Monday, October 12, 2015

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Holy cow!  This morning, it really feels like fall!  It's 37 degrees outside and that's chilly!   a little weekend update....

Saturday afternoon, following Zaylee's sealing and lunch, Doug and I came home and decided that we were due for a date.  Since his new hours, we've not had our usually Friday day dates and we were both missing that time out.  So, we went to see the Intern, which he loved as much as I do!  So cute!  We also went to the mall and bought Quayd some new church clothes, so it was a nice little break together alone.  Nothing fancy, but time together is always wonderful!

Saturday evening, we had discussed having some friends come over for games, but Doug needed to be at the church.  He had a few interviews for callings and that was priority.  I was happy for a little latenight time in the hot tub and we watched a little of the documentary series we are now into... Life.  BUT, there were too many gross bugs and I had enough quickly!  ;)

Our Sunday morning was casual, getting ready for church, but I've had this bug that's going around where your stomach just burns like you are starving all the time but it hurts after you eat.  Go figure.  Several people have described it the same way.  So, I went to Doug's Sacrament Meeting and came home.  The kids went with Layne and Julie.  Both girls were teaching Young Womens lessons for their class. 

Doug was much more relaxed conducting Sacrament Meeting this week than he was last.  He even joked with me about it before church, so I knew that he was feeling better.  I was soooooooo embarrassed at the end of the meeting!

Side story: My iPad has a mind of it's own.  It's actually the Zagg case, not the iPad itself.  Everytime I close the device, it will continue to do it's own thing.  Once it sent over 720 smileys on facebook in a private message to someone who was in the middle of "telling me how they feel" (aka not happy with me about something.)  My response of 720+ smileys did not go over well and ended with a final comment "I will no longer be communicating with you on the internet."  Oops.  I didn't do it, I promise!

A few months ago, I received a $50 gift card in the mail.  It was anonymous and I thought I'd received a sweet gesture in the mail.  UNTIL... I was going through my bank statement and noticed that I had a $50 charge to Amazon that I didn't remember.  Yep.  My iPad ordered it.  A few weeks ago, UPS delivered an Amazon box with a huge bag of dog food in it.  iPad.  We only buy dogfood at the Farm Store in 50# bags.  I didn't order it!  This has happened several times. 

Also, it's been known to continue to play games.  When I used to play Words with Friends, it would be in my purse and I could hear the pop-pop-pop-pop sound of shuffling letters.  That happened many times.  Music on iTunes or Pandora also will turn on.  I've just learned that I must turn off the sound all the time.

Now, I digress... back to Sacrament Meeting.  The closing hymn was "Sweet is the Work".  The Bishopric wives were seated on the back row in the overflow together.  There were no hymnals, so I opened my iPad to my LDS Music ap.  We sang the closing song.  The girl got up to begin the closing prayer.  I closed my iPad to put it in my purse and "Sweet is the Work" accompaniment began playing all by itself!  I had to quickly get the iPad out of my purse, open it, find where and why it was playing, frantically!  I just turned the volume off quickly, bowed my head, closed my eyes and listened to the prayer.  I was HORRIFIED!!!!

The funniest thing was that one of the speakers had just mentioned that he works for Apple as a tech.  "How do people live?", he asked without understanding today's technology!  And there I was!  Ann leaned over after the prayer and said, teasingly, to Kathy, "We don't know her!"  I was dying!!!  When I walked up to tell the kids what great talks they'd given, Doug walked down off the stand to give me a kiss as he heard me telling Kyle, "I'm one of those people you were talking about!"  I went on to ask if he could hear my iPad playing the closing hymn?  He said yes, and Doug's eyes got so big!  He laughed so hard.  Later, he told me that it reverbed of the back wall, so it sounded like it was behind him, meaning that everyone had heard it clearly!  Oopsie! 

By the way, I've had four replacement Zagg keyboards.  Every one of them has done this.  I love this keyboard, but that and the fact that if flops over all the time, make me crazier than I already am!

Doug didn't get home from Bishopric obligations until 6:15 and he had a huge fireside at the USU Spectrum at 7.  So, it was a quick dinner, sitting on the table waiting for him, a fast bite, then he and Quayd headed to the campus for the meeting.  I love living so near the university!!!  They could walk!  As soon as they left, ZJ and I got into the hottub together and were gabbing with Carol while she drove, on speakerphone.  Doug called and said that the fireside was over and asked me to meet him at the church for Ward Prayer.  We guessed it would be pretty scarcely attended because of all the other events of the day, but there were 80 college kids there!  EIGHTY!

I can't get over these kids!  They are remarkable. It hits me over and over, each time we are together, that these kids are there at the church because they want to be!  They live on their own.  They don't have moms waking them up or pushing them out the door to be there.  They are the cream of the crop, there because they want to be there!  LOVE THAT!!!

In other news...

  • This weekend, I heard more sirens that I'd heard in a lonnnnng time.  I turned on the scanner and listened, while doing other things, as Search and Rescue and EMTs looked in the canyon for a person who had been injured.  I'd missed the initial call, but soon realized that this situation was serious in nature and the urgency of the emergency crews was absolute in their voices, as they waited for a chopper to come to the rescue.  Just as the chopper arrived, the word "Echo" was used, which means a fatality.  My heart sank as only one other phrase stuck out in my head... "The patient is being held by his father."  Up until this moment, I'd expected it was grown men, hunting.  Now, in my head, I envisioned a father and 20-something year old son.  I never heard the age.  Apparently, neither had anyone else.  It was only later, that we learned that a ten-year old boy had died in his father's arms, after an accidental hunting accident.  I have cried so many tears for this family, who I didn't even know the names of until moments ago, all weekend. 

    And on the flip-side, I've been appalled by the people who've had so many rude and negative things to say on-line about the situation.  THIS IS NOT THE TIME for people to get on their soapboxes about gun-control or gun-safety or for judgements to be made about how the accident happened and who should be blamed.  I love the internet.  It's a gift to the world to be in contact with loved ones at any given moment of the night or day, to have the world's vast knowledge at your fingertips.  BUT, for some people, it's a chance to hide behind a screen and judge and criticize and be just plain cruel and heartless.  THAT...ticks me off!  BIGTIME!  My heart aches for this family, for their friends and neighbors, for the person who is involved in this accident.  This will bring a lifetime of change and pain to so many.  It makes me so sad.  While I'm so thankful for my testimony of the gospel and the magnificent Plan of Salvation, it's always painful to see a family lose a child, under any circumstances.  Our prayers are continuous for these families at this time.  
  •  On a positive note...The Expedition is finally repaired and we get to pick it up this afternoon!  HAPPINESS!!!
  • On another happy note... Can I just say that I love these kids!  I know I say it a lot but it's my blog, and I'll cry if I want to....  ;)

    This good-looking boy is turning 18 this week!  I mentioned that to Denise this morning and her face just went into SHOCK!!!!  "How did that happen?  WHEN did that happen!?"  I know, right?

    My lovely Laurel President daughter sort of makes me happy too!

    And this little firecracker is my sidekick!  She just looked so cute yesterday that I had to take her picture!
  • And then, there's this????  I walked in and found these four potatoes on my bed.  My post on Instagram/Facebook:  "When you're married to an Idaho farm boy, you just never know where a potato will show up???  #yagottaluvhim  #onlydoug     Go figure?!

  • And last but not least, we have the Expedition back!  Repaired!  Happiness!

    Life is good!

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