Friday, February 26, 2016

oh, happy day!

Quayd had a wonderful day yesterday.  He took only one pain pill last night before bedtime and that was after eating half a dozen breadsticks.  We celebrated our year anniversary in our home with pizza and breadsticks, the kids' choice, and Quayd didn't think Jello was cool enough for the celebration, so he tried one and then another and he ate half a dozen of them.  He wanted pizza but I said no to the spicy.  I was really worried that it was too soon, but he says that he can't even feel anything.  I even called the doctor to ask if this was okay!  Grace said, "Are you sure that he got his wisdom teeth pulled?" Yesterday afternoon, he showered, we watched a few movies, a few episodes of Lost and Survivor together.  He's doing great!  Happiness! He really has done amazingly well. Day three was the day that Grace got dry sockets.  Keeping our fingers crossed that this continues to go as well for Quayd as it has.

Speaking of Happiness!  OH MY HECK!  I am happy!  A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was in search of an old scale and yesterday, this beautiful treasure arrived at my doorstep from my beautiful blogging friends, Rachel.  I'm so excited! It's bigger and even better than I was imagining!  It's perfect! I have a thousand places to put it in my home!  Here's it's first home, along with the bottles that I just string wrapped. And I have to say that not only did the scale arrive, it was wrapped in bubble wrap which kept Quayd entertained down to the last "POP!".  The dogs, however, were not as amused as we were!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Rachel!

I had a mention that I had not posted a photo of my cotton a few weeks ago after mentioning it.  That's what I get for blogging throughout the day and not all in one sitting.  Anyway, I have now found the perfect container for my cotton.  I love it!  Slowly but surely, every room in our home has and is coming together just the way I wanted it to! This cotton represents my North Carolina roots!  It makes me happy!  It stands about three feet tall, so I can't miss it every time I walk by the living room and everyone that comes into the home asks about it!

 Our snow is melting!  It's feeling like spring... well, it's looking like spring.  It was sixteen degrees yesterday morning, so we're still cold, but the sun has been shining and the snow is melting in the afternoons.  I can see half of my back yard.  Love it! I must admit, though, that I'll love it when that grass is green again even more... Green or White, I love it.  In between... well, I look forward to green or white lawns! We'll still get several more storms, but the ground is warming enough that it melts in a day.

I'm watching the squirrels jump from tree to tree right now, as I type.  One big guy jumps from the swing tree to the pine tree.  The other one isn't so brave...he goes to the edge, turns around and takes the fence.  They are the most fun little creatures I've ever watched.  We'd not seen them for a few months until this week!  I love the morning shadows and I love that Doug has pulled out the garden hose!  That means we're changing the water in the hottub this weekend!  From the germaphobe, this makes me happy!

Another thing that makes me really happy is this awesome plate that my favorite nephew Adam made just for me!  It has found it's perfect home on our den mantle.  When Alan's family came over for game night last weekend, he noticed, immediately, that it displayed prominently as one of my prize possessions.  He is an ubber talented potter! 
Last winter when we stayed with Alan and Jill during the move transition, we spent an afternoon watching Adam work in his studio and it was fascinating.  He's getting better and better and moving on to larger and more refined pieces.  I would love to have his work all over my home!

   This was Adam making my plate.  When he took it to school to the kiln, something dripped onto the plate from the rack above it.  He called me and told me about the drip, saying that he would make another one.  I said, "I'll love it anyway!  It will have more character!"

This is my most happy thought about that afternoon.  Alan loved pottery when he was attending that same high school over thirty years ago.  Adam has two wheels, so Alan sat down and started "playing" along side of Adam.  This family works together, they play together.  They are wonderful!  I love this picture of the two of them, father and son, creating together.
I never posted these pictures last winter.  We were so involved in the move and all that needed to be done. Now I know why.  This morning, I'm having happy thoughts of our time at Alan and Jill's.  (The kids want to do it again just for fun!)  I'm appreciating Adam's gifts as I enjoy his talent on my mantle and I'm just thinking about happy thoughts today!  Alan and Jill and their family definitely mean "HAPPINESS!" to Doug and Sophia and their family!

Life is good!

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