Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Snow, snow and more snow!  We are so thankful for it!  It's fabulous and beautiful!

Sunday was just plain awesome!  I had been asked to speak at a YSA Relief Society brunch.  The ward is kicking off the Read the Book of Mormon in 100 Days Challenge and the Relief Society held a little brunch to motivate everyone.  I was asked to take a few moments to share my testimony of the Book of Mormon, which is one of my most favorite things to talk about!  I was thrilled to be asked!  I expected that the wives of the Bishopric would be there and was surprised to walk in and find that I was the only one of them there.  The only other "adult" women there were the Stake Relief Society Presidency.  I expected that they would be speaking too.  Again, I was suprised when they welcomed everyone and said "Sister Corbridge will be speaking to us and then we will have our brunch."  Okey-dokey then.  I was honored and happy to share my testimony of this important part of my life and of the gospel.  Again, these girls are amazing. The brunch that they had prepared was impressive. Everything about these girls is impressive!  Super Impressive!  And to fit that many girls into a tiny college apartment was also impressive!  It was a lovely time.

I raced home from the brunch to review my own talk for Sacrament Meeting in our home ward, as well as to hear Quayd's talk one last time before we went to church. On my way home, just around our corner, I saw this little baby deer running along the middle of the street.  (As I'm typing this, the scanner is on and dispatch just reported that someone is calling for assistance because there is a deer on their front porch and it won't leave.  Funny call.  Funny what people call the police for.  I would make a bed for a deer on my front porch!  We love them!  At night, the dogs go crazy when they hear them/smell them outside!)

Doug had left for meetings, but returned to our chapel just in time to hear Quayd and I speak.  Quayd did a great job speaking about "How a testimony will help on a mission."  He shared the story of his great grandfather Lawrence and his missionary experience and the miracle of him overcoming a severe stuttering problem.  He has never been nervous speaking in church before but this was his first time in this ward and he did show the jitters.  We sat next to each other on the stand and his knees were just bouncing!  He did great!

I spoke about bringing the spirit of light and truth into our homes.  The main point of my talk was that we can't bring it into our homes unless we are have it ourselves first.  I shared a story of a miracle that was experienced by the same grandfather Lawrence Corbridge, who gathered his family to pray that a storm would pass over their crops just before harvest time.  The storm did pass by their farm and all of the encircling farms crops were destroyed.  After the meeting, I was approached by an older sister in our ward who touched my arm and said, "Sister Corbridge, I've heard that story before told by Christie Bastian, and I've never forgotten it.  It gave me chills again today."  Aunt Christie, one of Doug's aunts, was such a remarkable woman!  I've heard his aunts speak of this story and share their testimonies of the power of prayer and will never forget it!  My other point was that our testimonies can be felt generations later, so how important it is that we live and defend truth and share it with our children and grands!  Enough said!

After church, Quayd and I attended the YSA ward then came home and sent Quayd to bed because he was coming down with Grace's bug!  Grace is finally better, but still coughing, and now the rest of us are starting to feel symptoms.

After Doug left, the doorbell rang and there was a cake left on our doorstep.  Grace asked Kendell's German exchange student/brother to go to Girl's Choice at Logan with a friend here in our ward.  Lasse is here until June.  Grace had planned on asking Kendell for months, but she realized that Lasse is only here for a few months and he needs to have the "whole" American high school experience.  So, she's asked Lasse and they are such good friends, they'll surely have a great time!  She asked him with cookies that spelled out "Will you go to the dance?" and he returned her answer with this red velvet cake and "ja" (pronounces "Ya") in chocolate chips.  I laugh at the little german words that the girls are now using every day and "ja" is one of them.  You can tell she's been sick in this picture, but this cake sure cheered her up!

I made a "traditional Sunday dinner" of pot roast and mashed potatoes for dinner, hoping that Doug would have time to enjoy the meal between his evening meetings.  He literally had time to eat and then race off to a devotional with Elder Neal Anderson at the USU Spectrum.  I stayed home with the kids, who were needing some attention.  They all went to bed by 9:30 and Doug and I raced over to Jim and Kristy's to pick up their extra banquet table so that I could be prepared Monday morning for our Group Home Evening.  We stayed way too late gabbing, which is what we always do when we are together!  We love Jim and Kristy time!  It's always uplifting and fun!

It was a good weekend, a great Sabbath day!  A perfect Sunday!  I love it!  Life is good!

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