Saturday, October 24, 2015

Youth Conference and a few other ramblings

The kids have Youth Conference this weekend.  It's a "stay at home" youth conference.  The kids didn't understand that when they first heard because the only other YC that they'd been involved in was at a college in Central Utah.  But, our stake doesn't do anything small and I knew that they would not let them down!  When I drove by the Stake Center earlier in the day and saw a boat parked in the front of the building, I knew that I was right! 

I dropped the kids off at 4 yesterday.  They came in at 10 last night, laughing and gabbing away, telling all of the tales of their afternoon and evening.  The Pauni family had prepared a Hawaiian feast for dinner.  Zeej, who is currently a vegetarian, even ate the meat!  They said it was the best ever!  Pauni's were the Tongan family that Extreme Home Makeover built the home, here in Cache Valley about ten years ago, and I was very involved with it.  Part of their "gift" from the extreme team was a second professional kitchen in the home, as well as a motor coach/kitchen to do their business in.  They've done well!  And their food is divine!

The kids spent 45 minutes out roaming the neighborhood with all the neighbor teens, following the YC.  We'd told them to be home at 10:45 and at exactly 10:45, a motorcycle, a Razor, a T-bird and about 20 kids convened in our front yard.  The kids love our new neighborhood and the kids in our ward.  Our move to this home - best move ever! 

They were up at 7:00 this morning, getting ready to head back to YC.  Grace has to take a break in the middle of the day to work.  We're hoping that her lunch shift will not last very long, so that she can be back and be a part of the big service project.  Tonight, a speaker and dinner at the Logan Country Club.  Tomorrow, more speakers after church.  They are really loving it!  We have such great people in leadership positions and they go all out to make things great for the kids!  LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

Doug is working today and I've got about four projects in the works! All will be interrupted so that I can get Grace to and from work and YC.  But, it's a good day!  A productive day!  Halloween costumes to be completed, homemade donuts to be made, a social gathering and I'm preparing for a visit to see my southern Utah girls!  HAPPINESS!!

Aylabelle and I were facetiming last week and she asked, "Grammie coming?  Grammie coming tomorrow?"  It melted my heart.  It's time!

A few rambling thoughts...

"We" answered Quayd's cute invitation to return the Yes Rock for Sadie Hawkins dance with this cute little basket, filled with about 5 pounds of Tootsie Rolls surrounding the Yes Rock and a card that said, "I'd love to "Rock and Roll" with you at Sadies!  Thanks for asking!"

I am loving my chalkboard!  Doug is even suggesting things to write on it!  I love that it's two-sided and I can just flip it if I'm in the mood!

Last night, while the kids were at YC, Doug and I went to dinner with Stott and Wendy.  We had a great visit and good food at Cafe Sabor!  It's always good to get together with them and hear stories about Miki, who's loving school and dreamed that she's getting married because she has a boyfriend, but it's a secret.  Too cute!

After dinner, we ran a few errands and Carol invited us to come by because Madi was in town.  We went over and visited for about an hour before getting Doug home early since he had to work today.  Carol taught us a new card game called "Fruit Salad", played with Rook cards.  Oh my!  Fun and Crazy game!  I can't wait to teach it to Liza and Buddy!

We came home and had time for a soak in the hot tub before the kids got in, had family prayer and called it a night by 11.  This life... it's crazy busy and crazy fun most of the time!  I'm thankful for the good times, as well as the bad.  Not all are good.  We have our cranky moments, our sibling spats,  and "Who made this mess and didn't clean it up!?" moments.  But, for the most part, I wouldn't change a thing!  I've got a great husband who makes me laugh, who leads us spiritually and who supports me in everything I do.  I've got great kids, who most of the time , are pleasant, helpful and making great choices.  I have a beautiful home with amazing friends and neighbors in this beautiful valley.  Most of all, I have the gospel in my life, which really is a part of our life, every moment of every day.  What more could I ask for?  Life is good!

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