Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Well, $213.87 later, Thanksgiving dinner is purchased and in the fridge, ready for me to begin cooking tomorrow.  I remember when $80 seemed like a lot of money for Thanksgiving dinner.  I'd love to have a meal for that cost today. But, it will be worth every single penny! I can hardly wait for "the perfect bite" on Thursday!

I came home from grocery shopping and finished wrapping all of the gifts that I've bought so far, while watching "The Holiday".  Everything that's been in storage is now ready to go under the tree on Friday. Then, I'm hoping to get a major chunk finished on Black Friday.  We're keeping things simple this year, so it won't be too hard.  Aside from stocking stuffers, Doug is done and the girls are pretty close.  I'm clueless on what Quayd will be getting????   He hasn't told me a thing.  Neither have the girls, except that ZJ wants a hover board and that's not happening. 

I've been looking at our December calendar as it fills up quickly. Grace's performances will fill a huge part of the month.  She'll hardly work next month before Christmas, so she will probably have to work a lot during the holiday break, after Christmas.  She's glad for the money, but will miss out on family fun.  This "having working teens" is hard on everyone!

Last night, Quayd worked, the girls went to a performance at Logan High and Quayd went to a YSA activity.  I ended up staying home alone, reading, which was actually quite nice.  I enjoy the lights and the music and the silence. I also did a little online shopping.  YAY!

When Doug got in, we had our nightly quiet time in the hottub and he was asleep before I was done brushing my teeth at 9:30.  I guess that means he was tired! I was wide awake and spent some time on Pinterest and reading while he snored along side of me until the girls came in from the musical.  They were chatty and excited, but with Doug sleeping, we whispered a bit, then called it a night. 

I really enjoy the rare quiet nights.  Sometimes, it takes one of those just to get going again on the busy ones.  Just sayin'.

I saw this quote and really appreciated it at this time in my life.  Thought I'd share. 

Practice the pause.  When in doubt, pause.  When angry, pause.  When tired, pause.  When stressed, pause.  And when you pause, pray.

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