Wednesday, February 24, 2016

quayd apparently likes snowmen and I do NOT like rude people!

Quayd went in this morning to have all four of his wisdom teeth extracted.  I've been really nervous about this because he has to be my biggest "baby" when it comes to medical anything.  He has been his entire life.  So,  I've been concerned that he would struggle more beforehand than after.  However, he blew me away.

We went into the doctor yesterday for pre-op and he didn't act like he was concerned at all.  He hates IVs and he told me on the way home that this was the only part that he really dreaded.  He's had a bit of a cold and I worried about that on top of the tooth pain, but the doctor said that the meds will help with both. 

So, off we went, bright and early this morning to the office for the procedure/surgery.  He didn't even flinch when they put in the IV.  I told him that this was a passage to his manhood.  He was out in no time and I was out of the room instantly while the doctor got to work. 

It was only an hour before they had him coming out of the anesthetic and called me back.  He'd done great.  There were no complications.  The teeth came out easily.  All was well.  And Quayd began to entertain us.

First he asked silly questions about could he walk and what was everything in the room.  Then, the doctor came back into the room and Quayd started singing, "Let it Go!" for him.  Since he was so entertained, he started asking him to sing some more.  Quayd had us all laughing hysterically as he sang, "Once there was a Snowman." 

He was wheelchaired down to the car and again, he asked me if he could still walk.  We got into the car, gave our thanks and drove to the pharmacy.  I'm used to the pharmacy in Smithfield at Lee's where there is a drive-up window.  I debated on having the prescription sent there so that I could just do that but was concerned about changing the guaze every twenty minutes and thought that this might be quicker.  I facetimed Liza and had her "watch" Quayd while I went inside.  They said it would be ten more minutes, so I asked them to call me while I waited with him in the car.

Ten minutes goes by and they called me to come inside.  I walked up to the pick-up window at the same time another woman did.  I asked her, "I'm sorry, but my son just had oral surgery.  He's outside in the car and he's alone.  Would you mind if I go first?"  She barked back at me, "Well, I have pnuemonia!" and she stepped forward.  Okey dokey then.  The woman was well enough to fill her shopping cart with groceries and was hacking and coughing and touching everything.  I was about to freak out over her germs, but even more so about her rudeness!  Who does that?!!?!  She got her meds and walked away, still coughing on things.  The pharmacist cleaned the pens, the countertop, the machine that takes your card.  Eeewwww.  Remind me not to work at a pharmacy!

So, seventeen minutes later, I got my prescription and raced out to Quayd in the car.  She'd shopped some more and was walking out too.  I said to myself, " She's obviously not a mother or maybe she's so cranky that she has no one at all or else someone would have picked her meds up for her!" I walked quickly on past her to my car.  I was so bugged.  I offer to let people to step in line in front of me alllllll the time... if they have less than me, if they have cranky kids, if they look rushed.  Seriously!?  The rudeness! Oh well.  As Doug would say, I'm still alive.

ANYWAY, Quayd slept most of the day.  The anesthetic has worn off on the upper teeth in a few hours but the bottoms will be morning before he begins to feel that.  We've got pudding and jello and broth for him to drink for the first couple of days.  It's going to be a long weekend, but we're ready to take it easy together, watch a few movie marathons beginning with the Oceans Eleven and he wants to finish the last season of Lost. 

What a good boy!  But, sadly, I have to admit that more and more each day, he's really becoming a man, not a boy anymore.  Deep sigh.  Whodathunkit!?  I'm glad to be able to be here for him!  He's always been my healthiest child and has never had to have this kind of treatment!  I love it!

Life is good!

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