Saturday, November 28, 2015

up down up down

Doug had to work today, so I got up early with him and finished wrapping all of the gifts that I've bought this weekend.  I'm currently completely done wrapping, even the stocking stuffers, and will try to keep up with anything else I purchase by wrapping a bit every day, so that I'm not wrapping on Christmas Eve.  I hate spending the most fun night of the year locked in a room wrapping and I really hate staying up late to do it because I want to get some sleep before they wake up early to start unwrapping!  Happiness!  I love trying to keep ahead of the game!

Today's tasks include preparing Pretzel Salad and some of Liza and Buddy's favorite foods for the weekend.  They were supposed to be here before lunch, but when I spoke with Liza last night, she said that there was a family emergency in Buddy's family and it will be tonight.  The emergency was such that we could find nothing but concern for them... not one that we would give a second thought to their not coming yet.  We just hope everything is okay.

I made a big pot of turkey noodle soup yesterday afternoon.  It's one of their favorite things about Thanksgiving.  It was gone before the night's end.  Oh, the food of the's the most wonderful time of the year!

Liza just called and said they will not be coming today at all.  They need to be together as a family.  And on top of that, Buddy's brother, Max, was in a car accident on his way down.  His car is totaled.  He is okay, thankfully.  *Yes, Max was the brother in the near fatal accident five years ago.  AND on top of that, another sibling had another big issue that has really been a shocker, so Liza's inlaw family has not had a wonderful weekend.  She called while I was outside in the hottub, so we hung up, I had a good cry and then "shook it off". I can not complain that they are not coming because that's minor compared to what they are going through.  Life is a rollercoaster.  I just wish it would stop on the holidays!  Liza says that they are hoping to still be able to come tomorrow.  I'm not going to hold my breath because I feel like they are going to be needed in SLC right now. 

In the meantime, I'm not making pretzel salad. I'm not setting up the crib or changing bedclothes until we hear for certain.  Doug's working.  I'm driving in a beautiful snowstorm to take Grace to work and stopping at Novemberfest again for something that I paid for but it didn't get put in the package.  I will hit the grocery store on the way home for a few things and I plan on spending the rest of the weekend by the fire or in the hottub and watching it snow, hopefully, every minute!

Maybe I will check in like this throughout the day and see where this day goes, as it goes.  Who knows?

3:23  Back from shopping with Quayd and Zee.  Quayd wanted to take us out for lunch... aka... Quayd wanted to go out to lunch at Pizza Pie Cafe, so he offered and he treated.  He and Zee were on one, laughing and teasing.  I love watching them when they "play nice", but I'm the first to admit that they are very normal teens and not every moment is "fun".  I love that there are more fun moments than unpleasant ones.  They really are good kids.  Normal, but good most of the time!

We've now tried three tree toppers and have yet to find the one we love.  Sadness.  The kids wanted to go to the mall for a little shopping of their own, so I sat out in the mall on a comfy chair, waiting, checking my email and texting while I waited.  My foot says "enough" too often and sometimes, "You're done."  Today, I was thankful for the comfy chairs instead of a cement fountain to rest on while they continued to shop!

Liza texted and said that they will definitely be here sometime tomorrow and now they will be leaving on Tuesday morning.  So, we'll get them for about 36 hours, which is not the four days we had planned on, but I'm thrilled for one big hug!  We hit the grocery store on the way home and I'll be cooking up a storm! (And the kids will be thrilled for something besides turkey leftovers.) HAPPINESS!!!

Since they are not going to be here tonight, maybe Doug and I will have a date.  I'm feeling like going out much more now than I was this morning.

4:21  Doug's home! Grace had walked over to Johnny O's and bought the whole family a dozen donuts while she waited for a ride home.  It's fun to see the kids have money of their own and the things that they do with it. We're going out for a little time alone.  YAY!

8:45  Doug and I got a few errands done...including the dry cleaner and picking up a few needed items.  We went to our new Taipan, for Doug's first visit, and he had me laughing out loud.  He had so many people laughing.  Surprisingly, there were several men in there, which was a first since they opened.  Doug had these men cracking up in agreement.  I couldn't remember a single thing that he had to say but he was on a roll!  Well... I do remember one thing.  Doug hates glitter.  HATE HATE HATES it!  He doesn't call it glitter.  The cowboy comes out in him and it's never just glitter. For Doug, it's another word that rhymes with glitter before the word glitter.  The men in the store were all in agreement, everytime he said it.  That man.  He's a card!

 that bottom right face... that's his "Yeh, right?!" face.  I get that one a lot. ;)

Doug asked if I wanted to go out for dinner, but the roads were a mess and people people people everywhere.  I'd had the scanner on earlier in the day and it was non-stop accidents and people running off the road.  I just wanted to be home, safe and sound with the kids, so we came hom and I made a turkey casserole, then we watched a movie with Grace while Zee and Quayd watched one downstairs.  A good night.   And Liza is coming tomorrow!!!  Life is good!

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