Wednesday, October 14, 2015

getting ready for fun and a funny

Tuesday night, I pretty much ended up alone until after nine.  Doug had been to a Bishopric Training Meeting at the stake.  The kids were all gone in their own directions.  When we gathered for family prayer, after Doug had told me of this incredible "anti-pornography" training/instruction that he'd received (for helping the YSA deal with pornography issues, if they are struggling.) I thought I'd visit with the kids about it a bit before prayer.  Doug and Quayd were the last ones to come in when we gathered.

So, while waiting for them, I asked the girls, "Have you ever viewed pornography?"  ZJ said, "Eeww!  NO!"  Grace said, "I saw some kids looking at it once, and I immediately walked away, cuz I knew what that was."  Quayd was just walking into the room as I continued, "Well, that's what Dad has been doing tonight ----" And the kids ALL THREE FREAKED OUT!!! "WHAT!!??!?!?!?!!??" .,  "WHAT THE HECK!?!?!?!!??!!?" "Dad's watching porn!?!?!!?!?! NOOOOOO!!!!!!"

 I started laughing so hard!  I continued, "If you'd let me finish my thought, I was saying that's what dad has been doing tonight... he was attending a training session about pornography with all of the other YSA bishoprics because pornography is such a challenge for those who are trying it ..." and I went on to explain the damages and our concerns about it.  Doug walked in while the kids were still freaking out!  ZJ said, "Mom!  Feel my heart!" as she put my hand on her heart.  It was racing!  She was horrified at the thought of her dad watching porn!  Doug was able to tell them a little of what he'd learned and gave a little instruction and explanation of why were are so gaurded and concerned about this issue.

We are an anti-pornography family! We are very guarded. We collect all cellphones every night at 9PM.  Phones don't go in rooms behind closed doors.  We don't watch inappropriate movies.  Kids don't watch movies at other homes without permission.  They never watch anything that Doug and/or I haven't viewed first.  We are very cautious with the kids because we don't want this addiction to enter and destroy the spirit in our home.  I tease that I don't worry about Doug watching pornography because if he did, I'd have to turn on the computer for him first.  A gift that I don't have to worry about that like many women who do!   Pornography kills the Spirit, it damages the soul and the mind. It destroys marriages and relationships. SOOOO NOT good!  I'm grateful for the instruction and the words of church leaders who discourage this practice!

I have to admit, that after family prayer, I was still giggling at the kids reaction and a little relieved too, to know that the the kids take it as seriously as we do!  Their faces, oh my!  WHAT?!?!?!!?!?  Too funny!

Later in the night, Carol came over, after a few days of being in Idaho, visiting her sister, and she was bearing gifts!  She's awesome like that!  I loved both of her gifts... First, a hand painted chevron pumpkin!  A real pumpkin.  Now, Carol does not  love to craft, so that makes it even more special!  It's so cute!  I love it!

She also had a gift bag with a cute little card that made me laugh out loud!  The gift inside was this cute sign, which is a saying that I say often about my family, about our friendship, all the time!  Loved it and could not wait to hang it on the wall that I'm still working on in the den!  ALMOST done!  Lovelovelove this sign!  Love our friendship! 

I spent most of Wednesday preparing for Quayd's birthday/fall break.  The kids came home excited to see what the weekend would bring!  Quayd's decision was to not go to St. George and to stay home for some fun... a long list of fun!  And it began as soon as they all walked in the door!

Friend, Jamie's daughter is getting married Friday!  Jamie had asked me, a few weeks ago, if I could make a sign for their cards at the reception.  I was excited for the challenge!  Here's what she asked me to make, "Only a little better."

Here's what I created.  We delivered it today and she's very happy!  I sent Liza a text and her response was "Yeah!!! Better doesn't even begin to describe it!"  That was a sweet response!

At some point, I need to get his birthday interview done, but for now, we are busy having fun! Life is good! 

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