Wednesday, January 27, 2016

over-induldged and happy about it

Grace is still under the weather and has been on the couch for three days now, basically living on Orange Juice.  It's just a bad cold, but she really sounds awful!  As a result of that, we have watched a LOT of Downton Abbey.  As a matter of fact, I went to Best Buy yesterday morning at 10:37 and bought the very last copy of the Downton Abbey final season, which was released yesterday.  I walked in and saw the five shelves empty except for the one remaining copy...thirty-seven minutes after they opened!  Apparently, I'm not the only person who loves Downton Abbey!

I had a catch-up lunchdate with Natalie, who I've not seen since November because of our conflicting schedules of late.  We had such a nice time talking about her daughter's upcoming wedding and all that's happening with our kids and our lives.  

Before lunch, I did my morning routine and task list to make sure that I had everything done that needed to be done because I knew our plan for the afternoon and evening.  As soon as lunch was over, I raced home and popped the first disc into the blu-ray player. Grace and I then enjoyed a nine  marathon, watching the entire nine hour final season of Downton Abbey in one sitting.  I should be ashamed, but I'm not.  We laughed together, we cried together, we loved every minute of it!  We stopped for potty breaks, refills on our drinks and to make a few sandwiches.

Doug, Quayd and Zee came home from work/school and made their own sandwiches, joining us off and on until the end.  Oh my word, I love these characters and the stories of their lives.  But, season six!  WOW!  I've never watched another series that I have enjoyed the ending as much as this.  Usually, I come away sad that things didn't go the way I would have wanted, but not this time!  I am so happy!  Now to get back to life, laundry and everything else that's calling my name after a week of Downton!

I told Liza that I'm speaking in church on Sunday and she said, "Is your topic "over-indulgence"?"  Har-har.  I don't do things like that all the time, but it has been a fun way to pass the time while Grace is feeling so bad.  I grabbed the camera yesterday and she even mustered a smile. 

On a sad note, but I do want to remember this moment ... Two days ago, Carol and I made our Sonic run and she needed to run into the grocery store to grab something.  I sat in the car and looked up to see this beautiful flag flying at half-mast in honor of Officer Doug Barney from the SLC area, who was shot and killed by a wanted criminal while on duty checking on a car accident.  So heartbreaking, as he left behind a wife and three teens.  This flag, blowing ever so slightly in a gentle morning breeze, brought tears to my eyes.  I've said it before and I'll say it again.  Police officers deserve the pay that doctors and lawyers receive.  They put their life on the line every day that they put on that badge to protect us.  So so sad.  Enough said.

The rest of the week will be filled with a full schedule...Doug just informed me that our good friend Doug is in town, I'm preparing my talk for church, parent teacher conferences, meeting our CPA for taxes, lots of busy work.  Life is good! 

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