining!  I'm usually great at it!  I think that I overthought things!  They were gracious and kind and we had the best evening!  In the end, the food was wonderful, albeit a bit later than expected, but it gave us extra time in the front room to enjoy each other's company.

These women were delightful!  I do mean delightful!  Our tabletalk was filled with stories of their childhood Christmases.  Some were raised on farms and dirt poor.  Other's were raised with luxuries in life.  Several were doctors' wives and we discussed their husbands, who have all passed away but they are still well remembered in the valley.  One had delivered the children of several women in the room and was known for his fun ties and matching socks. The stories they told! I learned about chocolates that I've never heard of, traditions that were most unique and we just laughed a lot!

The highlight for me, was hearing them speak of Reed and Betty, who'd built this home sixty years ago, and for whom, many had sat in this very room and played cards with them, at this very table for decades.  I received thank you cards with several comments that said, "I could just feel Reed and Betty's joy at seeing the home that they loved so much filled with such love and beauty." That meant the world to me!  I have loved loving this home and every time that someone tells me they would have been so tickled to see their home being cared for and loved so much, I just want to love and care for it even more!  Have I mentioned that we love this home!?

ANYWAY, that was our December kick-off!  A lovely, quiet, fun holiday party with some absolutely wonderful women who make me laugh everytime we are together!  This was something that we wanted to do to kick off our "Light the World" experience and it was probably the highlight of my month!  Loved it!  Loved it!  Loved it!


I've had several emails and comments on Social Media about the fact that I've all but stopped blogging.  It's just harder and harder every day.  For many reasons.  Time and busyness are not the only or even the main reason.  I loved TypePad for ten years.  LOVED it.  When TypePad changed, I stuck with them for another year and hated it!  Downloading pix was a nightmare!  Then, finding old posts was impossible.  All the photos that I'd included as my journal for a decade were thumbprints.  I'd paid Typepad $10 a month for ten years and then to have no access to anything anymore was more than frustrating! Changing to blogspot seemed my only option.  And I like free blogging on Blogspot, but it's not the same at all!

Then, there was another situation that changed how I feel about blogging forever.  My blog was used "against me" in a way that just left an ugly taste in my mouth. Ten years of posting a "mommy blog" with tips on homemaking, decorating, recipes, my faith and belief in the gospel of Jesus Christ and life's ups and downs was used to make me feel more hurt than I'd ever been.  That was kind of the end for me.  After ten years of being open book and telling it like it really was... good, bad and ugly... to have it thrown back in my face, in a literal life-changing situation, was hurtful and painful. It's taken a literal leap of faith and courage to post anything ever since this happened.

BUT.  I do miss it.  I miss the fun friendships that I made through the years, little emails and funny comments that would make my day.  And I miss the record of our daily happenings in word and picture.

Doug frequently acknowledges the joy that blogging has brought me and our family for so many years. I am busy.  But, I can find time if I really want to.  I did it every day for ten years with three babes, three bigs, a husband and life, in general.  We always say "You afford what you want to afford", usually referring to money, but it's true of time, as well.

 So, I've decided that I'm going to try to post, at least, each Sunday for 2018.  We'll see how it goes.  Things in life are very different... blogging about cute kids and cute things they say is much different than blogging about five adult kids and one teenager.  Maybe I should blog about my grands, but, Liza is a bit private about her life.  Maybe I should blog about Relief Society.  Who knows? And I've changed.  A lot of life has happened this past three years since I slowed down on my blogging.  I've had a major injury, we've had kids grow up, we've moved and have a completely different life than what we did three years ago.  So so different.  BUT.  So wonderful.  I do love my life, no matter what happens!  Who knows where my blog will go from here on, but I'm going to give it another shot for the year and see what happens.  So, here's to 2018!  Just saying.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

no pix, just text

Just a little check-in.  Things are well at the Corbridge home.  We have all been involved and going in our own directions, which seems to happen more and more each day.  I'm a little saddened by the thought of Grace leaving us and seeing Quayd and Zee so involved in their own lives.  It's crazy to even imagine that Doug and I might actually be alone some day.  We love being parents, even on the rough days.

I am dying to get the Christmas bins out and begin decorating for the holidays but will try to hold out for next weekend.  I like to have it done before Thanksgiving so that I can enjoy the holiday weekend with the rest of the family, instead of feeling a need to get it out and up and stay on top of the mess.

Thanksgiving plans for us are quite simple.  It will be our last Thanksgiving together with just us.  My mom asked us to surprise her and show up but I told her that this year was already planned.  I uninvited Alan and Jill and their family, simply because I have so much other stuff on my plate this next two months.  We may have a few drop in YSA students, who's families are far away, for dinner, but we are keeping it quiet at the Corbridges.  No big plans for Black Friday shopping.  Just to build a fire, hunker down and enjoy the family...and hope for snow!  I'm ready! 

Grace will be leaving after dinner and having thanksgiving dinner again at Ben's family's home in Idaho.  Then she will be joining his family on a cruise for the next ten days, where she'll sleep with his mom and he'll sleep with his mother was very concerned about that detail.  Quayd's been working and staying with Jason in Ogden and hanging with a mission roommate when he is home.  So, if I can tackle Zeej down, we will decorate this weekend thennwatch lots of Christmas movies in December together.

Today is Zaylee's birthday!  She's nine.  We've not seen her for two months, so we hope to drop in and say hello to her for a second, after Doug gets home tonight.  She is happy in her new life and for that, we are thankful. 

I'm reeling in the fact that it's been almost a year for my new shoulder.  It's still nowhere near what I'd hoped for, but I'm functioning.  I shake my head at the thought that my life has been so completely changed because of an accident.  Craziness!

Between wedding talk, holidays, our callings and life, in general, I'm thankful for Doug's breaks at work because some days, that's the only conversations we have until, "I love you, goodnight."  Life is wonderful. 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Hello, November!

A little update on everyone...

Grace and Ben are full-speed ahead on planning their wedding.  They are moving forward and making decisions every day about their future.  She's matured more in the past six months than she has in her entire life.  It's fascinating to watch!  They are happy and ga-ga in love!

Quayd has been working with family in Ogden for the past week and will do so again next week.  He's enjoying having something new to do.  He's hoping that this will lead to a more permanent job.  I miss him when he is away... and then when he is home, I remember how loud he is!  I do love this boy!  More than words could ever describe!

Did I mention that Quayd had a birthday???  He's twenty?!  How did this happen?  And when did I stop doing birthday interviews and treasure hunts and instead saying, "Here's cash, where shall we go to dinner?"  Life is so different these days!  Between my foot and my shoulder and my calling, we are all learning to adjust!

Zeej is doing well in school and working hard.  She's been on lots and lots of dates and had lots of offers to be "official" (that's what we used to call "going steady") but she is determined to not do that in highschool.  However, most high school boys want to be exclusive.  She just wants to have a good time with lots for friends.  Last week, two very cute boys showed up at our door at 10PM with McDonalds fries and nuggets, just because.  I love watching her be "Friends" with them all!  Everytime Zeej is near my phone, she snaps a selfie.  I find the funniest pictures of her making faces and I keep threatening to post them online.  She laughs and doesn't believe I will.  This was taken today in the car.  Not one to be embarrassed by.  She's a beauty, inside and out!

Doug is doing his thing with the YSA and his Melaleuca business, as always.  He works and works and works.  I pray every day and give thanks for his good health and desire to provide well for our family.  Oh, I am blessed! I haven't snapped a photo of my handsome husband since September!  What's wrong with me!?

Liza and Buddy are loving being back in Arizona.  The girls are just as cute as ever!  They were darling for Halloween... One was a bird and one was a bee.  Birds and bees.  Get it?

 I love facetiming almost daily with them. Edie is going up and down their stairs on her knees and signs a few words.  She's says lalala when I say "luvvaluvvaluvvayou".  I think she's talking back.  Aylabelle is just my little joy.  I love her cute little versions of what they are doing each day.  She tells me their plans and is very matter of fact about "It will be okay." if it's not a spectacular plan!  Liza is continually creating projects with her and teaching her how to cook and clean and craft.  She's such an amazing mom, it blows my mind!  And Aylabelle soaks it all in!  What a team!

Quayd went to Arizona and spent ten days last month with Liza and Buddy.  They took in a Diamondbacks game and one of the players tossed the ball to Aylabelle!  She loved that!

EdieAnn likes chocolate cake!

 Kelly and I went to breakfast two weeks ago.  She may actually be officially divorced by now, even, if the papers arrived.  She is doing well and we had a very pleasant visit.

Dale is doing well in Hawaii and loves it there so much!  He's not got Willow with him, which is hard, but he is making a life there and doing well.  He will be 39 tomorrow!  How crazy is that?!?!?

I am moving better.  I can now wash my hair with both hands if I prop my arm against the shower wall.  I'm eleven months out in two weeks from my new shoulder.  I am extremely cautious and fearful of falling again.  I never want to do this again!  Relief Society is my life... every day.  EVERY day and I love it.  This calling is not one that I would have ever thought that I could say that I LOVE, but I do!!  I love the sisters in our ward, I love the opportunities to serve, I love my counselors and secretaries, I love our ward council, I love being busy.  Denise said today, "Well, you were just saying, "I need something to do.  I need a project now that I'm healing a bit." and you got your something to do!"  She's right!  It keeps me busy every day and I could not love it more!  What a wonderful opportunity to serve!  I am blessed!

Life is so good.  It's not perfect.  No one's life is.  But, we have been so blessed and I am loving every day!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Our fall has been spectacular.  Doug and I took a drive up Logan Canyon the day before Dad passed away and it was just breathtaking!  The colors are phenomenal this year.  I do love fall!  I love decorating my home for fall, I love the fall colors outdoors, I love fall foods!  It's just the best time of the year... until Christmas.  (wink-wink)

Here are a few pix from our home. I've not done a bit of editing on any of them, but if I wait to do that, it might not happen.

Instead of keeping the trunk closed with pumpkins on top, I opened it up and filled it with some fall goodies.  I like it and am thinking that there needs to be some Christmas decor inside this year instead, as well.  Christmas decorations are literally a month away!

The mantle with my old windows and fall looking shot of the Logan LDS Temple, which we love! (The temple and the painting.)

October Tablescape.  It looks much better at night with candles!  Another post.

I wasn't amused when I plugged in my brand new strand of spooky glittery garland and the lights did not work.  I bought it last year after Halloween, so my own fault for not checking then.

My chalkboard is probably one of my favorite things in our home.  I LOVE it!

This is my cluttery, eclectic, only spooky part of Halloween decor.  The EEK! and the eerie pumpkin bells in the haunted house candle holder.  

Uber-talented Natalie made me this cute vintage witch banner.  I adore it!

This bouquet of roses and sunflowers were given to me by Annie the day before she left.  They are perfect fall colors!  They were sitting next to Dad on the cabinet.  Zeej and Grace informed me that I needed to put Dad in a better place until we take him to his gravesite in NC.  They have also taken to the idea of taking Dad for drives with us, like to Sonic, the grocery store or for rides around the neighborhood.  We are a bit on the twisted side, I realize, but Dad would get a kick out of it.  He never was one for sitting around very long. (I know... but remember... everyone has their own way of greiving, right?)   Seriously, though, he is now in his next to final resting spot until we get him back to NC.

It's been a wonderful fall but it's coming to an end very quickly as the wind has blown the leaves off the trees and the rain has begun.  Bring on November!