Friday, October 16, 2015

quayd's birthday/fall break... day 2

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, QUAYD!!!  It really is hard to believe that our sweet boy is eighteen!  It certainly doesn't feel like it!  Time has flown by!  I remember the moment that he was born, Kelly held him for a second, then handed him to me, saying, "Here, Mom.  It's like you are the mom and I am the sister, this is so strange."  We've always had a very close bond.  I love this boy more than life itself!  And he's eighteen! HOW did that happen!  I'm still trying to find time for his birthday interview!  And this may be his last one because, currently, his plan is that he may be in who-knows-where, serving an LDS Mission on his next birthday! 


We let the kids sleep in until breakfast was ready.  Quayd was so happy to climb out of bed and be served his very own 8x8" German Pancake, which he ate, plus half of our family size 9x13" pan.  I had to laugh because several times, so far this weekend, he's commented, "I think that my age is catching up to me, Mom. I can't eat as much as I used to."  Ummm, would that be like yesterday?

As soon as breakfast was ready, everyone got ready and we were at the theater for a noon matinee of Martian.  Everyone LOVED it!  I liked it even more the second time when I realized more of what was happening.  Oh, that movie.  It really is a fun one. Doug and I were noticing that we've not had any good movies for over two years and right now, there are several, with more on their way. 

And for the record, we took this photo before anyone else was in the theater during the previews!  We were the first ones there!   No phone use during the movie!  AND... we get the jumbo popcorn with the free refill, we bring a grocery bag and empty the bucket into it right at the beginning so that we don't have to get up and miss part of the movie for a refill...hence, ZJ holding the bag of popcorn.  The bucket was down at the other end with Doug and I, after I took the pic!

As Doug and I were walking out of the theater, one of the girls from the YSA ward noticed us.  We had a short little visit and as they were walking away, they asked each other, "Do you want popcorn?"  Doug and I had over half a giant bucket left, so we handed it to them and you've have thought it was a million dollars!  "Thanks, Brother Corbridge!  We're poor college students!"  I wished, later, that we've have handed them cash for drinks!  Missed opportunity! Dang!

I had to do a few errands before we headed home to make Quayd's "birthday cake" choice... friend ice cream.  We only had an hour or so to get things ready for the birthday treasure hunt and then it was time for Doug to go and get the pizza.  I'd called and arranged that with Greg, the owner of Firehouse, yesterday.  They had it ready when Doug got there.  Quayd's friends arrived while Doug was getting the pizza and all was right on schedule.  Doug had to lay the seats down in the van to fit it in. Bringing the pizza into the house was the task!  It had to be turned a quite the angle to fit through the door! 

I loved Quayd's face when he sat down to this huuuuuuuge pizza!  Again, he said, "I don't know, Mom.  I can't eat like I used to."  We just laughed.  There were seven of us and we ate it almost all.  Three teenage boys in the house, this was a no-brainer for what we should choose to eat.  And we did eat it all!

 They did pretty good, I'd say.  I was sad that everyone wanted pepperoni and I'd ordered half Hawaiian.  Apparently, every has changed their favorite choice and I didn't get the memo.  If this had have been pepperoni, it would have been gone in one sitting!

I was stressing over getting the treasure hunt started because it was getting dark quickly!  Several of the gifts were hidden outside.  I made the clues a little harder and, um, I learned that Quayd doesn't know a lot about our new home yet.  For example, he had no clue that we had a built in ironing board in the laundry room hall.  "Wow!  I never noticed that cabinet door!"  We all had a few good laughs at that!  He was pretty excited to have a gift on the roof!

The clue:  "This is Mom's happy place!" took longer than I thought it would.  First, he went to the kitchen, then to my favorite chair, then the hot tub.

He had no trouble figuring out that the last clue, "Mom loves decorating this more than anything!" was the tablescape table.  I'd hidden the small gift pretty well on the table and that part took a bit of time and a few gasps, as he bumped the goblets and caught one mid-air!

Layne and Julie's boys gave him quite the stock of treats!  Most kids would have candy left over at Christmas.  Quayd will have it gone by the end of the day. He's not a patient kid when it comes to having candy and treats around.  WOOF!

We bought Quayd a really nice CTR ring with lettering that looks sort of "Transformer-ish".  I wasn't sure if he would be at all excited.  He really seemed to love it.  I need to have a different sizing on it, but we'll take care of that today!  He looked at it several times through the evening while watching the movie.  I love this picture with Doug looking on!

I loved hearing them laugh sooo hard and soooooo loud all night long!  Our house was definitely LOUD all evening.  I couldn't get over the belly laughing!  And watching the movie, San Andreas, OH MY HECK!  They were cheering and yelling and carrying on.  It was over the top loud!  Doug and I were just laughing at them laughing.  A serious action packed movie and they were commenting and narrating and directing through the whole show!

The girls were glad to be included in the party with the boys.  Lasse, is Layne and Julie's exchange student from Germany.  We're all going to be devastated when spring comes and he has to return!  Grace and Kendall are just having a ball getting to know each other.  Quayd's friend, Joe had been hunting with his family and came in shortly after they'd eaten the pizza.


This was my favorite picture of the evening.  No explanation needed.

After the movie was over, we sang Happy Birthday and they ate the entire Fried Ice Cream.  The icecream was pretty soft to begin with and lighting 18 candles on it probably didn't help!  It was "Light fast!  Blow fast!  Eat fast!"

How is he eighteen?  Seriously?

After they got more of a sugar buzz, all of the kids all started a second movie but somehow ended up at the Logan Cemetery on a walk that brought them home after midnight.  

It was 1AM before we were all settled down for bed.  A late night, a fun night.  Quayd was definitely happy with his celebration.  We continue today with more fun.  The whole weekend is planned to be action packed and fun.  It's great to have Doug home for the entire thing too!  My heart aches a bit when I think that I could be in St. George with Liza and Aylabelle right now, BUT, I feel like the right choice was made. If we'd have gone to St. George, the weekend would not have been as much about Quayd and this was his special birthday, so I'm glad we're home!  I'll just have to make a trip soon and the holidays are coming!  SO...


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