Friday, November 6, 2015


Thursday was a new beginning for me!  A while back, Carol asked me if I'd ever considered starting another Bunco group.  She never played in a real group and loves the game.  I shared some of the fun memories of the Bunco nights from about five or six years ago in Smithfield.  Those were good times and I always loved the game itself.  As I walk through my home, I still see many of the Bunco prizes that I won those few years and they remind me of the laughs and fun I had in both groups.  I made some great friends in Bunco.   

BUT.  Doug was not a fan of the fact that only twelve can play, which excludes others from being a part.  He didn't like the exclusivity of it, especially when those not invited heard about it and felt bad.  That was the main reason he wanted me to give up Bunco, which I did because he felt so strongly about not hurting others at our fun expense. I've never looked back.  Both groups ended up dissolving, and as far as I know, there were no other groups that started in the neighborhood.

I digress... the topic came up several times over the next few days and we decided that it was time to a new group.  I ran it past Doug and he immediately became concerned that this could cause problems. However, we invited a few of her family members and they invited friends.  We ran into one gal one day while at Taipan buying prizes and she was invited to join in.  It just all sort of came together.  And so... on Thursday night, the first "Bunco Night" happened!  Doug was worried, however, I was able to put his mind to rest because most every gal in the group is from a different part of the valley.  We don't even know each other, for the most part.  It was twelve new faces... women looking forward to making new friends.

Carol hosted a lovely dinner of soups and bread, cheese and crackers, and the most delicious Pinterest successful pumpkin dessert!  She and I pulled out the game to play a bit earlier because I wasn't even sure if I remembered how to play!  The ladies arrived.  Introductions were made. Dinner was served and then we played! At the "Ding" of the first round, the fun began!  We were a bit reserved the first few rounds but by the end of the night, we were getting louder and laughing a lot.

Being that most everyone in the room didn't know anyone else, it was an interesting evening.  I was surprised and happy to watch as we all "connected" and found commonalities.  A few had missionary sons out in the world.  A few were friends of friends and knew someone in common.  One lady, a life-long friend of Ann's, is married to the man who grew up in Layne and Julie's home... his parents built it and he lived there his whole life.  By the end of the night, we had all had personal conversations with each of the other eleven women in the room and we all went away feeling happy and excited to have made some new friends.

Carol's prizes were the best!  She'd bought a fabulous collection of Thanksgiving pillows.  SO cute!  And I won Most Buncos of the night. I was with her when she bought the pillows and I was drooling over the one I ended up with!  It's a lacey pumpkin with a burlap bow and it's perfect in my living room!  I love Bunco, I love the fun prizes, but mostly, I love the thought of more new friends and a new adventure! As we were cleaning up after everyone had left, Carol said, several times, "That was so much fun!" It was a great night!  I can't wait to host!

The weather has been frigid cold!  It was down to 19 degrees!  It's definitely hot cocoa, hot tub and sweater weather!  Life is good!


  1. Oh what an awesome pillow! Love it! When I was involved in a Bunco group we did this fun little extra thing. Eveyone brought an extra dollar and we put it in a little bag. When 3 of any other number ( other than your Bunco number) was rolled you would yell Money Money Money and you got tossed the bag, it was yours until someone else rolled 3's, Sometimes it happened one after another and the bag got tossed all night and sometimes it only happened a few times. It was a fun little thing and we all loved being the Money Money Money winner.

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