Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Conference weekend!

For some reason, I've tried posting several times and when I hit publish, each time, I end up with a blank screen.  Go figure?!  However, I'm home this morning and determined to get a blog entry finished before I lose this exciting week in my head!  It's been spinning!

A few highlights of the past week... I'll break them up and hope that they post!

Friday night, Doug took the girls and I to Olive Garden for an early birthday dinner.  We knew that we wouldn't have time to celebrate much of my birthday this week because of all that was on the calendar, so this was a good thing! The girls couldn't decide what they wanted to they ordered lasagna and chicken alfredo and split each meal.  We enjoyed watching them enjoy the night!  After dinner, we came home and watched a movie with Quayd after he got off work.  Working teens sure changes things!

ZJ took a few pix of Doug and I.  He was on one, making all sorts of funny faces.  And it had poured rain all day, so I had some serious bad hair happening, but we were together and that's all that mattered!

LDS General Conference was wonderful.   As always, just the shot in the arm we needed!  The highlight of conference was hearing President Monson speak.  Watching him struggle through the last few minutes of his talk was heart-wrenching.  Much has been said about it this week on social media, so I won't express my personal feelings, as many have been said.  But, our hearts ached.  Quayd kept asking, "Is he going to die?", as he literally feared that President Monson was going to collapse right there.  The words of his message were lost in the presence of his struggles, but the message that remains was his willingness to endure to the end.  We love President Monson!

We did enjoy Conference.  Each and every talk.  We also enjoyed our traditional quick breads on Saturday and Cinnamon Rolls on Sunday morning. It was a new experience to have Quayd and Grace have to leave for work during parts of the conference.  Everyone's growing up!

Quayd and Doug did not get to attend the Priesthood session together, as Quayd worked all day long!  However, Dave and Jason visited! It was Jason's first Priesthood Session! Doug took them to dinner at Noodles and Company before the session, then afterwards, Dave treated to pie and several flavors of Ben & Jerry's icecream here at home.  We visited another hour after Quayd got home from work at 10:30.  It was good to spend time together!

I spent much of last week revisiting my NYC trip in my mind!  I told Doug that it's strange to imagine that I finally checked off the number one thing on my bucket list and now, the number 1 thing is to return with Doug and the number 2 is to return with Carol!  I guess that means it was worthy of being my Number One!

Other weekend highlights were lots of time in the hot tub with Doug, dinner at Roadhouse with Denise, time in the kitchen with the girls and enjoying the fabulous fall weather!!  I spent much of the non-Conference time setting the tables for our first YSA Home Evening, which was just as fun as could be!

Life is good!

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