Wednesday, January 13, 2016

road trip and a surprise trip

I got the kids off to school and Carol and I were on the road bright and early.  We stopped at Sonic in Brigham City,  Zupas for our favorite bbq chicken salad in Spanish Fork, and once for diet cokes and other than that, we had a very uneventful trip, which is exactly what we prayed for before leaving!  The weather was perfect, the roads were safe.  A perfect trip! 

Aylabelle had just awaken from her nap and was very excited to see us!  I'd facetimed with her a bit in the morning before leaving and she excitedly told me, "Grammie!  You coming to me's house with Aunt Carol today!?"  As we walked in, she said, "Grammie!!!  Aunt Cawol!" 

We visited for about an hour and Liza was excited to take us to dinner at a BBQ place that she and Buddy discovered.  She couldn't wait for me to try the hushpuppies, which were so divine.  Dinner was so nummy and I promised her an icecream from McD's on the way home. When we got home from dinner, we waited for Buddy.  Aylabelle was so buzzed from the sugar of the candies I'd brought her and her ice cream.  She was running around me while I sat on the floor.  She'd pass me and I'd grab her and hug her over and over again.  She was totally fine...feeling wonderful and as happy as could be!  

Buddy had gone straight from work to Young Mens Activity in their ward.He barely walked in and we left to go to a show.  Liza has only left Aylabelle a few times since she was born and has not been to a movie, so we said hello and goodbye to Buddy in two minutes and were out the door for a Girls Night Out to the theater.  We raced to town, parked in the middle of nowhere, ran into the theater and asked for tickets to see "The 33". The girl looked at us like "Huh?"   Liza showed her phone to the gal and asked, "Is this where we are?" We were at the wrong theater!  

So, we ran back to the car, raced to the other theater in town and then into the theater, asking, "Has The 33 started?!"  The gal said it had but I asked if I could check.  It was still in previews!  We paid, sat and the movie literally started as we took a deep breath!  The movie was so so good! I remembered watching the men come up out of that cave in that tube on tv live.  What an incredible story.  It is a must see movie!

After the movie, we visited with Buddy for a bit and were all in bed by 11:40.  At about five after midnight, we heard Aylabelle making the worst noise I've ever heard.  Liza came upstairs and said, "Is that her!?"  Within five minutes, she and Buddy were walking out the door to the emergency room with Aylabelle! It was a long night, but they were home at 3 this morning.  Aylabelle has croup!  HOW do you go from running in circles and happy as can be to having croup in four hours?  She had a breathing treatment and steroids and sent her home.  It was a long long night! 

This morning, she woke up feeling great.  Aside from a runny nose, you'd never know she was sick.  She is contagious, which means that we will not be able to spend time with my mom because Mom, since her cancer, avoids all sickness as much as possible.  But, she's got on her cowgirl hat and singing "Yeehaw!"

So, Carol and I are going to have lunch with Mom today while Aylabelle and Liza try to catch up on a little sleep.  What an insane surprise!  Sadness!  But, we'll make the most of things without going out on the town while we are here.

We've already played UNO, which is Aylabelle's favorite game and yes, she plays UNO. It's most humourous to think that we're playing cards with a two year old!  I kind of like this baby girl!  And her mom!  So glad to be here, in sickness and in health!

Life is good...germs and all!

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  1. My kids have ALL had croup! They are always fine during the day and then it hits in the middle of the night. After many
    ER visits, we've learned to deal with it at home. If she gets bad tonight (they usually do for several nights in a row), try alternating putting her in front of the open freezer, standing outside in the cold air or sitting in the bathroom with a hot shower going on. Cold and steam help!!! Croup is so scary... hope she feels better and you get to enjoy your visit!