Monday, February 1, 2016

super saturday... super busy, super snowy, super fun

We are living in a winter wonderland!  With about two feet of snow, it's absolutely gorgeous!  I'd love to get out and take some pictures this morning when it gets light outside, but I won't be home to do so because I have to head to town for everything I'll need tonight.

our front yard view

our driveway

our backyard is a dream

Doug texted last night from a meeting:  "Group Home Evening tommorow night?  Group D."  Umm.  Really?  I had asked on Friday evening when it was, wondering if it was the first Monday or the second this month.  There's not been a consistency from the beginning because of holidays and such.  I wrote back, "TOMORROW?!?!?  SURE!!!"

It's already been a crazy morning, leaving at 7:45 with Carol to get what I needed at Sam's Club for food and the Hobby Lobby for papergoods.  We did squeeze in Angies for breakfast before and of course, a Sonic stop to keep us going. ;)  I'm feeding probably 25-30 kids tonight. The tables for 28 and will have extras in case I need them.

It's still winter... very winter, in fact... so I'm making my sister-in-law's Chicken Tortilla Soup and homemade bread because my bread is always a hit.  Doug brought in the tables for me last night.  The tables are set and I can get busy and get to cooking as soon as I get this blog written.  My foot was screaming "STOP!" already, so it was a perfect time to do a little catching up.  The meal is pretty simple and I'll have my girls bake oatmeal cookies for dessert so that we can just put a plate of them on each table and call it good... no extra dishes for dessert and nothing fancy to cook.  I'm excited!  It will be a fun night!  And I'm hoping to put my foot up in the air for half an hour and catch a nap somewhere in between!

Our weekend was a happy one.  Friday night, Carol and I went to dinner and played games until very late because everyone else was going in their own direction.

Saturday morning, when we woke up, we had almost a foot of new snow and it just kept coming!  It was a spectacular storm and then it turned very cold, so everything still looks like it just stopped snowing.  We have literally over two feet of snow now!  The trees are magnificent!

Quayd had to be at work at 7, so Doug took him on his way to work.  I had to go into town to get a few things for Quayd's dance and pick him up in Smithfield.  When I say that I LOVE winter, I mean it, but I don't love driving in it, especially before the plows are finished clearing the streets.  It was pretty intense driving Saturday morning.  Doug came home from work and spent two hours snowblowing and shoveling along with most of the neighbors.  They were all out most of the afternoon!

Quayd left for the dance before our night could even begin.  As I mentioned, he didn't really know the girl that he was going with. This gal is one of Grace's friends in Bella and Grace says that everyone just loves her because she's so much fun!  Quayd agreed. He felt awkward, at first, not knowing her, but it all worked out. We've always taught our kids that we don't say no to someone who had the courage to ask for a date, for any reason...unless they don't have standards that we are comfortable with.  He had a nice time with the whole group.  He did know one of the other guys, so I think that made him more comfortable.  (On one date that was just Quayd and the girl, he didn't know the girl all that well and  he said that they didn't say five words all night long. It was one of "the worst dates ever".  He was glad for the group date concept that night too!)  They only stayed at the dance for an hour or so, after dinner at the Bluebird.  He loved the dinner, as he had salmon, which is his favorite.  I had to laugh when they exchanged their flowers, it was her cousin that worked at the florist and they were made to match exactly.  Sweet.

Even though this was a Girls Choice dance, where the girls ask the boys, he still ended up spending a lot of money.  Quayd is saving for his mission.  We talked about prom afterward and I think that Quayd's going to pass on that.  If he had a serious girlfriend or something that he had dated a lot, that would be one thing, but he just doesn't want to go to pick a random girl to go to prom.  As much as he's enjoyed going to the girls choice dances, he has never really been excited about asking a girl to go to one.  He's a lot like his dad that way. We'll see how that goes.

Zeej decided that she wanted to have a little party herself, this weekend, so she spent Saturday texting everyone back and forth to make a plan.  A half dozen kids from the ward came over at about 6:30 and they stayed until almost 11.  They played on the Wii, laughed and gabbed a lot, made pina coladas (compliments of one of the boys who even brought his own ice and blender) and then hot tubbed for about two hours.  We were in our bedroom watching "The Intern".   It was after 9:00 when they got into the hottub.  I kept hearing screaming and thought, "What in the heck are they doing out there?!?!"  I went to the back door and watched them getting out of the hottub, running into the back yard, rolling around in the snow and then jumping back into the hot tub.  The Corbridge Polar Club.  Help me!  They had a ball and ZJ wants to do it again this weekend.  Um, not something we'll do every weekend, but I'm sure it will happen again.  They loved it.  Why didn't I take pictures?!!?  I was too much in shock that they were doing it all!

When we bought our home eleven months ago, Doug said that he did not want a tv in our bedroom.  He HATES TV in bedrooms.  But, we had an extra TV from my old gallery and I didn't want to get rid of it.  So, I put it inside the armoire in our room and we've never even plugged it in.  Saturday night was a perfect time to have one in our room because we had a place to retreat for silence (or semi-silence) (well, it was not quite as noisy), so it was nice to have it.  I had to hook up the DVD player that goes with it, and dust it off because I honestly don't think that that cupboard has been opened since we've been here, other than for me to hide something in it once. ;)  As the kids were getting into the hottub, we decided that we were hungry, so Doug went to Arby's and grabbed us a couple of Rueben sandwiches.  So, we had a little bit of a datenight, hiding in our room.  Grace is finally getting better, so she joined the party, but she didn't go outside to hottub.  Next time!

Great Saturday!  Quayd came in from the dance at midnight sharp.  I was in bed and Doug was locking up the house when he arrived.  He told us a bit about the dance and went straight to bed because he now has what Grace has had.  And so did his date, for the past few days.  So, they had a pretty mellow night, I'm sure.

I love having a house full of teenagers and was thrilled to have their friends in and out of our home.  With the bigs, we were the "Koolaid House".  With the babes, they've never really invited a lot of kids over, but ZJ is our social one, so I feel that it's about to start happening again and I'm happy about it!  I'd much rather have a dozen kids here hanging out so that I know what's happening and who it's happening with!  And these friends are all kids from the ward.  There's not a one that I could complain about!  That's a gift!

GREAT WEEKEND!  Life is good!

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