Friday, November 20, 2015


Carol and I were out and about this morning at 8:30 for an early start because she had plans at 11 with a friend and I had plans at 11 with Zee.  We were able to cross off a few more things from our lists, grab our morning Sonic and even do a little extra shopping before we parted.  I picked Zee up and we went to Texas Roadhouse to split a Chicken Critter Salad for lunch.  I'd originally planned to get the Thanksgiving shopping done, but my foot was bothering me enough that I bagged it and came home to finish up some more decorating around the house.  I needed to be off it for a bit before grocery shopping and had a few projects that I could sit to do, so I was glad to have the diversion!

We had dinner with friends, Dave and Trisha.  Dave was our old Bishop in Smithfield and Trish, his wife, was our amazing Young Women's President!  We had a delightful evening filled with lots of great conversation.  Trish and I did most of the talking, shocker!  Dave had a horrific sounding cold, so he didn't talk a lot.  Doug is more of the listener and doesn't say much, but I always love it when he pipes in.  Dave teased that they didn't need to talk with Trish and I around. He was right.  We had discussed kids, current issues and just enjoyed catching up They are such positive and pro-active people, we love being around them both.  We're looking forward to the next time!

Quayd got off early, so we left Black Pearl and went straight to pick him up, dropped him off at home and went to pick Grace up from work at the other end of the valley!  The gasoline!  HELP!  It occurred to me yesterday morning as I was driving them to the school bus that there's really only one more year and a half of this driving.  Quayd will graduate in June and Grace has only her senior year left, then Zee will be at school in Logan. No driving needed! I can do this.  I can do hard things!

After dinner, I mentioned to Doug that I'd found a great deal at an online classified for a one year old Christmas tree.  The guy said that his wife buys a new one every year and they had eight of them.  So, I texted the guy to see if one was still available.  It was a steal of a deal costing me less than 1/4 the price of a new one.  We checked it out and it was perfect.  They guy said that we could return it if we didn't like it.  So, after we dropped Quayd off and before we went to pick up Grace, we ran by his home, which was FABULOUS, and checked out the trees.  He even dropped the price a little more and loaded it into the back of the Subaru, still in it's original box. 

We came home and Doug took it downstairs.  The kids were watching "It's a Wonderful Life", so Doug joined them and I immediately started decorating.  He was stunned when he came downstairs to see the tree, expecting me to have just taken it out of the box.  It was fully decorated. I LOVE pre-lit trees!!!  I'd not planned on doing a large tree in the family room downstairs this year. I figured that I'd pick up a tree after the holidays for less and wait to use it until next year, but I could not have bought one after Christmas for such a great price.  It's awesome!  So, I've now completed tree #4.  I have one pencil tree that will go outside when I decorate on the front porch, which I'm still creating in my mind and I'm done!  Then, it's Doug's turn to hang a few lights outside! I figure, it is only the week before Thanksgiving, so I'm okay to work on the porch next week.  hee-hee-hee... I love head starts!

With the decorating almost done, I'm ready to begin cooking and entertaining and gift shopping and wrapping and playing and enjoy the holidays!  I never did get to the Thanksgiving dinner shopping today.  With the decorating done, it's really time to start focusing on the food!  HAPPINESS!!! LIFE IS GOOD!

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