Saturday, January 30, 2016

a beauty, a beast, a blessing and a favor

  Friday was a bit of a blur.  Our sweet friend, Doug, hit the road, headed back to Indiana.  We loved our time with him!  I had a few things to catch up on and the rest of the day... where did it go?!  Only a few things will stand out about this day...

First, I facetimed with Liza and Aylabelle.  Liza was getting ready for a date with Buddy.  My mother was going to tend Aylabelle.  Liza put her lipstick on and Aylabelle said, "wooo-ooo-oooo!" to Liza.  Too cute.  Liza looked lovely!  Such a beauty inside and out!  My blessing, a beauty, my wonderful daughter!

  I spent the afternoon running errands, then once everyone was situated, I got into the hot tub for an hour soak all by my lonesome.  Perfection!  It was raining before the storm that was supposed to begin in the middle of the night.  I came inside and got ready for Carol to pick me up.  After everyone was busy doing their own thing,we went out for dinner.  Oh my.  A beast!

We went to Buffalo Wild Wings and had quite the adventure.  We arrived just before 7.  There were several tables available and we were seated immediately.  And from the moment we were seated, the experience went south.  Fast.   Our server came over and took our drink order...two diet cokes with lots of ice and lime and "keep em comin'."  He returned with two glasses of Diet Coke with about an inch or two of ice in each cup. The "Sauce guy" came to tell us about the new curry flavored sauce and asked us if we would like to try a sample of it, like they always do.  We said, "Sure".  We never saw him again. I'm wondering if he was in bed last night and went, "Those to diet coke drinking ladies?!  I FORGOT!"  Our server returned and we ordered our meals... Carol got a BBQ chicken salad.  I ordered the "Naked Tenders".  We sat for twenty minutes, visiting, commenting about how long it was taking, but we were in no hurry, so we just visited, looking for refills on our Cokes, but still patient.  

Finally, our food came.  The person, not our server, brought out a big Bacon-wrapped cheeseburger for Carol. She told them that she'd ordered a salad.  They said they'd be right back with her order.  My chicken was delivered and it was only half cooked... still warm with that "slick" uncooked chicked texture.  But, I didn't taste mine until the person who brought it out was gone, so I would have to wait until our server returned, hopefully, with drinks to check on us.  He never came.

Another ten minutes went by and the manager came over to say that he was sorry about Carol's salad.  We pointed out that my chicken was barely warm and not cooked. He said he'd bring out another one with Carol's salad.  I asked, "Could we get some refills on our Diet Coke, as well?"  "Absolutely!  Right now!"  He left.  

Twenty minutes later, still no food and no drinks, I got up to get my own.  I walked to the little cubby and there were two servers preparing drinks for their guests.  I asked if I could get one too.  The cute girl said, "You should have said something to someone." I said, "I did!  I told the manager, but he must have forgotten us."

Ten more minutes went by.  The manager returned, never mentioning our drinks and explained that they had a party of twenty and it had thrown the kitchen behind. (Um, the twenty were there when we arrived and they were done eating by now, so not a really good reason.  And when the wrong order is delivered, you push that order to the front if the other guest in that party are eating...not that I was.)  He was very apologetic and said, "Dinner will be on us tonight, you won't have to pay for a thing." He also said ours was coming right out.  He left.  We sat there for almost fifteen more minutes and never saw the manager again, never saw our food, our server, a coke, nada.   

After that long, we started looking for the manager to tell him that we were done waiting, thanks but no thanks. We couldn't even find him to tell him.  So, we just got up and left.  As we were walking out, the hostess said goodnight and we told her that we were leaving after an hour and ten minutes and no food.  She apologized and Carol said, "It's okay, the manager offered us free meals, but he doesn't seem to want to deliver them to us."  We walked out hungry and rolling our eyes.  We don't get mad.  It gives us something to laugh about, but seriously?   That one will go down in history as one of our worst dining experiences in Logan in a lonnnnnnnnnnnng time.  They were not that busy and if a twenty throws them off that bad, then they need to do some serious training.  Just sayin'.

We went back to Carol's and played Scattergories, Backgammon and Tenzi until 11:30 when we realized that we were hungry.  It was too late to eat, so I came home and went to bed.  Doug and the kids were all sleeping already and the snow was beginning to fall.  It was a pretty spectacular sight to see this morning, with over a foot of fresh snow and it's still falling in the afternoon!  A blessing to us all... every flake of snow!

I need a favor.  I'm in search of an old scale like this.  It can be yellow or cream or rusty, just not blue.  It does not have to work accurately, it is decor.  I have found only one here in the valley and it was $38.  Too much for my budget.  I know that back east, they are a dime a dozen in antique stores.  If you happen to be in an old thrift or antique store and see one, and would be willing to make a run to the post office with it, please let me know.  I'll happily pay for it, but I'd like to get it for at least half that, if possible.  Thanks!

Life is good... even with bad service in a normally pretty good restaurant. 

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