Monday, February 22, 2016


a quick weekend update...

Saturday evening, while the kids finished their last performance of Music Man, we had a little game night/party with Alan and Jill and most of their kids.  We opted to keep it simple and ordered the gigantuous pizza from Firehouse, Jill made a relish tray, and I made strawberry shortcake and caramel corn.  We were more than full after eating!  We spend the evening gabbing, playing Tenzi and "That's It!". 

Here's the men bringing home the pizza.  It has to be turned sideways to fit in the door.

Everyone was laughing at how big it is when it covered almost half of our table.

Zeej and Lydia had helped me get things ready before everyone arrived.  They'd worked up an appetite!  It's so fun to have Lydia around the house.  We just adore her!  She also happens to be Doug's brother Danny's niece, so she's "fam", as they remind me often.  We don't do sleepovers but Lydia, being fam, may be an exclusion for that reason.  She's too much fun!

It really was a fun night together...pretty tame with good food, lots of laughs and just a good time.   We love every chance we have to be together with Alan and Jill and their family!

Sunday was seriously the most calm Sabbath we have had in a long time.  We opted to go to Doug's ward.  He's conducting this month and all four of us went to his Sacrament Meeting.  Quayd stayed for the entire block and I bounced back and forth so that I could get the girls back here for their YW responsibilities.  There were two young men who spoke and a musical number that had me in tears.  I say it often, but I am constantly in awe of these wonderful college age friends of ours!  Their talents and testimonies just blow my mind!

The girls came home with sad news that their YW President will be moving soon, so they will be getting new leadership.  That is always hard on teenage girls.  It will be interesting to see what happens there.  Lydia came in with the girls, all three talking a mile a minute about what is going to happen.  Grace said, "Mom!  You have got to call the bishop and tell him that you should be our next YW President!"  I laughed and said, "Oh, you have to know that this is not how things work!  You don't ask for a calling!" (And especailly to be a president!  WHO ever would ask for that is clueless as to what it entails!  Noooooo thank you!)  I then explained that my calling these days is to support their dad in his calling!  And I'm loving every minute of that, thank you!

Doug made us all laugh so hard yesterday while he was conducting.  He welcomed everyone and got to the ward business, reading aloud three new callings to be sustained.  However, after the first two, the stake president, who was visiting, pointed out that Doug had not asked, "Any opposed?" after each sustaining.  Doug corrected himself by raising his right hand and saying "Any opposed?"   He then looked at his right hand, in the air, as if he were opposing, and put his hand down quickly, like, "How'd that get up there?!"  Everyone laughed.  Then, he read the last person's name and after the sustaining vote, he asked, "Any opposed will be taken out back!" Again, everyone laughed.  He's so serious and nervous about conducting.  This was really a huge step because it showed that he is relaxing a bit and enjoying even the conducting now.  He loves everything about this calling but being front and center!  We joke that when we first met, Doug was so shy that he was afraid to talk to himself.  Not any more!!!  I am loving watching him as he grows in this calling!  It may be over in a blink, but it will be one that we will cherish forever!

After church, we sat down to "mustgoes" for dinner.  We cleaned out the fridge of anything that needed to be eaten...eeverything "must go"!  A strange Sunday dinner, but we needed more room in the fridge before I cooked another bite.  Doug came in from church and I did make him some grilled potatoes, peppers and onions out of some left over baked potatoes.  He ate while we all watched "The 33" together.  Quayd made me crazy mentioning "the Bolivian" everytime he appeared on screen.  Finally, I told him that he was going to have to pay me a dollar everytime he said, "The Bolivian" for the rest of the movie.  He loves to tease me when we are watching a show by picking out one thing to obsess over and then ask me lame questions about whatever it is, interrupting the show repeatedly.  He is such a tease!  By the way, he owes me $11. (wink-wink!)

This week is going to be very interesting.  In preparation for Quayd's mission, he needs to have his wisdom teeth removed.  They do this before their mission so that they don't end up needing it done while they are in some third world country.  So, Quayd will be having oral surgery, removing all four impacted wisdom teeth.  I don't think that he's realized exactly what this will entail, as he's really excited that he'll be under anesthetic and that I may end up taking a very funny video of him coming out of it.  We're gearing up for a long week!  

Life is good! 

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