Saturday, January 16, 2016

Road trip, prayers answered!

Carol and I were awakened to the chirping of the smoke alarm. It chirped for about fifteen minutes, then, we heard Buddy getting up on a ladder to change the battery.  We needed to get up anyway to get on the road!  We checked the weather aps and tried to figure which window of the day would be the best time for us to try to head home.  We were looking at the bigger locations between Logan and St. George, trying to see which hour the snow looked to be the lightest in each and if there were a perfect time to travel.  Liza was listening to us from Aylabelle's room and came into ours, "You two sound like a combination of Rainman and What about Bob?  Baby Steps to 2:00."  Har-har!

We got ready, loaded the car and said our goodbyes, not knowing what to expect on the road ahead of us.  The weather promised to be 90% chance of snow the entire way.  Saying goodbye was a little easier because our focus was so much on the road conditions and trying to beat it and not so much on the fact that I won't see my girls for a couple of months.  I always cry, but this time, only a block or two, not half way home!

We hit Sonic in St. George for our morning cokes and were on the freeway by 10:45.  We hadn't gone ten miles when the snow began.  It was just beginning, so the roads were not even wet yet.

 We knew that the worst of the trip would be the next 100 miles past Beaver, UT.  The apps told us that Fillmore was going to have non-stop snow all day long, so that basically meant the bottom half of the trip.  Then the further north we came, we just expected lots and lots of snow.  We were told by friends that it was snowing pretty hard in Logan, so ugh.... we dreaded the 400 mile drive.  HOWEVER....

one of the summits... Cove Fort... blue skies

The more we drove, the more we were continually saying, "We are blessed!  This isn't at all what the Weather Channel promised!"  And it wasn't.  We hit a few snow flurries that didn't last ten miles each.  There were huge patches of bright and beautiful blue skies here and there throughout most of the day.
 Fillmore... what was supposedly going to be the worst of the storm...

 The absolute worst of the travel was entering Sardine Canyon, just before you come into Cache Valley.  And even the canyon wasn't bad.  We came into the valley and saw the most snow that we'd seen all day long and my street was the only snow covered road that we saw all day long!  We were truly blessed with great weather/road conditions, especially considering what we'd been looking at on the Weather Channel. It was pretty amazing to, literally, watch the app change from "Snow" to "partly cloudy" symbols as we drove!  Prayers answered!

Even stopping for dinner on our way home, I was unloaded and alone at home by 6.  We even made great time! OH!  And some really exciting news!  As Carol and I were driving, we were talking about that delicious sandwich at Even Stevens and decided to see if there was one on the way home that we could stop at for dinner.  What we discovered was that there is one opening in LOGAN very soon!  The address was posted and we drove right past it on Main Street!  Woohooo!  Can't wait!

When we pulled in, I was literally alone.  No one was home!  Quayd was working, ZJ was at a school function and Doug had just dropped Grace off at a Bella Retreat, so I came in and unpacked before he even got back. I could not wait to get into the hot tub.  My foot missed the hot tub immensely!  So, that's what I did! I took my Sonic refill and headed out to the patio.  Doug and Quayd came home an hour or so later and as soon as Zeej got home, we all went to bed.  It had been a long day and I couldn't wait to sleep in my own bed.

Everytime that I visit Liza in her home, I'm happier and happier for her.  I sometimes worry about her being home alone with Aylabelle all day every day, but she absolutely loves it.  She arranges little play dates and has really reached out to the gals in her new ward.  She loves the social time but loves being there with Aylabelle.  She is very happy in her marriage and motherhood and really fine without living near her mother!  It's her mother who isn't fine living far from her!  But, what a gift to know that she is happy in the life choices that she has made!  I can only hope that my younger girls can find such joy in life!

And my friendship with Carol... it just gets better with age.  We're already talking about our next roadtrip!  I am blessed!

Life is good!

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