Thursday, October 22, 2015

fall break...the rest of the story

On Friday morning, we woke up and I made pumpkin waffles for the kids!  Their favorite!  Doug and Quayd went fishing for dinner, but came back empty handed, which was more than fine with me!  We planned to cook fish for the men and burgers, steaks and hotdogs for the women anyway!

Our plan was to have a Back to the Future Marathon on Saturday, along with this big feast of a barbecue.  We watched Back to the Future 1, then grilled, then watched Number 2.  We had a blast watching it together, since the kids had never really seen them.  We were amazed at the futuristic items that are a part of our day today!  However, the girls were really glad that we don't dress like  they predicted we would in 2015.  (I thought that there were a bit of similarity because who'd have ever imagined that we would wear striped and plaids and polka-dots together!)  It was a fun activity for the day, to just chill at home together, since we'd been playing so hard the first two days of the break!

We took a break from the movies, however, for Doug and I to go to the wedding reception of our good friends, Jamie and Ryan's daughter, Rachel.  Rachel is also the niece of Carol and the granddaughter of Trace (Bishop Skeen, YSA) and my friend, Mary Ann.  So, attending this wedding was total fun to visit with all of our favorite people!  The reception was held at the Old Rock Church in Providence, where Carol's mother attended church as a little girl, but today, it's a fabulous reception center!   Everything was absolutely beautiful and it definitely is no secret that those "Skeen Girls" have the gift when it comes to decorating and making things exquisite!

My favorite thing about this wedding however was the fact that Rachel was wearing the wedding dress that belonged to her great-grandmother Mary (Carol's mom that we play cards with).  Mary had worn the dress, Mary Ann had worn it, Jamie had worn it and now Rachel.  They had a display of the four brides in the dress... 1947 to today.  Wonderful!

I'd love to share lots of pix of the wedding, but they aren't mine to share!  I did want to share this one of  the bride and groom... I don't think that Jamie would mind!  A beautiful couple indeed!

Doug and I stayed at the reception for about an hour.  The dancing had just begun when we slipped out and back home to the kids for our last movie, Back the the Future 3.  We loved telling the kids how we'd gone to see it on Opening Night at the old theater in Logan and how the crowd cheered when it began.  That seems so long ago!

As the movie was ending, Carol came over, after she'd helped with the reception clean up, for a soak in the hottub with Doug and I.  The kids were so excited for Saturday that they went straight to bed when the movie ended.

On Saturday morning, the kids were up and out the door to the Fear Factory in Salt Lake with Layne and Julie and fam.  Their day was full!  They went to Julie's mom's first to help clean up her garden for the end of season.  They called that a short service project because of the weather, but then had a lasagna dinner (which ZJ said was second to mine and asked why no one else can make it as well as I do. My response, "Because I'm your mom.  Everyone's mom makes the best lasagna to them.  True stuff.)

As the afternoon went on, they went to the Gateway Mall and got on a Ghost Bus to ride out to the Fear Factory.  This was, absolutely, one of those experiences that they will remember when they are 80 years old!  This old abandoned factory is one of the largest spook alley type event in the state.  Layne and Julie had bought VIP passes for them, so there was no waiting in line and they were given "the full experience", which ended with stepping off a four story building, tethered to a cable.   All three of our kids did it and they are still talking about it!

Quayd said that he wasn't frightened to step off the edge.  Grace figured that it had to be safe since everyone else was doing it, but she thinks she may have fainted while going down for a split second.   ZJ loved it, but screamed the most through the entire evening, which only brought her to the attention of more ghouls that stalked her.  They loved it!  It was 1:15 before they got home.

Speaking of getting home, I was texting with Julie, so that we knew that it would be late when they got in.  We went to bed and I was going to entertain myself on Pinterest until they pulled in.  Apparently, that didn't last long... At 4:30, I woke up, leaped up and said, "The kids!!!"  I looked across the street and saw that Layne and Julie were home, so I went downstairs to make sure everyone was safe and sound in bed.  By then, Doug and I were both wide awake and it was 6:30 before we could fall back to sleep.  When they woke up, we had a little visit about waking us up, no matter how late, no matter what.  They were trying to be thoughtful, but they got it.  We were so glad that they had such a wonderful day and end to Spring Break!  Layne and Julie really are AMAZING friends!!!  Our kids can't get enough of them!!  They truly feel like family!

Sunday was filled with church meetings, fireside, Ward Prayer, hot tubbing and lasagna.  (I didn't know that Julie's mom was making it!)  The kids, especially Quayd, loved every minute of the Fall Break!  Now, it's been a busy week, back to normal life.  I love having everyone home!  It's the best!  Next break is Christmas break!  Can. Not. Wait!  Life is good!

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