Tuesday, November 17, 2015

family night

The weather is sooooooo cold!  Right out of the north.  Liza pointed out that yesterday, I mentioned that it was so frigid cold and then I posted a picture of Quayd in a t-shirt.  I told her, "I can help it if he and every teen in America isn't smart enough to wear a coat when it's 18 degrees."  I don't get it, but kids today just don't wear coats. ha!

Last night, Doug did not have any YSA responsibilities for Home Evening, so he called me to ask me what we could do to make the night count for our family.  I picked him up after work and we discussed a few things that I'd thought of.  We decided that we wanted it to be something where were were together, interacting.  So, we made a plan and pulled things together.

We stopped at Best Buy and picked up Inside Out, stopped at Lee's and picked up two giant subs, chips, cream soda and treats.  We came home and told everyone to get their pjs on.  They thought we were going to watch a Christmas movie or something, because that's what we do.  Anyway.  After Doug built a fire and I had the counter ready with dinner and the movie sitting in the middle of it all, we had a small message from Doug, said a prayer and went into the kitchen to dish up.  The movie was in the middle of it.  It's funny.  This movie is a kids movie, but we have all been anxious to see it.  I'd planned on it being under the tree but this was much more fun.  When they saw it, they all high fived!

We ate and watched and hit pause and talked about "feelings".  The fact that the little girl in the movie has just moved made this very tangible to us all!  It brought up a lot of feelings that we've recently experienced with the move.  VERY cute show and very timely for us.  Loved it!  Glad to own it!  The kids wanted to watch all of the bonus features before we headed to bed, but we held off on those for later because I had another topic that we felt we needed to discuss.

We turned off the TV and discussed much of the recent news of the LDS Church.  We wanted to get their feelings and thoughts about all of this.  We had a very good and open discussion.

 I try very hard to avoid controversial topics on my blog and on social media because people tend to be much more "brave" about expressing their thoughts when they don't have to be accountable and things get nasty.  I don't need that in my life.

But, I will say this about the recent news.  The press has made much more of this than was necessary.  As I've read some articles, I've literally been stunned by the misrepresentation of fact. The wording of many news articles have made this out to sound as though children are being punished and suffering because of this announcement.  This is not true.

I have said for years... if you wanted to have brain surgery, you would not go to the clerk at 7-11 to have him do it.  If you want to buy a Mercedes, you don't go to the Toyota salesman.  If you want to know the truth about this news, go to the source, not some anti-LDS blog, not a newspaper.  Read more about it here at LDS.org. There are several articles from the source.   Hear the whole reasoning.  This was another enlightening article. Don't buy all of the hype and sensationalism from the press. And please don't try to debate this here on my blog in comments. I won't even bother publishing it because this is not the place.

Anyway, back to our Home Evening.  It was a great night with lots of good feelings!  It was great to be together.  It was actually the first night since the first week in October when we were all five home all night together.  That's a rarity these days.  Thankfully, it does still happen.  I, for one, am looking forward to the holidays and hoping it happens often during that time!

One tree totally decorated.  One off to a good start.  Two to go!  It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  Life is good!

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