Thursday, November 12, 2015

craZy, buSy, insaNe, haPPy and BleSSed!

Yesterday was crazy busy getting ready for my class!  There's busy and there's "crazy busy". It was insane "crazy busy"!   Morning involved taking the kids to their ortho appointments and then to school, late.  Quayd's looking like he may not have a tinsel grin for Christmas, but we are not holding our breath.  I'm betting it will be January and then, he will have to have all four wisdom teeth pulled in mission prep.  Crazy!

Since Wednesday is "our day" to do whatever we do, Carol and I created our new Holiday Planners since the ones that I made for us forever ago were ancient history! Here's where the instructions on the whole binder idea are on my old blog. We wore them out!  Here's our new ones... built to last, not as cutsie as the old, yet we love them even more!  They are a durable 6x8" hard plastic and rubbery edged binders from Staples (about $8 a piece) with a place to slip in a cover, so we only had to make the front, not cover the entire binder, which was sweet, quick and easy.   I made one for Liza, as well, so that she can be organized for the holidays.  Because of this class, I'm there.  It's time.  Bring on Christmas!
The dividers are perfect and suited for us personally.  Mine say "Calendar", gifts, foods, To Do, Other".  There are three sheet protectors for dropping in receipts and things and a zipper pouch in the back because it will become my wallet in December. 
And with the little slot-type window in the binding, we could personalize them with our names.  It was fun to pull out some of my old scrapbooking things. I'm amazed, when I do, at how much I've given away.  I have to remember, "Oh yeh, I gave that to so and so." after searching for a tool or item.  But, better that someone else who will use things has them, than me, who pulls them out once or twice a year these days.

After making the planners, we went for lunch, shopped, crafted, made a Sonic run, dropped off kids here and there, did all sorts of crazy "to do" list all day and then reconnected for dinner while Quayd worked, Doug worked and the girls were shopping at the mall!  Now, today, it's gather, load and teach!  I'll be teaching this class in Brigham City.  I'm excited!

When I dropped Zeej off, after ortho, she was so happy.  She mentioned, "We don't have to drive allllll the way to Richmond!  YAY, Mommy!"  It made me grin.  We'd stopped for Sonic drinks on our way and as she got out of the car, that smile, that happy glow, just made me happy.  She is thrilled about this school move.  I said, "Wait!  You look so cute, I have to take your picture!"   That's a happy smile if there ever was one!  I had to laugh when I posted this on Facebook and she commented that it was the sunlight, not a piercing on her right eyebrow.  That is an odd reflection! She's so funny... I didn't even notice it until she pointed it out. But, she's just a happy camper!  I'm loving seeing her so HAPPY and excited about school! 

TRUTH:  Of all of our kids, she's had the roughest experiences at school.  With the exception of one year, she always got the last teacher that we would have chosen for her. A mom knows who will work and who won't for their kids!  One year, I pled with the principal all year to move Zeej to another class.  The teacher was awful! "Give it a little more time. Let's just wait until ....", she said, each time.  In March, the principal came to me, acknowledged the issue was the teacher, and said, "I wish we'd have moved her in September, like you asked. I'm so sorry." She then told me that I could hand pick a teacher for Zee and admitted, "A mother knows.  I'm so sorry."  I was furious that I hadn't been more adamant about the change!

Zee had some pretty rough experiences this past year.  It was the worst. Teacher issues are one thing, but bullying is worse! We had tried to deal with it in many ways.  Last year, one girl was actually suspended and the administration even the police became involved because the bullying from this girl was so extreme.  Teenage girls can be vicious!  I am stunned! A few weeks ago, I was thinking about that experience with the elementary teacher and the principal saying "A mother knows."  I realized...Enough. It's time for this change.  This change was easily made because of our move to the new school boundaries, so it didn't have to be a big dramatic switch.

 I've kept quiet about these challenges on the blog, but now, I will share this... as Zee pushed the door open to walk out of her old school and to head to the new for the first time, she said, "I just got called "___" (a name that she had been tortured with for the past year) for the last time."  I could literally see the weight lift off her shoulders as we walked to the car!  She was in tears of joy!  How could we not feel good about this choice!  And, again, look at that smile!  She's happy!  Enough said!

While Carol and I ran a few last errands last night, Doug called in a bit of an upset.  Somehow, our van window had been broken and shattered.  So, now the Expedition is in the shop still/again and the van has no drivers side window and we are left with one car.  The window is the fifth car issue since July.  So not amused.  AND so not affording all these issues!  BUT, like I said last night, there could be a lot worse problems, so I'll keep these, thank you.  Thankfully, this morning, Layne and Julie tossed us their truck keys so that I could run the kids to North Logan to their bus stop.  And thankfully, Carol will drive us to the class tonight.  It's all good!

Today, I've got to put together and pack two tablescapes, a few quick and easy holiday decorating ideas, some organizing ideas, print out my notes at the last minute and be ready to roll!  When I come home, since I have thirteen bins of Christmas sitting open in the downstairs family room right now, I may as well begin decorating, right!?  I think it's time!  First, however, I found the decoration bins, now I have to find the new tree!  I know we moved it here in February.  oops!

In this beautiful month of November, I'm so so thankful for all of life's challenges. I know that sounds crazy, but, really... they keep us on our toes, they keep us growing and learning and looking for the good!  And Life is good!  As always, crazy, busy but, most of all, good!

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