Monday, January 18, 2016

busy sunday

The kids have been practicing for weeks, to perform a song in our Ward Conference, with all of the youth of the ward.  Yesterday was ward conference.  Oh my.  It was the best ward conference meeting that I ever remember attending.  Our Bishop and our Stake President spoke.  The youth sang in between their two talks.  There was barely a dry eye in the building.  They sang an arrangement of "We are daughters of God/As Sisters in Zion/Army of Helaman" and it was so beautiful!  I loved it!  Everyone loved it!  The Bishop spoke about the youth and how wonderful they are and how they follow our example.  He encouraged the parents and leaders to lead by example.  President Burns shared a story from his mission to Taiwan forty years ago that was incredible.  Just a wonderful meeting!

As Doug said, our Sunday was anything but a day of rest this week!  We got the kids out the door for practice.  Doug was already out and about doing his calling at 9ish.  I attended our Sacrament Meeting then raced home to cook the rice for the YSA Ward Linger Longer.  (Once a month, there is a meal after church, so that the kids get at least a couple of home cooked meals while away from home.)  Taco Salads with Cilantro Rice was served.  Very tasty!  The kids always enjoy spending time getting to know the students.  This was at the church, so they were also there to help clean up afterward.  I appreciate watching Quayd volunteer his muscles.  He's pretty good about that!

We raced from the Linger Longer and headed to Smithfield to the B's for Miki's birthday.  She is six years old!  Hard to imagine that time has flown by so quickly.  She had invited Zaylee to come, as well.  Zaylee was there when we got there.  I'm so thankful that Zaylee's family and Miki's family both want the girls to have a relationship.  They get along amazingly well.  Doug and I are just mind-blown about that!  Their personalities couldn't be any more different.  Miki is soft-spoken and Zaylee is loud!  Miki is very delicate and feminine in her movements.  Zaylee is bold and all over the place.  Yet, they are very alike.  They make a lot of the same facial expressions. They have a lot of the same likes.  They both love the attention and like to share their talents.  It's fascinating to watch the two together.  Again, we're so thankful that they can be together!

Ironically, Liza and Buddy facetimed right as we were lighting the candles on Miki's cake, so they sang happy birthday and said goodbye. 

 Miki requested a tinkerbell strawberry birthday cake and rainbow sherbet for dessert.
 Zaylee reminded me that she and Zee are the two ZJs.
 This pic depicts their personalities for sure!  I had to laugh, however, becauseI see Dale's daughter, Willow, in that silly face Zaylee is making.  She likes to ham it up for the camera, as well.
 Honestly, as Miki grows, I see more and more of Kelly in her, making her and Zaylee look a bit more alike, as well.  Adoption has so many tender mercies on it's own!

We visited with the B's while the kids all played together for just an hour and had to race back to Logan to get the kids to our Bishop's home for his monthly fireside, which is always a good experience for them.  The girls were horrified that they might even be late for it, but they got there just in time.  I'm so thankful for a ward full of kids who have accepted and welcome our kids into its so easily!

Speaking of which, it occurred to me during Ward Conference that this Sunday last year was our last Sunday in our old Smithfield ward.  It seems hard to imagine that a year has flown by.   Yet, on the other hand, it feels like we've been gone forever.  I'm still in touch regularly with a few close friends from the ward, but it's definitely feeling like that was another life already.  We drove past our old home on our way home last night and I said to Doug, "I literally feel no attachment to that home anymore. Although I do miss that beautiful yellow paint in the kitchen!" It's because I am soooooo happy in this home. I reminisced about my last Sunday in the Smithfield ward with such mixed emotions last night as I was trying to fall asleep. I am happy that life has brought us to where we are today. I've never been happier!  Life is good!

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