Thursday, February 18, 2016

family matters and... we're off and running!!!

Since I got home from St. George, I've been catching up on life and laundry.  The kids are so involved at school right now that we were thrilled for a night together last night!  Liza and Buddy are in spending the week at his parents.  They came over last night for dinner.  Buddy left almost as soon as they got here to go to a USU Basketball game with his grandpa.  We had a tasty dinner of bbq pork ribs and he barely got a bite before he left, so we spend the rest of the night eating, playing Tenzi and watching Aylabelle with her new "prize" from Grampy.

When Doug and I picked up a few groceries the night that I got home, we noticed this darling little tiara that had a long Elsa hair braid and knew that she needed it!  Doug gave it to her when they came in last night and she wore it all night long.  It took her no time to start "flipping" her hair and acting like Rapunzel.  It was so cute!

My favorite thing is watching her come into the den and go straight to my candy tray.  I lifted her up to the top of the cabinet to choose.  She liked the looks of the Reeses most, but she seems to have an allegic reaction to peanuts of any kind and she knows it.  Her word for "Yucky" is peanut butter.  I was not surprised to see her choose kisses because she loves her chocolate!

This picture made me laugh!  I was gathering what we needed for the girls to set the table and turned around to see everyone doing a "family back rub".  Aylabelle thought it was pretty silly!

It's been a busy week.  Doug's worked on the van and had YSA activities and business keeping him neck deep in his world.  Quayd and Grace have had so much happening at school.  I was thrilled to have everyone home together last night all night long! 

 Family is the best!  Tonight, we're going out for dinner and then to the musical.  This week has flown by!  But, I love it!  Life is good!

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