Tuesday, February 9, 2016

someone heard my prayers

Prayer:  I miss Liza and Aylabelle.  I feel overwhelmed.  Yesterday afternoon, Doug and I were in town when my friend, Katie, called to tell me that she's going south for a few days for her daughter's soccer tournament.  She wondered if I would ride with her and she could drop me off in St. George on her way then pick me back up on the way back!  It means we get some good time together for visiting and catching up and I get to spend the weekend with Liza!  I'd visited with Liza and Aylabelle earlier in the day and Liza was saying what a long week it was going to be because Buddy has so many events happening at the University.  SO!  It couldn't have been better timed.  ANNNNNND the kids are out of school this weekend and Monday, so it means no extra burden for Doug while I'm away.  He said "Go for it!!!"  I'm so excited!
Prayer answered that I didn't even ask for.  Yesterday, Carol and I had made our Sonic run and stopped at K-Mart.  Our K-Mart is closing and everything is discounted.  We went into the toy section and I happened to find the Disney Princess Barbies, Belle and Cinderella.  I'd looked for Cinderella at Christmas.  I facetimed with Liza really quick to make sure that this was the right one.  Aylabelle heard us talking and said, "I want to see!"  I showed her Barbie, but she'd heard me mention Belle, as well.  "I wanna see Belle too!"  She saw them and told me, "Grammie, I need these!"  And now, I'll be delivering them in just hours!  I was telling Doug last night that she is so cute when I arrive.  She knows that Grammie has one suitcase full of clothes and one with treats and "surprises" for her and Mommy. I love it!  I can't wait!  I had her "prizes" before I even knew that I needed them.

Prayer:  I have been feeling a need to take family history more seriously since I am the only one in my family doing it.  Last night, for Family Night, Quayd and Grace were still at school until 9PM, and Doug texted to ask if I might go with him to a Stake FHE.  ZJ and I went with Doug to the YSA Family History training night.  We didn't get much out of the actual activity, but I was able to go in and add a few dates to my own family charts at LDS.org.  I have done a ton of family history, about five years ago, on Ancestry.com, but my information on Family Search is lacking greatly.  I need to find a way to merge the info.  I told Doug last night that I'd decided to start spending some time at the Family History Library here in Logan.   It needs to be done and I enjoy it.  There's no reason not to.  This was just the shot in the arm I have been needing.

Prayer: I'm overwhelmed by the amount of work ahead of me on this project! I'm also working on putting all ten years of my blogging and pictures into files by month and saving them on CDs.  This is tedious.  Ten years, every day.  That's 3650 plus entries.  It's time.  I need to.  Printing them would be impossible and exorbitant in cost!  Typepad is a nightmare to work with when I paid and really a pain with their free version.  I was able to download the pay version for a "free trial" for two weeks and they are always willing to do what it takes to bring you back.  So, I may actually have a little extra time to get it done!

Prayer:  I need to feel more connected to the Spirit.  On Sunday, Doug conducted Sacrament Meeting.  He bore his testimony of scripture study to the YSA.  He commented on how much he loves that we are studying the Book of Mormon in the evenings and that he can participate.  In his words, "There's 38% more peace in our home."  I'm also taking the 100 day Book of Mormon challenge.  It's a lot of studying scriptures, but I do feel that there are blessings happening because of it.  I'm not reading it all. I'm listening to it, as well, on my own, because I'm on the run so much and it allows me to continue while doing things and not waste the time. This opportunity reminds me of the important things in life. I do love the Book of Mormon!  I've also decided to study one LDS talk a day, which gives me lots to ponder every day in my running!

Prayer: My dryer has not dried/worked for three days.  Tonight, Doug came home and played around with it.  He discovered that the vent hose had been smashed because the dryer had been pushed against the wall too closely and was blocking the circulation of air needed to function. Whodathunkit?  It works now!  HAPPINESS! 

Prayer:  The van is having yet another issue. I told Doug, our appliances and our vehicles always know when there is tax money heading our way.  Doug took a look at it and thinks that this one is something that he can repair without the assistance of a mechanic in a shop.  Doug calls this a "tithing blessing".

Prayer:  Everything keeps breaking!  Everything costs money!  Lots of money!  We found out that we will be getting more back in our tax return than expected. 

Prayer:  I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by all that is going on in our world right now.  I have so much on my mind.  The break will be wonderful!   Next week, will be insane, so this trip could not be more perfectly timed!  Life is good!  And so are tender mercies!

Prayer:  Help me to see the bright side of things, no matter what they are!  LIFE IS GOOD!


  1. I just listened to a family history conference. It was so awesome. ( look up roots tech 2016) I'm excited for you to do family history. Things have improved so much. It won't take you long to figure out and then ( just guessing from your talents) you will do amazing things. Get Liza on board. You will love it!

  2. You handle things so beautifully publicly that I always think you are at peace most of the time. Turns out you are like our ducks at the lake, calm on the surface but peddling like heck under the water! I also thought of this when Doug said, "home is 38% calmer". It appears to me that life in your home is always peaceful. Thank you for the reminder not to judge things only on the surface. We all have worries, we all need prayers, we all need attention paid to our studies and learn more ways to find a life that fulfills and serves. Love to you and have a great trip to see 'the girls'! gayle

  3. Oh, we had the same vent issue at the lake. Now we have a big sign..do NOT push dryer closer to the wall. I don't like things sticking out! Gayle