Tuesday, November 3, 2015


 a few ramblings...
On Halloween, after I'd dropped Grace off at work, there was an adorable package waiting at our front door.  I could hardly wait to open it and see who it was from!  I should have guessed!  This cute cocoa and chocolate dipped spoons were wrapped and tied in a big green bow, with the cutest poem inside.  The poem was about fall and the holidays and time passing quickly.  SO CUTE.  I should have guessed immediately that it was from my friend, Kara, who loves the holidays as much as I do and is one of the few people I know who is always ahead of her holiday "game".  This got me more than excited for the holidays!

Quayd is in the middle of his Adult Roles class.  One of the major assignments of the class is to bring home an electronic baby.  For Quayd, it was only a 24 assignment because of his work schedule.  I'd have to say, that this was his luck!  This baby is work!  It has a computer chip in it that monitors and records everything that happens to this baby...it burps, it has wet and poopie diapers, it can't be thrown down or left alone, it has to be fed and rocked... and the chip keeps track of every move!

So, Quayd walked in the door  from school,  "Mom!!  I'm gonna fail!"  WHAT?  He had sat down the baby's bottle while changed "Zack's" diaper in one of his classes and left the bottle in the class.  Thankfully, he left it in the classroom that belongs to a friend of mine.  I texted Becky and asked her to call me.  Immediately my phone rang.  She was in a meeting but said she'd see that we got the bottle as soon as it was over.  I was in the middle of the last minute prep an hour before the YSA dinner.  Denise was willing to run and grab the bottle and the baby was screaming at the top of it's computerized lungs when she got here.  He swiped his wrist band past the babies belly button, confirming that he was Zach's parent, and then put the bottle to it's mouth and immediate silence.

The funny part was, though, that just before Denise arrived, he was watching the videos on his phone, that suggest how to care for the baby, looking for any solution.  He, teasingly said,  "Mom, if Aunt Nisey doesn't get here soon, maybe I should consider breastfeeding."  I cackled out loud!  This boy definitely has his dad's sense of humor!

Later in the night, he was holding, rocking and patting the baby for almost a half an hour.  "Zach" had the most painful moan.  It was awful.  Quayd was actually concerned about the baby having a tummy ache.  He took it quite seriously.  I think that this was really a great project and every student should have this opportunity to realize that babies are serious work!  I've loved him taking this class, as he's asked me tons of questions about insurance and taxes and bill-paying and the likes!  Best class the school offers, in my opinion!

Natalie and I finally got together for my birthday lunch.  Between kids and projects and travels, it's taken this long for us to connect.  It was so good to catch up!  Love my friends!

The weather has finally changed.  It's November 3 and we've still not had a frost in our yard.  It's crazy!  BUT.  There's snow on the mountaintops today, the wind is blowing,  the furnace is on. It's COLD!  LOVE IT!

Life is good!

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  1. OMGosh, the baby is priceless. I wish every teen (regardless of gender) could have one to live with & care for to learn just what it means to be a parent. Why doesn't every school have these amazing inventions. A life lesson that is just as important as math, science and english (maybe even more so)!