Tuesday, March 1, 2016

a good day

Well, we are making some serious progress on this mission preparation... Quayd's had his eyes examined and has a new prescription for contacts, he's had his wisdom teeth removed and now he has had his physical and two more immunizations.  Wednesday, Phase 2 of the braces come off and in less than two weeks, the remaining ones.  Once all of his physical preparation is made, he can submit his mission papers!  This is crazy and happening so fast and exciting and frightening and you name the emotion!  He began filling out the paperwork two weeks ago and time is just flying by! It's crazy happy, we are!

Quayd had to sign his first papers as a legal adult yesterday at the doctor's office.  Interestingly enough, now that he's eighteen, he has to sign papers that allow me to have the results of his medical procedures... but, we're still am responsible for the expenses.  Go figure.

We went in for his physical and I had been very nervous about him having an appointment so close to having the wisdom teeth removed, but he's doing so great.  He had a rough day four and five but still they were nowhere near as rough as Grace's whole first ten days!  He did not know that he would have to have some shots during his physical.  I said, "Hey, you just had an IV and someone hammering and chiseling in your mouth five days ago, you can handle a shot."  Oh, the faces he made.  I took a video of him getting the shots and we have watched it and laughed all day.  The boy is somehow secretly related to Jim Carrey with his rubber face!  The funniest part was that she said, "All done!" and he immediately had this smile like "Okay!"  He's a card!

After the doctor appointment, we stopped at Sonic and he came home to spend the rest of the day on the sofa.  I can tell that this has drained him, but he really has not complained of pain.  I'm so happy for him that it's been less than expected.

When Doug got home from work, we decided that we'd take the small window of time between then and dinner and Group Home Evening with the YSA to drain and clean the hottub.  It's been four months and that's too long for me!  So, we drained it while Zee and I cooked, cleaned it while she cleaned up after dinner and she helped drag the hose to fill it while I drove Grace to an audition in North Logan.  We've timed it and it, literally, takes 38 minutes on full pressure from the hose, to fill it.  I set the timer for 38 minutes, said an prayer that I'd not have any problems that would keep me from getting back in time and took Grace to her audition.  I came home and had three minutes to spare.  Zee helped bring the hose back into the garage, I turned the power on and as of 8:32 last night, after the YSA Home Evening, the temperature was at 52 degrees!  Needless to say, NO hottubbing last night!  And for some reason, when I know I can't use it, I need it most!  Thankfully, that's only every few months!  Oh what a happy sight to see the temperature back up to 102 degrees this morning!  This is my happy (pain-free) place!

 Between hottub and YSA,  as I dropped Grace off at this audition, I asked her if she was nervous.  She said, "A little but not really."  She explained how she was prepared and she doesn't need to have the lead, she'd just like to be a part of it.  I asked her if she wanted to say a prayer before she went in and she said, "I already did."

She's got such confidence and faith.  I love that about her.  When I said that I was planning on staying, she said, "No, that's fine because it will take hours."  She really is self-confident.  This makes me happy!  I snapped a blurry picture of her walking into the building and had tears in my eyes because she really does make me happy with her choices in life so far.  I said a prayer of gratitude and thanked Heavenly Father for her sweetness and asked him to bless her to continue to make such good choices!  She did great at her singing performance, she said, "okay" at the dancing part.  We'll hear in a week or so.  She's just enjoying the experience!

The Group Home Evening was so well attended.  I figured, that since they were doing Family History, the attendance would be lower.  Not so much.  The cultural hall was full of kids and laptops and lots of laughs. They were having a great time.  Doug and I had a good visit with Bishop Skeen while they were all moving from station to station.  Then, we both made the rounds and visited with the students. I love his calling!  Bishop has been serving for almost three years now, which is the average tenure for a YSA bishop. It's not set in stone, but we have no idea what will happen to Doug when the Bishop is released because that's the end of that Bishopric.  Doug may or may not be called to continue in the YSA.  Our home ward Bishop may want us back in the ward.  Who knows.  All we do know is that this calling has been one of the highlights of our life together and our service in the church.  It's such a rewarding experience, every single time we are with them! 

Life is just plain good!

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