Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Monday, Monday

Carol and I were out of the door at 7:45 to buy the groceries and get everything I needed for the YSA dinner and home by 10 with me setting tables and cooking.  I made a tasty dinner and set the tables for 28.  We had EIGHT come!  This was the smallest group of all four and we knew it would be a smaller crowd, but I won't be caught off gaurd. I'd rather have tables set for nothing and take them down than not have enough... same with food!  Meaning, we had plenty of leftovers!  But, I actually liked the intimacy of a smaller group.  That was very sweet.

Doug gave a sweet message to the group before dinner.  He always does.  I love that man!  The kids do too.  They always tell me how awesome Brother Corbridge is and I just kind of beam with pride that I get to live with him.  He really is a good man and the kids love that he's such a good listener.  He asks them about themselves all the time and really listens to their answers. That makes for a good leader.  Following his message, we came into the den and enjoyed the dinner and lots of talk.  The girls were home and always get asked lots of questions about their lives.  It was a fun evening.

 Following dinner, we played the Stand Up game.  A few kids left, leaving five and we all started talking about games.  One of the boys asked if I played Farkle.  I told him that we love Farkle and had discovered a new game called Tenzi.  Next thing we knew, we were all gathered around the table playing until 10PM.  They loved it!

I was in bed and asleep before anyone last night!  It was a busy day following a sleepless night!

Tuesday, Carol and I went to Sonic for an early morning Coke and I came back home to make lunch for Alan and Jill and their boys.  We had plenty of soup leftover and that's something that I've sort of made a habit of... feeding them leftovers for lunch.  ha!  It's a great chance to visit with them!  We enjoyed an hour visit before they went back to work and it was only minutes later that the kids came in from school.

I got outside in the afternoon and took a few pix of our home, which is buried under two feet of snow!  It's now frozen solid because it was minus three degrees yesterday morning!  That means that the snow is frozen and it will continue to be beautiful until it warms up a bit.

Alan, always being creative, decided to redecorate with our icicles.  He broke them off ever so gently, then planted them into the snow, so we have a little icicle city at our front door.  One of ZJ's friends came over and said that it was "creepy".  I think it's pretty cool.  Only Alan! 

Denise and I have been trying to get together for two weeks, so Doug and I rearranged our plans so that she and I could go out for dinner together.  We spent an hour catching up on each other's lives and I came home to an empty house.  Doug was doing his YSA thing, Zeej was at the church and Quayd and Grace were at school for an activity.  Tuesdays are always our busy nights.

My plans for today are to go no place and do nothing...  Absolutely nothing outside of them home.  I've got paperwork to catch up on, and want to do some organizing.  Things are still pretty organized from the move but there are a few places that things were just put away without taking time to organize because we were too busy painting and such.  So, I'd like to do a little of that! 

This morning, ZJ came upstairs and she was on one, being as silly as she could.  This girl...her personality!  No inhibitions!  She is hysterical.  She can do impersonsonations of anyone...and she does!  All the time!  This morning, she had me rolling!  I love this girl!  She is so fun-loving.  I honestly don't know how she gets her confidence.  My camera was sitting next to me, so I picked it up and followed her around for a few minutes.  She's a hoot and a beaut! 

So shy!

 It's hard to believe she's almost fifteen!

Kendall, Lasse and ZJ... with them, she's just one of the guys.

I'm alone.  The kids are off.  The house is empty.  Time to get busy!  Life is good!  And so are days that you don't have to go anyplace at all!

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