Monday, February 29, 2016

fun stuff

Friday afternoon, Doug called and said that he wanted to take me on a date night.  Five minutes later, Wendy called to ask if we could celebrate Stott's birthday together with the Durrants by going to dinner and coming here for games afterward.  When Doug called back a bit later, he said, "Absolutely!", so our date night ended up being group date night.  We went to Black Pearl for dinner then came back home for Tenzi and Fruit Salad.  We had a great time gabbing and then enjoying some peanutbutter chocolate cake, which the girls made while we were gone.  It's always good when we get together.

Saturday, Carol called to invite me to lunch to celebrate Madi's birthday.  We went to Olive Garden and while there, made a plan for getting together later in the evening for games at Carol's to continue the celebration.  Doug opted out on the games at Carol's but was glad to have some time alone at home.  Alone... with three teens.  ha!  They all ended up watching LOST until bedtime together.  In the meantime, Mary Ann joined us at Carol's for Fruit Salad and Rook.  We decided to try a Reverse Fruit Salad after Rook and we were all just about crazy by the time we were done.  Three similar games with completely opposite rules for all of them.  Help!  But it was fun!

Earlier on Saturday afternoon, while at lunch, my bishop called me and asked if he could come by and visit.  He met me at home and spent 45 minutes chatting with me, asking me several questions about my schedule, how busy I am with the YSA and the kids and Doug's calling, talking about my foot issues, you name it.  It was an interesting visit but when he left, I was still scratching my head.  Doug hadn't come home from work yet, so as he left, I asked, "Did you need to visit with Doug too?"  He said, "No, I think I got what I needed from our visit."  Okey dokey then.  I LOVE this bishop!  He's awesome, however, he left me scratching me head and wondering what that was all about!?  I'm clueless.  We really never talked about anything specific.  Hmmmm. I know that he wants me in our home ward as much as possibly and he realizes how the YSA keeps me busy too. I keep telling everyone, I love serving and will do so wherever I am long as it's not something athletic!  LOL

Sunday was crazy! The morning was a fiasco!  Oh my!  When the Bishop left, he said that he had stake meetings.  He raced out the door to his meeting and I mentioned it to Doug when he came in.  I asked, "Is it Stake Conference?"  We looked on the calendar and it did not say anything about Stake Conference.  Doug left for his YSA morning meetings.  The girls and I got ready.  Quayd woke up really hurting, more than he had since the initial day of his wisdom teeth removal.

I was nervous about leaving him alone because he actually took medication, which he's not done much of.  But, I got ready to go to Doug's ward.  The girls got ready for our ward.  They walked to our church and Grace called, "Um, Mom, our church is vacant?"  We called Julie and Layne.  Yep, Stake Conference at the Logan Tabernacle.  They came back home and I was walking out the door to go to Doug's ward.  The car wouldn't start. Wouldn't turn over. Nada.  I came in, said, "I don't think we are supposed to be at church today.  I got dressed and started dinner.  Since we didn't go to church, we read the Book of Mormon and discussed it for an hour together, which was really a good experience.  Craziness, though!

After dinner, the kids asked if they could have a few friends over for hottubbing.  We told them three friends.  I actually encouraged Quayd to get outside for a bit. So, for an hour, there was much laughter and loud splashing of water.  They had a great time visiting with Lasse, Kendall and Eric.  For the record, they are all just friends, so we were fine with this.  However, later in the night, after everyone had gone home, Grace came upstairs and said, "Eric just asked me on a date!"  So, I have to laugh at this picture.  She will now have dated all three friends that are in this hot tub picture.  They are all more like brothers and sisters, the way that they tease.  Again, I'm dying at the thought of Lasse going back to Germany this summer!

ZJ has been teasing me about doing the "Dab" constantly.  I took a few pix and as I was turning to go back inside, they said, "Wait!  Take a picture of us doing the dab!"  I turned back and said, "I can do the dab."  Zeej said, "No, Mom!  Don't do it!!!" I did it.  I did it right.  They were all so impressed and Zeej said, "Mom!  When did you learn to do it right!?"  I said, "I've got moves, girlfriend!"  She rolled her eyes like the typical soon to be fifteen year old teenage daughter and demonstrated my "hula" version of the Dab.  Hey, I'm not that old!

 It was a good weekend.  Not much in the way of productive but bigtime in the way of fun! Oh, I guess that I should mention that it's Leap Day.  Life is good!

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