Thursday, February 11, 2016

loving life!

A little catch up entry... Doug and I had an appointment in SLC on Wednesday, so he took the day off and we drove down in the fog, leaving at 7 and getting home at 7 PM. It was a long and busy day.  The fog was insane all day long!  Crazy!  We stopped to celebrate an early Valentine's Day dinner at Red Lobster on our way home.   We walked in the door and I was in the hottub before Doug had EVEN finished bringing things in from the car.  My foot was screaming! ZJ had her friend, Lydia over and they appreciated the few biscuits we'd brought home from Red Lobster.  Quayd and Grace were at school until 10:30 last night for activities.

On Thursday morning, I began packing for my little road trip to visit Liza!  I had a nice visit with friend Susan from Ohio while packing and then a short facetime with Liza and Aylabelle.  She was so cute!  "Grammie, you're coming to my house today!?  You're going to eat breakfast with me?"  I showed her my packed luggage and she said, "OHHHHHH!  Chocolates!"  She knows her Grammie well and she knows to plan on Grammie bringing her treats and prizes!

The kids had eye appointments that had been scheduled since early December.  I was grateful that Katie had said that she wasn't leaving until later in the afternoon.  I was able to get the kids to their appointment, come home and finish up a few things then Denise took me to the airport shuttle pick up on USU campus, just a few blocks from home, so that I wouldn't have to drive to SLC.  It was a busy morning, but, I was to the shuttle with fifteen minutes to spare.

The shuttle drive was not my favorite. My gosh, the driver was all over the road and at one point, I would have sworn he had his phone in his hands.  He was changing the radio and he had on headphones, which seemed strange to me.  But, we arrived safely and I could ride with my foot up on the seat, so I was happy for that.  I arrived at the airport and Katie picked me up about fifteen minutes later.  We were just ahead of the rush hour traffic and had only one mile or two stretch that was slowed down.

The plan was to hit a Sonic but we never did see one off the freeway, so we stopped for McDonald's cokes and drove to Beaver before stopping for Subway sandwiches.  Katie's daughter, Savannah, was in the backseat and listened to us gab non-stop while she played on her phone. Katie and I never run out of things to talk about! Savannah is a stunningly beautiful almost fourteen year old, who is as smart as she is pretty.  I enjoyed watching Katie interact with her, as I met Katie when she was just out of high school, herself!

We made it safely to Liza's at about 8:35.  Liza had been texting and asking where we were throughout the afternoon and evening and when we pulled up, she and Aylabelle were standing at their open front door waiting.  Aylabelle came running out the car, carrying a Diet Coke for me, "Grammie's here!  I have a present!"  Katie and Savannah came in for just a moment before they headed south to Mesquite, where they'll be all weekend for Savannah's soccer tournament.

Aylabelle saw my luggage and said, "Chocolates!"  As soon as Katie and Savannah said goodbye, we opened my luggage for Aylabelle's first prize, "Belle", a disney princess doll. She played with her for probably half an hour before we said prayers and goodnight.  It was a short visit and I was thankful that Liza had kept her up until I arrived.  Although, Liza admitted, she would have never gone to sleep, knowing that I was here.

While Liza put Aylabelle down, I got ready for bed myself.  It's been such a long week and I was exhausted.  Buddy came in from DSU events and, after a few minute visit, we were all ready to call it a night.  One picture.  Long day.  Happy night!  Life is good!  I'm with my girls!

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