Wednesday, November 11, 2015

a little morning rambling before the day takes off!

Yesterday, I tried to be as productive as possible all morning, dealing with more of ZJ's school change, paying some bills, gathering thoughts for the Christmas class, dealing with medical things and so on.  It was just a blur and a lot of being "on hold" on the phone.   It's always interesting to me that if you are trying to buy something, companies have no hold time, send you right to a representative on the phone, answer all of your questions.  But, once you've bought "it", then, you get to "Please hold" and "The current wait time is 18 minutes."  Oh well, I got things done while on hold... thank heavens for speakerphone! 

I was driving in town when an acquaintance returned my call.  We had lived in the same ward in Smithfield and have both moved away.  I found something, while going through old blog entries, that I had written about her mother, one of my Smithfield senior single ladies, who has now passed away.  I rediscovered this story and felt that I should share it with her daughter.  This daughter came to live in our ward to take care of her aging mother until her passing.  With her mother gone, she and her husband have, now, returned to their own home back east. When she called, I pulled off the road into a parking lot, opened my iPad and shared what I had written years ago about a story that her mother had shared with our group.  I felt certain that she had probably heard this story many times, but surprisingly, she never had.  I knew then, why I had felt so strongly that I should call her and was grateful for the prompting.  I had, literally, spent about 45 minutes texting and calling people on the phone the night before, trying to locate a contact number for her before I actually got one.  The fact that she'd never heard this story confirmed that it was worth the effort, for sure.  I would give anything if someone would call me and share stories about my grandparents, Eliza and James, who passed away before I was born!  Anyway, it was a feel good moment of my day, for sure!

Just as I was hanging up from her, Carol called and we met up for a quick Sonic Run, which ended up being an afternoon of errands together and a fun stop at Taipan.  We are in there often and are amazed at how much the store changes almost daily.  It's been fun to have the store local!  Even if we aren't buying something every stop, it's inspiring and sparks the creativity! Here's my favorite tree in the Logan store.

  I'm dying to put up the holiday decorations, but I also feel like it's not quite time.  We have a busy week ahead and I need a few days.  Today and tomorrow, I'm going to have to get into a few Christmas bins and I'm afraid that once they are open, there's no going back.  This will possibly be the weekend to do it, instead of next.  Doug will just roll his eyes and say, "Whatever makes you happy."  ZJ and Grace will squeal with delight and offer to help!  Quayd will not care either way one bit, as long as Christmas music doesn't go along with it.  We were in the car together last night and I had the radio on a Christmas Music station.  He moaned, "Noooooooo!  Puleeeeez!!  Not yet!!!!"  Doug agreed.  I was vetoed.  We listened to country music instead.  Scrooges, I tell ya!  ha!  In all honestly, I know that I'm pushing it!  But, it's a new home!  And it may take me a week to decide where I really want things, so why not start earlier? wink-wink!

Liza just told us that they will definitely be coming up to the valley for Thanksgiving weekend.  They'll spend the holiday with Buddy's family, but we will have them here for a bit of their visit!  So, I'd love to have it all done before they come.  Decisions, decisions!  But, what really matters is that they are coming!!!  I'm so happy!  Time with my girls and Buddy, games to play, fun to be had, memories to be made!  Aylabelle just asked about Grammie's house!  I'm so happy!  I'm kind of loving that they are so much closer!

Last night, Doug and I went on a little date night to see the movie, "Just Let Go", about the man in SLC who was hit by the drunk driver and he lost his pregnant wife, their unborn son, a son and a daughter, leaving him with two sons alive, one critically injured.  Oh my.  This is a story that I was familiar with, but there was more to it than the news have ever shared.  Wow.  Wow.  Just wow.  It's not "entertaining".  It's well presented.  It's sobering.  It's touching.  It's a lesson that we all could benefit from watching.  wow.

Today, Carol and I are assembling new Christmas Planners.  We've both worn out our old ones.  I'd made one for her several years ago.  Hers lasted much longer than mine.  We are excited to work on the project together and, even more important, to put them to work! 

It's also Ortho appointment day.  Doug has a meeting.  Kids are working.  Last night, I made Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner.  We set the table for four and ate very early.  It was strange.  There are so few week nights that we all sit down to dinner together anymore.  Having teens with jobs and school activities and a husband with a busy calling and a side business means that a lot of nights, we eat in shifts.  A lot of nights, it's just heat up leftovers and visit in the kitchen at the bar. We were talking about our "Circle of Light", Christmas tradition.  It's hard when you only are all home together once or twice a week for dinner.  Things are changing.  Life is busy.  We are busy.  I'm always grateful for vacation days and down time so that we can be together!  Sunday, the Bishop mentioned Quayd filling out his mission papers.  Time is just moving so quickly!  Crazy!  Maybe it's the movie last night, but this morning, my heart is reminding me to make the moments count.  Just sayin'.  Life is good!

ZJ just came in to show me her braid.  I asked if she could help me get into the Christmas bins after school.  She teased, "As long as we can get it out and keep it out!"  I think I'm caving.


  1. lets see the worn out and new Christmas planners. do i need one? haha

    1. We tossed them, Susan. Carol tossed hers last winter. I tossed mine two winters ago and used my regular planner. Not nearly as cute or festive and fun!