Thursday, October 29, 2015

St. George... Day 4

My foot hurts.  Just sayin'.  The drive was hard on it, even with cruise control.  But, Liza's stairs and being busy following a two year old makes for a long day!  And not having my hot tub to take away the aches and pains!  I do miss that.  BUT.  I'm not complaining!  I'll hurt every minute of every day to be here with my girls!

This morning, Aylabelle woke me up again, calling from her room.  I slipped in and got her while Liza slept and we climbed into my bed and watched an episode of Mickey Mouse something on my iPad/netflix.  After that, we went downstairs and I started some breakfast for us.  Liza came down and was surprised that we were up.  She'd had a rough night herself.  I love the alone time with her in the mornings!
Last night, Liza promised Aylabelle a carousel ride today.  I was more excited than she was because she's told me about it while we facetime.  When she talks about it, I always scoot up and down, up and down, on the screen like I'm on a carousel, which always gets a good laugh from her.  So, this morning, we went off to the library to return some books and then to the carousel. Liza has been reading Aylabelle's favorite book ever to her and renewed it a few times.  It needed to be returned.  (So, I ordered her a copy from Amazon and it should arrive just as I'm leaving.)

So, as soon as we got dressed and returned the books, we drove to the carousel.  It's beautiful! She wasn't quite sure about riding with me and not her mommy, at first, but she warmed right up and loved it by the end.  I was in heaven, as we said, "Up and downnnnnnn, uuuup and dooowwwwwn" over and over.  Have I mentioned that I'm nutso crazy over this child?  She is my little mini-Liza!  How could I not be!?

I told Liza to take a hundred pictures of us on the carousel and I believe she did, but this was my favorite!  I was pretty pleased with the photos because the carousel was moving faster than any I've ever ridden and I kind of expected them all to be just a blur.   The operator explained to me that since we were the only two on it, it goes pretty fast.  The more weight, the slower it goes.  Good to know.  I was holding on and balancing all I could so I could make sure Miss Aylabelle was safe and sound!

She got used to having her Grammie instead of Mommy holding her and started to love it pretty fast! I was so glad that she relaxed!

I have mentioned that my Zagg iPad keyboard/case has a mind of it's own.  When we got to Chili's for lunch, I opened the iPad to see the photos that Liza had taken.  There were LITERALLY 594 pix like this, taken between the carousel and chili's.  I'm guessing it's the sky, but can't figure out how it got that in the car without some sign of it being a car.  Shoot me now!

In the afternoon, while Aylabelle napped, we finished up with our Primary Projects and cleaned up the mess we'd made, then I took a nap too while Liza tended to some of her responsibilities.  She woke us both up, just in time to get Aylabelle dressed and into her costume for some Trunk or Treating at Dixie University, where Buddy works.  She was the cutest little chicky around and watching those little tail feathers wiggle back and forth as she walked made everyone giggle.  So cute!

Each athletic team was treating, and they were competing for best costumes as a team.  There were some fun "group" costumes.  The soccer teams were all "Sandy" and  "Danny"from Grease, with the music blasting. Very cute.  Lots of Star Wars, action heroes and Aylabelle's favorite was the princesses, who were the student body leadership.  VERY cute.

It was a perfect night for such an activity!  The weather is amazing in St. George.  I could get used to that but not the 100plus temps in the summer... no thanks!  And Liza says St. George is cold!  She's definitely an Arizona girl for life.

After the Trunk or Treat, we went to dinner at Wingnutz.  Aylabelle cracked me up, when she took her menu and started to study it like we were.  She is so grown up!  It really is funny!

Aylabelle is really into the matching games.  The little 2" cards with Disney princesses on them.  She can match all 50 and doesn't stop until they are matched and in a certain order.  It's adorable, but her favorite word is "match".  She notices everything that matches.  If you show her a picture of Liza, she will point to Liza and then the picture, "Match!"  She notices everything that there are two of.

So, as we were driving today, I said something, who knows what, and Aylabelle made the connection that I am Liza's mommy.  She said, "My Mommy.  Mommy's mommy.  Match!  Mommy match!"  Liza and I  both looked at each other and thought, "NO WAY!".  She's just turned two.  So, I asked her, "Aylabelle, who's your mommy?"  She pointed to Liza.  Liza asked, "Who's my mommy?"  She pointed to me.  We still weren't sure, but at dinner tonight, we asked her, "Where's your mommy?" and then "Where's Mommy's mommy?"  She got it again.  "Match."  Yes, we are!  My favorite moment of the day!

After dinner, we came home and let Aylabelle wind down a bit, then got her to bed.  As soon as she was down, I taught Liza and Buddy the new game that we learned last week at Carol's, called "Fruit Salad."  SO FUN!  We loved it and played until Buddy headed to bed, the Liza and I played Trim for an hour until I was exhausted and ready to call it a night too!

It was a great day!  I'm so excited that I got to see Aylabelle "Trick or Treating".  She was so shy, but loved the idea of the candy...she did get that!  I'd debated all week about staying and watching her on Halloween Night, but this was the same experience.  She doesn't know that I'll be back in Logan at home on the real night.  As much as I love being here, it is always hard to be away from home.  I miss Doug and the kids.

I told Liza today that I am so thankful that we can be so much closer now.  It's still not next door, but I see that Liza is happy in the warm weather, in a bigger city than Logan and watching Buddy as he grows in his career.  That's what matters!  I can drive to see them in a day!  That's lovely!

Life is good!

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