Monday, November 23, 2015

wonderful weekend!

Saturday:  Quayd went to the Sadie Hawkins Dance with a cute friend.  They didn't really know each other well, but he came home telling lots of fun stories.  It was beautiful outside that morning, so Quayd went in shorts. He said that several did, but they all froze in the later afternoon and evening!  For Sadies, traditionally, custom t-shirts are made for their group, and theshirts have something to do with the theme of the groups activities.  Last year, there was a barn involved with the group activity.   His shirt said, "Got Sadies?" and they all dressed in jeans and western shirts.  This year, the activity was all sports involved (indoor sock hockey, volleyball...), so his t-shirt was a sports-style and it said,  "Team Sadies".  The ideas are always so cute!  Quayd had a great time!  I'm glad to see him enjoying his senior year!

While Quayd was off for the dance and day, Doug worked all day and the girls and I spent the day together.  Grace has wanted to go to Sadies with Kendall, but he was involved in "Meet Me in St. Louis" at his school on the same night.  There was no one else that she wanted to go with, so she opted to stay home.   When Quayd walked out the door, I could tell that she was disappointed all over again, so we tried to make it a fun day.  Grace and I went shopping for a while earlier in the day, then came home and did a little more decorating, then we played games with Zee in the afternoon, until Doug came home.

I'd asked Doug to do a few honey-dos and when he was done, we all went to dinner at Black Pearl.  We'd just been there the night before, but it was the girls choice.  We just wanted to celebrate the day with Grace.  We came home and watched a movie together, waiting until Quayd got home from his date.

Sunday: Doug and I hottubbed early in the morning before he left for his meetings.  The Bishop was away, so he and Jay, the other counselor had lots to do. We don't see a lot of Doug on Sundays, so early mornings are prime time before he leaves.  I'm glad, for that reason, that we are both are on the afternoon church schedule. I attended Sacrament Meeting with the kids in our home ward and then left and went to Doug's ward for Sunday School and Relief Society, both of which were outstanding.  I am always so impressed to think that these kids are 18-26 years old and they are phenomenal, with such strong testimonies and faith! 

 I hadn't been to Doug's ward for a few weeks, so it was interesting to watch Doug.  He knows the kids.  He loves the kids and it shows.  He interacts with them differently now that it's been a few months.  He's comfortable with them.  I could see that he has really grown into this calling.  He is loving it, for sure.  I'm loving watching him. Doug's goodness is unique and anyone that knows him would agree. I can see that he's building relationships and making a difference!  I love that!   YAY!!

I raced back home after the meetings at his ward to be with the kids.  It's really hard on Sundays, sometimes, because I feel like I need to be there for Doug and I feel like I need to be here for the kids.  So, I raced home as the girls were walking in.  We all got undressed and into our pajamas, then the girls and I sat down to play Racko a bit while dinner was cooking.  We were discussing the fact that "Young Women in Excellence" was at 7, so Dad would miss it because he had Devotional in the YSA ward at the same time.  My phone rang and it was one of the Young Womens leaders.  "Sister Corbridge, are you and the girls planning on coming to YWinE?" I said, "Yes, the girls have their parts, we'll be there."  She said, "Well, it started ten minutes ago and we were just checking?"  WHAT!!!  I said, "Girls! Get dressed!  WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE THERE!!!"  I had written 7PM, but they had said 5PM.  OOPS!  We were dressed and at the church in 3 minutes, walking in during the opening song. 

Here's the funniest thing... it was the shortest YWinE we have ever been to.  We, literally, were back home and getting back in our jammies at 5:30!  The program and the Bishop's remarks, literally, lasted ten minutes!  ANNNND!  HAPPINESS!!! As we pulled into the garage, so did Doug!  He was home early!  Dinner was ready, so we were able to set the table and sit right down for dinner.  As we were eating, we got a call asking if we could come in for tithing settlement at 6:30.  (I'd signed us up for next Sunday night at 8PM.)  So, we finished eating got dressed again and went back to the church to meet with our Bishop.

Tithing Settlement is usually a ten minute visit with the Bishop.  Doug insists that the entire family attend together, because it is an important opportunity for the kids to understand and grasp a little more about the principles of obedience and the law of tithing.  Years ago, we had a bishop tell the bigs, in tithing settlement, "Your parents are not perfect.  None of us is perfect.  But, tithing is one thing that they are perfect in.  It's the one commandment that we can be "perfect"."  It really made an impression on me.  We love tithing settlement! 

We also love our Bishop.  He's amazing.  He's very innovative and an "out of the box thinker."  We really enjoy the stories he shares and his perspective of things.  He began our visit by addressing each of the kids.  "Quayd, let's see.  You just turned 18.  Ya going on a mission?"  Quayd responded, enthusiastically, "Yes, Sir!!!"  Bishop: "What are you doing to prepare?"  Quayd:  "Going to church, taking Seminary, Praying, Working to save my money..."  Bishop:  "When are you planning on going?"  Quayd:  "As soon as I graduate."  Bishop:  "Well, let's get together and start the paperwork."   He also asked him about speaking languages and a few other specifics.  I was in tears!  This conversation happened and it hit me hard!  We may have a missionary very soon!

We left tithing settlement and raced down the hill to Doug's ward Devotional at 7. Again, I love watching him do "his thing".  We all laughed so hard, before the prayer.  Each Sunday night, at Ward Devotional, a thought is shared, announcements are made, and then the Devotional Leader asks for names and a "prayer list" is created.  The person who says the prayer, specifically mentions each person on the list in the prayer.

 Each week, one boy in the ward asks for his sister to be on the list.  Always.  Last night, he raised his hand, and everyone expected to hear his sister's name, but he said his grandmother, "Emma Smith."  (Emma Smith is also the name of the wife of Joseph Smith, the first prophet and founder of the LDS Church in the early 1800s.)  As this boy said, "Emma Smith", there were whispers all throughout the room.  "She's dead."  Everyone was grinning.  He got this look on his face, realizing what everyone was thinking and said, "That's funny.  That's the first time that's ever even hit me.  I just call her Grandma."  We all laughed out loud. Funny. 

Doug and I came home after Devotional, got our jammies on again!  I asked, "Are we sure we don't have to get dressed again tonight!?"   We built a fire, made popcorn and spent the rest of the evening, all five of us, together, in our jammies watching a Christmas movie!  LIFE IS GOOD!!!

Today, I really must go and buy Thanksgiving dinner!  The house is decorated.  I still need to work on the front porch, but, other than that, the decorating is done for this season!  While we were in the hottub, I said to Doug, "We need a Christmas tree out here on the patio!"  I could see the look of fear in his face!  As much time as we spend out there, I do think a little holiday cheer would be fun.  No tree this year though.  But, I will be adding a little festivity out there, for sure!  No tree, this year, though. ;)

Aside from the missionary discussion with the bishop, the highlight of my weekend was a phone message from Sister Simmons, my sweet 86 year old neighbor, who built her home in 1961, the same year that our home was built.  She called to say how thrilled she was about our beautiful holiday decorations.  "It looks so beautiful over there and it just thrills me to see it coming to life again!  You two are such a blessing to our neighborhood. THANK YOU!"  I called her to thank her for the call and she told me how great it is to see the house being so well cared for and she can just feel our love for the home.  She couldn't be more correct in that!  We do love this home.  I literally sat down in the living room and cried, looking at the decorations, thankful for all that we have been blessed with this past year!  There's not a day that I don't tell Doug, "Thank you for our lovely home!"  I posted the den photo this weekend and friend, Sally, said, "You were meant to live in that home."  I couldn't agree more!  We are blessed!

Life is good!  Really, really good!

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