Monday, January 25, 2016


On Thursday, Mary Ann, Carol and I took a little day trip to Ogden for some fun shopping in the At Home store, then having lunch at Longhorns and a short stop at Costco.  Fun day for us all. Carol scored bigtime with the things to decorate an area of her home that she's not yet known what to do with.  Ann found a few fun things.It was fun to get back home and the three of us played with it until it looked fabulous!  I was, mostly, along for the ride, not needing anything really, but, I did happen to find a small picture frame that I've had an empty spot to fill, so I was happy with that. 

I love it when I find just the right little touch here and there.  It's always fun just to add some zip. A few weeks ago, I bought this wonderful clock at Hobby Lobby.  I'd been carrying around a gift card for months and was very happy that I'd waited for "just the right thing" to use it on!

And I finally broke down and bought these cottom stems at Taipan. I saw them in October when they first opened in Logan but didn't want to pay the price! I had brought home some real cotton from the fields in North Carolina, but it just crumbled after a short while.  I have wanted more for quite some time just to represent my North Carolina roots in our home.  These are real cotton but on wire stems.  I'd like to get a few more, but at $14 a stem, not today.  I also want to get a large vase with a huge bottom and small neck to put them in.  Again, in time.  It was so much fun last year, when we bought the new home, to just be able to get everything as needed immediately, but now we are back to reality and truth be told, I kind of like getting a little thing here and there just to perk things up as I go. If I got everything I wanted all at once, then what would I have to look forward to, right?

Doug worked this weekend again.  Quayd and Grace are very involved at school right now.  ZJ is preparing to audition for the singing/performing group at her school. It's a busy weekend again for everyone. I'm sort of left to myself with all of this busyness, so I'm working on projects and goals right now.  I worked on some journaling projects, cooked a lot and just enjoyed a lot of Downton Abbey.  I'm excited to being watching the final season tomorrow when the DVD is released.  I've deliberately avoided any and all Downton Abbey 6 so that it will be a fun surprise to watch the final season all at once!

We had a busy Sunday, as usual.  Doug was off to meetings.  The girls had early morning leadership meetings.  We attended both wards.  The second that our Sacrament Meeting ended, our bishop caught Quayd and told him that he would like to see both Quayd and I.  I was a bit nervous that he would not be happy that Quayd is attending Doug's YSA ward a lot right now.  Quayd's taking a great Mission Prep class in the YSA ward and loving it, but his membership is in our home ward. Our home stake offers Mission Prep, as well, but it's on Tuesday nights and Quayd works at night, so he has been unable to attend. I figured the Bishop was going to address. I mentioned it to him and he was fine with it!  YAY!  Instead, he talked to Quayd for a second about the Read the Book of Mormon in 100 Day Challenge and he asked me to speak in Sacrament Meeting next Sunday.

Quayd is really getting excited about serving on a mission, more and more each day, but the reality of things is also hitting him right between the eyes... he's going to be graduating soon, he's going to be an adult soon, he's got a lot to do!  He invited me to attend his Mission Prep class yesterday. (I sort of roam from place to place in the YSA ward, and I was happy to have a place to go.)  Quayd really listened and focused.  The young man teaching the class has only been home from his mission for six months.  He directed most of his comments to Quayd and more than once said, "I'm envious that you have this ahead of you!  It will be the greatest experience of our life!"  I sure hope so!  I'm still holding on for what the future holds for Quayd.

The kids also had a Fireside last night while Doug was at Ward Devotional.  Quayd came home from the fireside and told me that it was pretty awesome.  Again, I feel him growing and I love it!

It was seriously a busy day!  Doug always teases that we need a day of rest after the Sabbath day of rest because it is our busiest day of the week!

I'm so totally jealous of the amazing snowstorm that hit the east coast.  I understand the danger and trouble caused by it.  We seem to be more equipped for this kind of storm in the west and we literally need this kind of storm every winter.  I was also thankful to hear from several friends and family who live back east where the worst of the storm hit. 

Life is good.  So is Downton Abbey!

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