Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Happy Birthday, Dale!

Happy Birthday to our oldest child and son!  (It's hard to imagine that we have a son who is 37 years old!  I remember when I turned 40, my dad said to me, "Baby, you're old!  What does that make me!?"  I totally get that now!)  Dale's one of the most talented and gifted artists ever!  He's got wit and personality and, even more than his dad, he's as "granola" as can be. (We love Granola!)  He's a hard worker, extremely intelligent and a lover of life!  He's also a great dad and adores his daughter! 

Dale could speak like a four year old at 13 months and he could read when he was three.  One day,  he was reading one of his books out loud.  A new ward member, in disbelief said, "Oh, he's just memorized those things."  She picked up one of her own kids books and showed it to Dale.  He started reading the words in her book that he'd never seen before, just as simply as he'd read his own. He's always had a "Can-Do" attitude and if he thinks something needs to be done, he finds a way and does it! Although he's a grown man, in my mind, he'll always be the thirteen year old boy in his Gerbaud jeans, wearing a can of hairspray, quoting Wayne's World, who could make me laugh more than anyone I know.  We love you, Dale!  Happy Birthday!

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