Wednesday, September 30, 2015

a few happy things

I spent most of my Tuesday working on my projects at home while doing laundry.  I did take a break for a quick lunch with Natalie and Ruth, then came home and got right back to it.  Later in the afternoon, Carol and I did some grocery shopping and a quick Sonic run together.  The kids had YM/YW and Doug had things to do on his own, so I pretty much had a very "chill day".

The kids came home from YM/YW with a bunch of kids and they hung out in the front yard for quite some time, then worked their way into Layne and Julie's home.  It was after ten before they came in.  Doug and Carol and I were in the hottub.  They were still having a ball and going on and on about how much fun the whole night had been.  I love that they feel like a part of the ward youth and have made good friends!  I posted on Facebook last night that my three favorite sounds have always been a nursing baby cooing, the sound of the ocean waves and thunderstorms.  BUT. I add to that list, now, the sound of teenagers laughing outside my window and asking, "Can we hang out longer?"  It means that they are content!  Happy teens = Happy moms!

I have been enjoying my new desk area and spending a lot of my time sitting right here.  Doug teases me because I say that everyplace that I am in the house is my favorite place to be.  I love our bedroom and my new little office space!  Here's a few pix...

At the end of our bedroom is a walk-in closet and this little dressing area, which I wasn't quite sure what to do with when we bought the home, so I put this hutch in the space and a chair for Doug to sit and put his shoes on in the mornings, but I didn't like it because it became a "catch all" for mail and papers.  I hate papers just stacked around!  

 This is our first home without an office/craftroom, so when I had the idea to make this my little personal space, I was a happy camper!  Laptop or not, I need a desk to spread out my books and papers when I'm studying! With car repairs and back to school expenses, this had to be a "Use it up, Wear it Out, Make it Do or Do Without" project. So, this is what I came up with, without spending money on anything except the fun wreathe and the "S".

 So, now, I can sit at my desk, work and enjoy our bedroom all at the same time.  So far, it's worked.  Doug can even sleep if I only turn on the lamp and not the overhead light.  Happiness!  My own little office space, designed on a dime... well, actually on a Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon and a trip to Tai Pan.  I'm loving it!

 And I love love love my polka-dot pillows!  They are a conversation piece!  Doug still thinks they are funky and that I've lost it, but he admits that they make the room more "me".

Our first YSA Home Evening dinner is next Monday and I will be preparing a simple meal for 41 college students and my own family.  That also happens to fall on my birthday, I'll be celebrating it a bit different than ever before... in the kitchen and prepping for it.  When we realized that they were on the same day, Doug asked, "Babe, are you sure that you're okay with that?"  I didn't have to even think about it.  "I can't think of anything better to do!"

It gives me a chance to do something that I love doing...entertaining, feeding people, sharing the love in our home!  This is a GREAT birthday gift!  I'm thrilled! I'm planning menu number three now, completely changing it again last night.  We're supposed to "keep it simple" and that's a stretch for me!  Soup was recommended.  We'll see what ends up happening. 

Aside from our "family classes", it will be the first real "entertaining" that we've done in our new home!  I'm very excited...excited to entertain, excited to have a more personal experience with these kids, excited for Doug and I and our kids to get to know them better! It will be a birthday "party" from me instead of for me and that works!

I can't believe October is almost here!  Halloween decorating is happening at our house tonight!  YES!  Life is good!

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