Friday, October 30, 2015

there's no place like home

On Thursday morning, I woke up and began packing to come home.  Aylabelle woke up and came into my room and immediately got this concerned look.  I said, "Grammie's going to go home today.  I am going home to see Grampie and Auntie Zee.  She got the poutiest face and said, "Ooooh, nooooo."  It was as cute as could be but made my heart just break!

We spent the morning with Liza packing up some of the baby clothes that Aylabelle has outgrown and other baby things.  She'd asked me, before I went down, if we could store some of Aylabelle's things in our home, so that she had room in her closets.  I remember the bother of storing so many baby things... you can't get rid of them because you may need them again, but keeping them is a pain!  I told her that we'd happily help, since we already have so much still "stored" in our garage until Doug builds whatever it is that he needs to build to store all of our camp stuff.  She packed box after box and we were both stunned at the amount of things we loaded into the Subaru!  Seven boxes and three storage bins!!!  Plus, I'd taken my Cricut and all of the crafting things.  That car was packed!  So much that we put my luggage, cooler, computer bag and purse in the front seat!  We laughed at how packed it was!

While I was packing, before breakfast, Aylabelle enjoyed playing in my things.  I'd brought my gypsy costume because Liza wasn't sure if we'd be dressing up for the Trunk or Treat.   Aylabelle and I had fun entertaining Liza with my scarves.  She's such a ham.

Once it was packed, we played games and enjoyed our last hours together.  We made what I call 3:00 specials because the first time I made them was while having a friend sleepover, and we got the munchies at 3AM.  I was 15. The rest of the world calls them "no bake cookies".  Love them!   Aylabelle helped, as always.

Dale's friend, Erica, had made this cute little hoodie dress for Aylabelle's birthday.  She looks adorable in it and just loved it.  I took several pictures of her in it and each time I'd snap the picture, she'd say, "Let me see!" then "Ooh, it's good!" or "Cute".  She's so funny!

We had leftovers for lunch since we couldn't fit into the car to go anyplace.  Aylabelle put the ziti pasta on her fingers like rings and kept us all entertained during lunch.

 I didn't want lunch to end because naptime was coming and my leaving would follow. I told Aylabelle that when she woke from her nap, Grammie would be gone.  ouch.  After she was down, Liza and I spent a few more hours playing alone and I didn't leave until 3:30.

I'd also been watching the weather all day long, hoping that the rain would be behind me.  Sadly, it was behind me, in front of me, on me, under me, around me, the entire trip!   I'd also been watching out Liza's front window for the FED EX truck to arrive.  I really didn't want to leave until it came because I'd ordered two surprises for my girls.  Sadly, I waited until the rain began and the package had not arrived.  We said our goodbyes and I didn't cry, however, because, like we said, we are close enough now that I can be there in a half a day anytime!

I hit Sonic and was on the road and the rain began while I was gassing up in Cedar City.  Cold wind and rain!  The drive is five and a half hours to Logan from Liza's door.  My plan was to meet Marilyn in four hours.  It was four very un-fun hours! The rain, was constant and steady, with the tops of each summit being the worst.  I was surprised not to see snow on the roads, but the roads were slippery and slick and it was no fun!  At one point, I called Doug and asked the family to gather and say a prayer for my safety.  A few minutes later, I had 45 minutes of the best part of the drive!  Prayers answered!

The highlight of my drive, however, was chatting with Liza after Aylabelle woke up from her nap.  Aylabelle came straight into the guest room and said, "Where's my Grammie?"  Sad face.  They went downstairs for Aylabelle's afternoon treat, then were just visiting with me when Liza said, "Wait.  There's someone here.  It's the Fed Ex truck, hold on a sec."  She thanked the guy who left her two packages and said, "Did you order something for us?"  They opened their packages and discovered the book that Liza had checked out so many times from the library for Aylabelle and I'd bought her a marble rolling pin.  I did this on Monday after making the rolls for the sister missionaries.  Liza had handed me her wooden pin and pointed out that she would love a marble one like mine.  Now, she has one.  She started crying.  It was a good way to end the day of my leaving.  I was, suddenly, glad that I'd left already when the surprises arrived.

I got to SLC at 7:45, had a bite to eat and Marilyn called to tell me that she was home just about the same time I was heading up toward her home.  We've not seen each other face to face in over two years.

It was great to catch up, to see the changes that she's made to her fabulous home, and just to feel her happy soul!  I love this woman!  She'd redone her guest room and it is so full of color and personality just like Marilyn!

check out this pillow!  It's such a wowswer!

 I hadn't even brought in my bag and we were busy making cute festive little Oreo "mummy" treats for my kids Halloween party.  We gabbed until very late and called it a night after making a plan for Friday.  I was so embarrassed that I slept until 8:30!!!  I was exhausted from the drive and apparently, my body needed the rest!  Sleeping in a quiet home is a rarity in my life!  It was divine!

Once up, we got ready and made a project for Marilyn's Young Women on my Cricut, then we headed to town for pedicures, divine pedicures plus hot rock leg massages!  The best!  I was glad that I'd shaved my legs!  ha!

After a tasty lunch at Trio near Cottonwood Canyon, we went for a fun dessert at a donut shop called something like "Beyond Glazed."  Lunch was pretty tasty.  Panini and salad and a fabulous rosemary flat bread with goat cheese and garlicky tomatoes. MMMM!!!

However... Oh my word! This donut! Marilyn insisted that I try her favorite, Maple Bacon.  Seriously, I was astonished at how delish this was! Whodathunkit?

We gabbed some more and drove through the beautiful city looking at the leaves and foilage and snow-covered mountaintops.  It was a beautiful autumn day!  I was so happy to not have to drive another day like the day before!

Time spent with Marilyn is always uplifting and inspiring.  She's happy!  I love that!  She's creative and right-brained and always coming up with wonderful ideas.  There's never a dull moment with Marilyn and her quick-wit.  It was a delightful visit!

We said our goodbyes and I was on the road by 3, with a goal of being ahead of the rush hour traffic in the city  andbeing home at 5 to make dinner. My drive home was eventless, and I didn't hit the rain until Sardine Canyon, just before Logan.  The kids all called during my drive, to see when I would be home. (I think they wanted to know how much time they had left to make sure things were in order at home.  It was perfect when I arrived.)  I walked in the door at 4:45 to lots of hugs and help, unpacking the car.  I made dinner and started laundry, we watched all of my Aylabelle videos and pix, then we watched a movie together.  Reality, being home, kicked right in.  I got into the hottub while Doug went to get Quayd.  They both joined me as soon as they got home.  Grace went to the Aggie Game with Layne and Julie and the boys, and Zeej spent most of the evening downstairs writing one of her stories.  It was great to be home, great to be in the hottub with pretty fall toes, but, mostly, great to be with my family.

   It has been such a delightful week with Liza and Aylabelle.  She's such a mini-Liza.  Liza sent me a few videos of them at the football game with Aylabelle watching the half-time show and the marching band.  She was intrigued.  I am intrigued watching Liza parent and Aylabelle grow.

I feel blessed to have a husband who understands my need to be both mom and wife at home, and mom and gram visiting Liza.   I am blessed with amazing friends in my life.  I feel blessed to have such a beautiful place to call home.  It's Halloween today.  November is here.  Next week, I have YSA Home Evening Dinner, I'm going to Bunco in a new group and I'm hosting a siblings dinner. There is much good in my world.  Life is good!

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