Thursday, October 15, 2015

quayd's fall break weekend! Day 1!

The kids came in from school, Doug came in from work and we all loaded up in the Expedition for our first adventure of Fall break (which apparently, I've referred to as "spring break" several times and Doug and the kids get a kick out of it every time.)...we went go-cart riding at Renegade Sports.  Everyone was happy to give it a whirl... no pun intended!

Doug enjoyed telling the kids the story of when he and I took my brother go-carting when Rick was about fifteen.  Rick was a wild man!  Doug realized that he could reach behind him and override the governor on the motor.  Doug passed Rick in a blink and Rick could not figure out why he wasn't able to keep up with Doug!  Doug's still laughing about that!  The kids loved hearing the story!

Love those smiles!

ZJ was taking her driving pretty serious and kept the lead most of the night!

Grace sang her way around the track!

I opted to sit out and just take pix, but I was riding with them in spirit.  And can I just mention that my buttons were not that tight until I reached behind me to hug my two guys! How EMBARRASSING!

After go-carting, we went for dinner to Black Pearl.  The whole weekend is about Quayd and he got to choose everything we were doing.  His favorite, Tiny Spicy Chicken and sushi.  And more sushi.  Selena and Mike, our friends/the owners were so thoughtful!  They came out with a surprise dessert for him and Quayd was very happy about that!  SO tasty!  He gave us all a bite but we wanted him to enjoy the rest all by himself. 

After dinner, we went to Lee's for some munchies and ingredients to get us through the whole weekend.  We had a goal to take lots of groupies the whole weekend, so here we are in front of Lee's!

After getting our munchies, which we were all too full to even think about eating, we came home and watched a movie together on Netflix.  I'm not sure how it happened, but we ended up watching "Holes", which is an oldie but goodie.  The kids love it.  I love watching them watch!  I love us!  And yes, Quayd has his contacts in.  I think it's interesting that he and Doug both always squint when they watch TV.

We were all exhausted and called it a night before eleven!  It was a pretty tame evening at home and we were so tired, we bagged hottubbing and went straight to sleep!  Day One was a huge success!!!!

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