Monday, November 16, 2015

weekend fun

It was an pretty casual weekend at our home!  Rare.  Quayd was working on an art project at home most of the weekend.  Doug worked.  Grace worked all day Saturday and had a date that night.  ZJ went to a multi-stake dance with half the kids in our ward.  I spent a lot of time with my foot up, recovering from Thursday night.  It was a long two days, prepping for that class, of a lot of time on my foot and I paid for it all weekend.  Oh for that to go away!

The highlight of the weekend was having Zaylee.  She turned seven on Friday!  Hard to imagine.  I'd checked with her mom to see when would be a good time to visit with her last week and she offered to let Zaylee sleep over after her birthday party.  When we picked her up,  Zaylee showed us all of her fun birthday party decorations and presents.  We came home and made chocolates with her little Hello Kitty fondue pot, then she opened her gifts from us and we all watched Cinderella together.  Zaylee read to me. OH MY WORD.  She is in first grade.  I picked up a random book.  An adult book and she read it to me just as well as ZJ would.  She knows her multiplication facts and reads like a fifth grader.  AMAZING.  And she loves it!  With all that she's been through, she has thrived and loves to learn, so this is such a gift.  I had really worried that she would have a hard time, but she's doing amazingly well!  She's so happy in her life and we couldn't be happier for her!
 Love that little toothless grin!
 Zaylee was totally entertained by my blanket.  The whole way through the ballroom dance of Cinderella and the Prince, she was dancing with the blanket and somehow, it ended up being her turban.  She's got one vivid imagination!w

 On Saturday morning, after a late night with the kids, I had to get up at 6 with Doug to take him to work.  The Expedition is still in the shop.  (They can't find the problem!)  The replacement van window is being repaired tomorrow (at least it's supposed to be delivered to the shop tomorrow) so we are down to one car.  I couldn't go back to sleep because I was supposed to have Grace at school for a call back audition for a school performance at 8:30.  We went to the school and sat there until 9:15, when we texted the teacher, who said "Oops.  Sorry.  Could you come Monday at lunch?"  Seriously!?  I wasn't amused by that ... the lack of sleep, the wasted hour and travel and the lack of courtesy!  I'm so ornary about manners!  I told Doug,joking, "She had better get a part now!" 

Quayd was asked to go to the Sadie Hawkins Dance by a second girl.  He was so sad that he'd have to tell her no.  So, we went to Taipan and bought the cutest snowman for her.  Attached is a note that says, "I'm "SNOW" sorry.  I'm already committed for Sadies. BUT, would YOU go to the Winter Ball with me?"  We'll see what happens next.  She asked him with a note about "Of all the fish in the sea..."  And she gave him a beta fish.  I'm so not a fish person... germaphobia gets the best of me, where fish are concerned.  But,  Doug took him to the store and he bought a fish bowl and built a lego house for inside of it and all sorts of little gadgets.     (I only remember the first Christmas gift that Liza and Buddy bought for the babes, the year they were first married, was a fish tank and each of them got a fish.  They didn't check with me first!  A few days later, I heard the blood curdling screams of three babes who had discovered the first dead fish.  Mourning for days until the next fish died and finally the last... another reason to not like fish... they always die!)  Quayd's loving the fish, so whatever... if it makes him happy, he now has a fish.  By the way, the fish has had several names already... from Oscar to Bait.  Go figure.

 isn't this guy adorable!  Quayd picked him out after walking around Tiapan for an hour!

 I got the card all ready for him and took it to school today so that he could get it delivered.  It was FREEEEEEEZING outside today!  I'm talking a strong wind that was rocking the car all the way to Smithfield, straight out of the north!  CRAZY!  He came outside and hammed it up when I wanted to take a picture.  
 But, I did get him to smile!  What a boy!  What a ham!

We had a little family counsel last night.  There was, as always, discussion about making good choices.  One thing that we say often, in teasing, is "You are still a teenager, your brain doesn't finish developing until your early twenties.  So, sometimes, we just have to make choices for you."  It makes me laugh, when ZJ reminds us, "Well, you know, I am only fourteen and my brain is not fully developed yet, so I'm not totally at fault here."  She's a character! 

One tree is up, but not decorated.  Tonight, we'll put up the main tree.  I may take all week to get things decorated.  I'm going to enjoy the journey!  Especially since I'm a week early!

Life is good!

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