Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Adam

Oh my gosh, I had a great day yesterday!  I was able to visit Miki in her kindergarten class for "Grandparents Day".  The class sang cute little songs for us before we had a craft activity, decorating paper sacks for Lee's Marketplace.  Very fun.  Miki colored and cut and pasted all sorts of little Christmas ornaments and a very well drawn turkey for her bag.  I can't believe I didn't take a picture of the completed bag!

After the project, the kids had cookies and apple cider for treats. The teacher told the kids that as soon as they were done with the projects, they were to get cookies and cider for their grands/guests before getting their own.  I had to laugh.  Miki handed in her finished bag and disappeared.  I was talking with a friend from our old Smithfield Ward and looked around for Miki.  She was at another table eating her cookies and cider.  I drove her to Logan to meet Stott and Wendy at Olive Garden for lunch.  She was kind of quiet for a sec and asked, "Grammie, why didn't you eat a cookie?"  I said, "You never brought me one."  She said, "Oh well, too late now!"  I had to literally keep from laughing out loud.  Inside, I wanted to thank her for not sharing a cookie from the very warm and germy kindergarten classroom.  She's a pill!

We had a nice visit over lunch.  Now that Zaylee has been adopted, and since these two little girls adore each other,  I'd like to start doing a little something with both of them together every now and then.  I feel very blessed to be able to have a relationship with both of them and Jason, our grandson.  It's a different relationship, hard to explain.  We don't ever want to be invasive, but we appreciate being in their lives.  The best moment of the experience was when I walked into the class room and Miki yelled, "Grammie!!!"  It made my day!  Wendy said she had been very anxious for the day to come for days.

As soon as I got home, I started working on a few lists of things that I need to do this next few days before Thanksgiving and before Liza and Buddy get here.  Buddy and Aylabelle have both had colds, but are feeling a bit better today.  We're so excited for their visit.  They will be spending the next few days, including Thanksgiving with Buddy's family.  We get them on Saturday until mid week next week!  MUCH HAPPINESS!!!

Carol and I made an afternoon Sonic Run to catch up on her weekend.  Her son, Matthew, is in the Navy and has been deployed for the past nine months.  He's been on a huge ship in the ocean for much of it.  This weekend, the ship came into San Diego along with 5000 soldiers.  Carol and her son, Tanner, flew to San Diego to watch the ship pull into port.  She shared all of the details of the experience and I just bawled, listening to the reunion stories.  WoW!  It makes me proud to be an American.  It makes me so so thankful for these men and women who are serving in the military.  It makes me thankful for the families who go without their loved ones.  I could just go on and on.  What a thrill... one that Carol will have to carry with her forever, as well as Matt and Tanner!

After our afternoon Cokes, we ran to pick up a few items for a project that I'm excited to create for both of our homes.  I can. not. wait! This is for our front porches.  Thankfully, we don't live next door to each other because we do a lot of the same things when it comes to the holidays.  I began working on them last night and can hardly stand waiting for things to dry in between steps!  My hands are covered in glitter spray paint.  My home is completely decorated, unless I feel the inspiration to do something more after Thanksgiving.  But the porch will be completed this weekend... probably not until after Thanksgiving dinner, unless I get really ahead of myself in the kitchen tomorrow.

Quayd worked, Grace had to work concessions at the USU Basketball game in the Spectrum for points in her Theater Arts class.   There was no youth activity because of Thanksgiving, so Zee was home with Doug and I.  Doug was racing kids here and there to and from work and activities, so after a tasty dinner of Parmesan Garlic chicken and Pasta, she and I were left alone.

The missionaries dropped by for a bit with a new member in our ward, so ZJ and I invited them in to visit.  They shared a few things on the December calendar and asked if we could feed them during the holiday.  We chose December 22 to have them over.  I would love to have invited them for Christmas Eve or New Years Eve, but we don't eat until very late those nights, so that would not work.  Cute boys.  One of them had been out for one week and all I could think about was Quayd, who will not be home for the holidays next year.

Doug and I enjoyed a late night hot tub before bedtime for a little quiet talk with no interruptions.  I love's the best part of my every day. I love days like yesterday... productive, fun, dramaless... life is good!

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