Saturday, February 6, 2016

work, a meeting, a brunch, a women's conference, a day date, a dance, a late night dessert and super bowl prep! all in a day! yikes!

Life is so busy and so good!  I remember when the babes were younger and it was really hard to squeeze in time to blog, but I managed to do it every single day.  Then I cut back to weekdays and Sundays.  Then weekdays and sometimes Sunday.  Today, life is so busy that I'm doing good to do five days a week.  I never dreamed that I could be any busier than with three young kids at home and three bigs on their own.  But, today, with three teens, it's insane!  And I love it!

So far, it's been a wonderful weekend!  Friday, I spent the morning running errands, picking up some of my Super Bowl food before the crowds for the basics, then Kara and I had a spontaneous lunch date.  I love it when that happens!  We were both free in five minutes and met at El Toro for a fabulous 90 minute visit before she went back to work and I headed to a Relief Society planning meeting.  How I love my time with Kara... every time!  I'm serving on the committee for our home ward, although I don't get to attend very often.  What a blessing to have a little bit of a connection with some of the ward sisters still!  We finished in time for me to run to Taipan and pick up a pitcher for my cotton, which I have been looking for since fall.  I was thrilled to find this one!  It's perfect for the living room!

Doug came home from work and we have been trying to find some time alone for a little date.  Between kids and church and and and... it's been three weeks since we've had a real date.  And when we were deciding what to do, we both acknowledged that ZJ has been home every night this week while Quayd and Grace have been on the run all week.  So, we invited her to join us for our date.  We ended up going to see "The Finest Hour", a true story from 1951.  Very impressive show and incredible story!  After the movie, we all voted and ended up having dinner at the Crepery, then went to Sam's Club for a few things before heading to Smithfield to get Quayd and Grace.  A fun night!

We came home and were all in bed before ten oclock!  Literally!  Grace is still coughing and she's worn out by nighttime. We're all running in so many directions that no one minds going to bed early!

Our Saturday was the busiest day of the week so far!  Doug went to work at 6:45.  I took Grace to her Employee Meeting at 8:45 and Doug picked her up at 10:25, on his way home from work.  He only worked part of the day because we were supposed to help with the meal for 280 YSA girls at the Stake Women's Conference. Doug and Grace pulled into the driveway just as her friends were arriving for the day date of the Girl's Choice Dance.  They were literally in the driveway before Grace was out of the van.  She raced downstairs, put her face on and was dressed and out the door in ten minutes for their brunch date and then ice skating. I never noticed how tall Lasse is!

Following Brunch at Kazlee's house, they played table games then went off to ice skate.

The minute that Doug changed and I'd taken a few pictures of Lasse and Grace, we were out the door and at the Stake Center to get busy helping.  The tables were set by the YSA girls and the cultural hall was lovely!  LOVELY!  Doug and the men helpers raced off to pick up the food that was catered.  We mixed the salad, put the food out to be served, filled glasses with ice water, cut the tops off the bread bowls for the soup, busy work.  We were able to listen over the speaker to Curtis Jacobs talk and then the keynote speaker.  The messages were wonderful!  The meal was so tasty!  Doug and I left the stake center shortly after the meal was served because there was a YSA ward in charge of clean-up and they were being fed before they cleaned!   Sweet!

Doug and I were home and taking a nap for about twenty minutes when Grace came in from ice-skating to begin getting ready for the dance.

I realized at about 4:00 that I had not yet hemmed her dress!  So, I took thirty minutes to do that while she did her hair and make-up.  Lasse came over (he is Layne and Julie's German exchange student) for pictures.  He was so cute!  Grace came into the room all dressed and beautiful and his reaction was, "Wow! You look so beautiful!"  He must have told her five times.  It was really sweet. 

We took a ton of pictures and they had a blast while we were taking them.  Gabby, Layne and Julie's daughter came over to take pix for them because they were not home yet from an all day affair.  Gabby's fun personality always makes everything even better!  I took a ton of pix and will share more tomorrow, but this post is getting too long and they'll be back in a bit for latenight dessert, so I need to be done!  We've been cooking all evening for Super Bowl Supper and making their dessert.  What a busy and long day!  I'm ready to hit the hot tub and hit the hay!

But, I HAVE to share a few pictures of Grace and Lasse!

Here's Grace before Lasse arrived.  She's kind of cute! 

I love that she chooses to wear a modest dress!

 Cute couple!  I love this boy!  We don't want him to go back to Germany in June!

One last highlight from our day was a doorbell ringing at about 9PM.  I wondered if the kids were home from the dance early, but we were doorbell ditched and a plate of goodies was left on our doorstep from some anonymous wonderful friends from the YSA with this note on it.  Honestly, I've never met a better group of kids.  We are so so soooooooo blessed to be able to work with them and serve them in any way that we can!  We are hoping for a few visitors tomorrow during the game.  There will definitely be enough food for any surprise guests!

Life is good! So much to celebrate every day!

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