Monday, November 2, 2015

tricks and treats

A busy weekend, with all of us moving in many directions!  It was definitely the most different Halloween we have ever had.  It's the first year since Miki was born that we didn't spend it with the B's.  Doug worked all day. Grace worked from 11-3 and Quayd worked from 3-11.   It was so crazy that yesterday's photo was the only one I could grab of all three kids together on Halloween... and it was in the parking lot while we were dropping off and picking up kiddos!  CRAZY!

As soon as Grace was home, the girls began getting ready for their little Halloween gathering with lots of kids from the ward.  They all dressed in costume, played night games, trick or treated to friends' homes and then came back here for treats and a movie.  It was loud and they had a great night.  The girls were pretty "independent" about the whole party, which left me little to do.   I was fine with that because Doug and I spent more of the night watching movies and answering the door.

The highlight of our Halloween night was when the bell rang and it was Trace and Ann stopping by for a visit! We enjoyed some "almost" uninterrupted time, sitting near the fire, visiting... the interruptions being the few trick or treaters that we had.  At one point, the girls and their friends came to the door.  I was able to get one quick photo and I don't see ZJ in it.  There were a lot of kids!

Shortly after Ann and Trace left, the kids all came back for their movie.  Doug left for an hour to go to the YSA church building to make sure that the doors were locked and grab Quayd after work.  It was a late night for everyone!

Sunday was crazy.  Doug was gone from 10-7:30, ate a bite, then out again for an hour.  It was crazy.  My mind was busy thinking about the YSA Home Evening dinner.  Being gone all week to St. George, I wasn't as prepared as I normally am for things. 

On Sunday night, late, Doug and I chopped potatoes and veggies for my potato-corn chowder and I began setting tables for the YSA.  We used the roasting oven and this was the strangest thing... the potatoes, onions and celery were in that roasting over for 18 hours and the potatoes never cooked.  The settings were high, they boiled forever, then I made the rue and turned them on low to crock pot for hours.  They cooked but still had that "crunch" to them.  I have never seen anything like it.  In the end, the soup was great and they ate almost all of it!  I was so relieved.

I spent most of Monday making frog-eye salad, homemade bread, decorating tables, making cupcakes and getting ready for the evening.  We had eighteen kids for dinner.  This week is midterms at USU, so, many of the kids who usually attend did not make it.  Dinner was great, Doug's message, getting to know the kids a bit better, enjoying their piano talents... it really was a great night.  I just can't believe how wonderful this experience is and it just gets better and better!  Love it!

Here's a few pix of the night...

Yagottalove Hobby Lobby and their selection of holiday paper goods!

The den was warm and cozy!

 Ahh, the music!  It makes my heart happy!

But, most of all, the company is the best!  So much fun!

It's November!  I try to express my gratitude for the good things in my life often, but this month, especially, I love the reminders all around to be grateful!  AND I AM BLESSED!  Life is good!

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