Wednesday, October 28, 2015

St. George with my girls... day 3

Liza and I decided that we would not worry about anything but Primary on Tuesday, and we didn't!  We worked hard at the cricut for most of the day and evening.  I was amazed at Aylabelle's co-operation!  We set up shop in the toy room on a card table and we made a huge mess!  At one point, Liza said, "It looks like there's been an explosion in here!"  Paper was everywhere.  I'd brought another tool called a Cutterbug, I think?  You roll paper through it and it texturizes the paper.  After Aylabelle saw my cricut running paper through it from both sides, I gave her the cutterbug and she rolled that handle back and forth forever.  Off an on, throughout most of the morning.  She was no bother, whatsoever, and I'd worried that we wouldn't be able to get much accomplished with a two year old.  Liza involves her in everything and she doesn't touch what she's asked not to touch.  Seriously, she blows my mind!

We worked until lunch time, then Aylabelle went down for her nap.  I thought we were going to keep working, but Liza had better plans!  We played Hand and Foot and Trim for Aylabelle's entire nap!  We've not done much card playing since she was born, so this was awesome fun! 

As soon as naptime was over, we showered and got ready, then went to my mom's for dinner.  Mom made a really nice dinner with the best potatoes I've ever eaten in a kitchen at home.  They were restaurant delicious.  I asked for details. 

Mom's delicious spuds 

Slice potatoes about 1/2 inch thick.  Cover a baking dish with olive oil and place the potatoes in the dish. Drizzle more olive oil over the potatoes and toss a bit until they are covered in the oil. Sprinkle lots of lemon pepper, garlic salt and parsley.  Cover and bake for an hour at 350.  Remove from the oven and spread shredded cheese over the top.  Cover and put back in the hot oven until the cheese melts.  HONESTLY, the best homemade potatoes I've ever had and there was nothing to them!

We had a fun visit with Mom.  I'd taken my laptop and showed her pix of our new home, of the kids and events of the year.  We talked about all sorts of things and watched Aylabelle play with a new toy that "Nana Ruby" gave her.  We stayed until almost 8PM, which was a lot longer than we anticipated.  It's a very beautiful drive out to Mom's home.  I think that she's doing great.  She misses Boyd, but not the Boyd of the last year, who was so ill and needing so much physical assistance.  She misses Boyd, her man friend, who she shared the last 18 years with.

On our way home, we stopped at McDonalds for a coke, a bag of ice and an icecream for Aylabelle. She was eating it in her carseat and said, "Gammie, more please?  I like it!"  Any guesses where we're stopping in the morning?  Not the prettiest picture, but it sure was fun!

She did not want to go to bed, however.  AT ALL.  Bedtime was not fun for her or Liza and Buddy.  I am in awe of their parenting skills.  Bedtime, is the only time that she's not just absolutely adorable and pleasant.  She doesn't want to miss out on the fun!

While they got Aylabelle to bed, I picked up where we'd left off on the cricut and got most everything that we wanted cut.  I think there may be a few pieces left to finish up, but it's not much, if any.  We'll clean up and play the rest of my visit!

Meanwhile, at home, the kids are feeling better.  Quayd called to tell me that he'd sluffed a class.  I asked why he would do that?  He said "Because I'm 18."  He's not been much of a sluffer and he's not shown a lot of "senioritis".  I asked him what he had done while he sluffed.  He said, "Worked on my assignment for Government."  Okey dokey then.  Don't tell him, but sluffing to work on another class because you are caught up in the class you are sluffing... well, that almost doesn't count.  HOWEVER.  I reminded him that our family rule is "Be in the right place at the right time doing the right thing."  He even debated that he was doing the right thing... just not at the right time.  It was quite a humorous conversation.  

Life is good!  Especially when it means time with your family!


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