Saturday, February 13, 2016

better than good!

As soon as Aylabelle woke up, she knocked on my door saying, "Grammie!  Wake up!"  I'd been awake for over an hour and showered even.  I was still in a robe on my bed, reading.  She said, "Get dressed, Grammie!"  I asked her if she wanted to help me get dressed.  She handed me my pants, "Here's your pants." and my socks, "Here's your socks!", then a shirt, "Here's your shirt." and then, she picked up my bra, "Here's your boobs."  It was all I could do to keep from cackling out loud.

We came down for breakfast and planned out our day.  Mom was already texting, "Call me."  She loves that I'm coming down more often and she lives for the days that we get to do something together.  Mom came and picked us up at 11 and we went to lunch at Chili's.  We had a fun visit and then went out to Mom's house for the rest of the afternoon.  The thing that blew me away the most this weekend is the fact that everyone was here wearing shorts!!!  Buddy went to work like this!  He's the coordinator of internal operations for the University.

We have this thing in our family.  If I visit Mom or whenever I see her, if I say, "Oh, I like your shirt!", she responds, "You want it?  It's yours."  Liza and I have always been the same way.  If she ever tells me that she likes something, I give it to her.  This is to the point that Liza is careful with me and I am careful with Mom that we don't always say we like things because we know what will happen.  Liza teased last visit that there was something she said, "I really like that" to, hoping I'd say, "You can have it." 

Last visit, when Carol and I were here, I was looking at Mom's "what-nots" and noticed a really cool vase up on a ledge in Mom's vaulted ceiling.  I said, "Oh, Mom!  I love that vase!"  She said, "You want it?"  I insisted that she didn't have to give me her vase, I just said that I liked it.  She mentioned it several times that night.  I went home without it and ever since then, I've thought about it and wished I had have brought it home.  So, today, while we were at Chili's, I said, "Mom!  I want something from you!  Remember that vase?"  She said, "We'll get it when we get home."  When we got to the house, I went straight to the bathroom and when I came out, she'd already brought the ladder in to get it for me.  I can't wait to get it home!

Then, Mom said, "Do you guys want to look in my closet?" My mother is a shopper.  She loves clothes and shoes and purses more than anyone I have ever known.  She has three closets of clothes, clothes that she doesn't even remember wearing or buying.  I had mentioned to her that I had a brown skirt and I can't find a top to go with and she told us to follow her to her walk-in closet.  For the next two hours, Liza and I had fun trying on clothes and laughing with Mom while Aylabelle tried on Nana Ruby's many shoes.  (She loves shoes!)  When we left, we both had several new things to call our own.

One funny... as we were winding down, I noticed a top that we'd not seen, "Ohh! Liza, look at this one!"  I started trying it on and said, "What do you think, Lize?"  She was checking it out, sort of nodding her head like "I don't think so" as she started taking off the shirt that she had on to try it on herself.  We both started laughing so hard!  And yes, it looked much better on her!

After Nana's, we drove home, with a stop at McD's for a coke and an ice cream for Aylabelle before her nap.  The minute she woke up, we went to Michael's to get some Washi Tape so that I could make a little wand for Aylabelle.  I'd dressed her in the morning and she wanted to wear a dress.  She walked around all day long, every step, holding her dress out like she was a princess.  She is so into the Disney Princesses.  While Liza was getting dressed, she told me that Liza was her fairy godmother.  I had to take a picture of her walking out of Michaels with the little dress out.  A quick stop in Target for a treat for Aylabelle and we headed to dinner at Even Stephen's for the best sandwich ever!  (We found out that they are opening the Logan store next month!) 

When we got home, I gave Aylabelle another little surprise, the Cinderella doll.  She was so excited.  Her sweet little voice makes me happier than words can describe!  As Liza was removing the doll from the box, Aylabelle got close to the doll and said, "Hello, Cinderella.  I'm Aylabelle Joy.  Can I have you?"  Both Liza and I said, "Aawwwww."  She really is a sweetheart.  She and Liza had the two dolls dancing and talking and sharing shoes and clothes.  I'm not sure who I enjoy watching more, Aylabelle or Liza be her mommy.

 While Liza put Aylabelle down, I made the little wand and Liza modgepodged it while we watched the Intern when Buddy came home at 11.

Buddy's working a lot of hours and running several events all week, so it was good to have a few minutes with him.  I told him that I think he should take some time off when his mother-in-law comes to visit.  He said, "That's the reason you are here... because I am working so much.

A great day together with my girls!  life is good!

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